Mindy And Danny: The Question Isn't "Will They, Won't They?" It's "Should They?"

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Mindy And Danny: The Question Isn't "Will They, Won't They?" It's "Should They?"

By Joanna Robinson | TV Reviews | January 22, 2014 | Comments ()

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What follows are spoilers for and frank discussion of and *gasp* gifs about last night’s episode of The Mindy Project. If you’re not caught up, please skeedaddle and we’ll see you later.

Are they gone? Okay. So that happened. Last night on The Mindy Project, Danny and Mindy took the step past flirtatious/antagonistic banter into “They Definitely Will” territory with a knee-melting, tonic-water-shaking kiss. You knew it was coming, didn’t you? When did you know? Was it here? At the turbulence call back?


Messina demonstrating some classic resolve face there. What followed, of course, was a pretty phenomenal kiss, as far as sitcom kisses go. I’d rank it just under Nick and Jess but well above the more tepid chemistry of the Ben and Leslies (sorry) and Ross and Rachels of this world. It went a little something like this:


So the question isn’t “will they/won’t they,” because we always knew they would. The question is, should they right now? The mild threat of cancellation is swinging over The Mindy Project, so it’s possible that the show’s looking to give us some closure before the series ends. (That’s why Ben and Leslie got married mid-season last year, they were uncertain about cancellation.) In addition, midway through Season 2 is a pretty classic time for First Kisses. (See the aforementioned New Girl and Friends.) However, The Mindy Project has had a bumpy go of it and the only two things we know work for sure are a) the chemistry between Mindy and Danny and b) the parade of Mindy’s guest star boyfriends. The rest of the cast is still gelling and I have every hope that they’ll get there. Morgan and Peter were pretty great in that mini-bathroom bottle episode this week.

But where would the show be without flirtations and Olyphants? Longing looks and Mark Duplass? I don’t know. Surely there will be some wrench thrown in the works between Mindy and Danny to keep them apart for another few episodes. That email Mindy sent to Cliff will likely entrap her in a make-up scenario she’s too immature to talk herself out of. What follows will be more longing and misunderstandings, but will some of the fizz go out of the Mindy/Danny tonic water in a post-kiss world? And if Mindy isn’t dating anyone else, will we have an excuse for watching Glenn Howerton sing Jewel? I don’t want to live in a world without teary Jewel medleys. I just don’t.

You’re Singing A Lot Of Jewel, Man from Joanna Robinson on Vimeo.

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  • SM

    I personally hate it when the two leads start hooking up. It takes away from the rest of the cast. Dr Reid is a recurring character as it is. There is a danger of this happening in Brooklyn 99 as well. Why can't shows follow the 30 Rock formula?

  • Even Stevens

    I take the "they shouldn't" opinion for a totally different reason: Danny and Mindy are not good together, not romantically.

    Hear me out!

    That was an amazing kiss, but I think that's mostly due to Chris Messina and his manly manliness and not because Danny is all that. Danny and Mindy are polar opposites, to the point where they don't complement each other, they clash. There are times when Danny gets it right, like telling Mindy she's a woman and looking like herself is a good thing. But other times, he is condescending and trying to change her and it drives me insane! I wanted to smack him for the first 2/3 of that episode, first when he stopped her from eating more at dinner and second when he yelled that stuff about Cliff not wanting her. That is not the first time he's played dirty and just been downright cruel in their arguments, and I just can't get behind that couple when it seems like it will only result in Mindy being suppressed or controlled.

    In conclusion, I think way too much about my TV shows.

  • Maddy

    I dunno, I feel like they are both equally mean to each other. The Chris Messina factor makes me biased though. They've definitely toned down his asshole factor since the pilot.

  • Lauren_Lauren

    Where is the GIF of the butt grab?! I am dissapoint.

  • I made the most unladylike noise when I saw that butt grab.

  • MGMcD

    Seriously, it was like an "uhnf" but also with an incoherent "fuck me" and a sort of back of the throat gurgle all at the same time. What Im saying is Chris Messina just went to the top of my freebie list.

  • Lauren_Lauren


  • Maddy

    YAY. I don't care, Mindy/ Danny forever!

  • BendinIntheWind

    My Spidey sense is tingling: is someone throwing shade at Ben and Leslie?!


  • Yeah, that's just some shady bullcrap up in there.

  • Nancy

    I trust Mindy will make this work in a very comedic way and not be boring like Nick and Jess.

  • Cree83

    "I’d rank it just under Nick and Jess but well above the more tepid chemistry of the Ben and Leslies (sorry) . . . of this world."
    HAHAHA yesssss, thank you. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I LOVE Parks, but their affection reminds me of a grandfather and his favorite granddaughter up there.

  • Maddy

    Ben and Leslie are one of my favourites actually, I feel like they have one of the healthiest relationships on TV. I'll take that over the 'chemistry' of Olivia and Fitz And it makes me laugh that they only ever talk about 'making out'

  • NaturalFro79

    I LOVED that kiss so much, but I don't want another Nick and Jess. Mindy and Danny are so much more interesting than that.

  • Janine Aiken

    I agree. I hate the Nick/Jess pairing. It's cringe worthy and it's ruining everything that made New Girl great tv.

  • Target_Blonde

    Intellectually I know you're making some good points and yeah may right now isn't the time for Mindy and Danny to get together ... but that KISS!!

    Sorry, man, but I'm rooting for them to get their isht together before Fox gives the show the axe.

    (Also for the record, my heart was melting while Danny dictated Mindy's letter to Cliff. Chris Messina I heart you big time, I can't remember if you're a Pajiba favorite or not but either way I'm totally nominating you this year.)

  • Erin S

    I'm actually excited for the revolving door of guest stars to end, because I feel like the show gets better when they focus less on guest stars and let the regular cast develop and interact. Plus, good GOD that kiss. And ass-grab. Chris Messina is magical. Also, I think the it will be interesting to watch the fallout for this play out.

  • BAM

    Agreed. I think they overplayed their hand in terms of guest stars too early into the show, stalling any early chances for the core cast to develop.

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