NBC Renews "Parks and Recreation"
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NBC Renews "Parks and Recreation"

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | May 9, 2013 | Comments ()




That is all.

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  • Bert_McGurt

    I wish you guys could see how big my sh*t-eating grin is right now.

    But then I'd also have to put on some pants.

  • Tinkerville
  • Greg!

    You spelled 'Terriers' wrong, also got the wrong network, but I'm just glad to hear that Terriers is back.

  • John W


  • BendinIntheWind
  • This is the only appropriate response, really.

  • emilya

    this makes me want to have waffles for dinner in honor of such good news, because i think that's how leslie would celebrate!

  • alwaysanswerb
  • Erin S

    Let's celebrate the right way.


  • anikitty

    Waffles for everyone!

  • Rochelle

    Damn good day! Hyperbole and a Half is back and P&R is renewed.

  • Oh, Hyperbole and a Half. I just want to give Allie Brosh the biggest hug. It would probably do more for me than her, though.

  • Rochelle

    I know. I resisted sending her a long rambling email of joy. I don't want to scare her back into her hole. Having clinical depression myself, I know that expectations are dangerous to the newly healed.

  • ceebee_eebee

    I feel like running around my office and high-fiving everyone. YAY!

  • Thank goodness! Y'all, I'm so relieved...

  • Forbiddendonut

    Fuck yeah!
    I know NBC is the worst network in the world and everything, but when it comes down to it, of the four "big" networks, I am pretty sure it's the only one I watch any shows on.

  • Wōđanaz Óðinn

    This is what NBC reminds me of.
    Comedic moments that also hurt.

  • FrayedMachine


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