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By Dustin Rowles | TV | December 5, 2010 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | TV | December 5, 2010 |

It was also a miserable episode. Here are the "highlights."

The Wikileaks Cold Open, in which they combined Wikileaks with TMZ was a good idea, just poorly executed.

DeNiro as a bestselling mystery novelist in this fake commercial may have been DeNiro's highlight, which isn't saying much.

Another edition of "What's Up with That," which must be the skit they pull out when they can't think of anything else to do because it is basically the same exact skit each time, with different frustrated guests (here, DeNiro and Robin Williams). It's fun to see Sudeikis dance in his red track suit, but you can get only so much mileage out of that.

"Move Fan" was another amusing idea executed poorly, in which Bobby Moynihan played a fan obsessed, not with Robert DeNiro, but his Little Fockers character, which featured Ben Stiller. Might have been funny if they used more teeth to bite into Fockers.

The Digital Short was likewise weak, and didn't have to be. DeNiro playing Bernie of Weekend of Bernies fame.

The Kardashian Sisters showed up on Weekend Update. Cool, if you like the Kardashians. Who likes the Kardashians?

Samberg as Spider-Man from the troubled production of Spider-Man: The Musical had a moment, at least, that was funny, which is more than you can say about the rest of the show.

If you've made it this far, you may as well subject yourself to the ultimate punishment: iHippie.

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