Last Night on "SNL": Never Underestimate What a Terrible Comedic Presence Daniel Craig Can Be

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 7, 2012 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 7, 2012 |

Let's get to few highlights:

The Political Cold Open, expectedly, covered the debates. It was bad, although I liked the way they depicted Mitt Romney ("he's just making up stuff"). The gist was that Obama's mind was wondering because he forgot to get Michelle a anniversary present, and because of the thin air in Denver. The Romney lies were pretty fun, though.

NBC has not yet made the monologue available and, for good reason: They're probably trying to protect Daniel Craig's career. It's too bad they didn't withhold his first skit: It basically epitomized Craig's hilariously awful performance last night. So, so bad:

Craig did all right with a pre-taped segment -- little known Bond girls -- mostly because he got to play Bond.

Easily the highlight of the night was Seth Meyer's update jokes, his Winners and Losers, and the appearance of Big Bird, who couldn't be bothered to be funny (for political reasons), but it was fun to see him all the same.

Finally, I will include this Daniel Craig sketch just to show you how far Craig was willing to degrade himself for a laugh, and though he failed to get any actual laughs, I really applaud the effort.

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