"Justified" Recap: I Know One Person Who's Excited For The Crowders To Get A Dairy Queen

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"Justified" Recap: I Know One Person Who's Excited For The Crowders To Get A Dairy Queen

By Joanna Robinson | TV Reviews | February 27, 2013 | Comments ()


Usually I dive right in to the recap but throughout this truly great episode, one song was playing in my head. So, iffin' you're so inclined, today's recap comes with a soundtrack. Enjoy.

Things We Learned:

  • It doesn't matter if you tried to kill him, Raylan still likes you better than his daddy. However, former Sheriff Hunter Mosley is not easily tempted to give up Drew Thompson. Despite Raylan doing his damndest to flirt with him.

  • Gerald Johns, Clover Hill sh*thead extraordinaire, has a boy who shines his shoes and one who mows his lawn and he sure is hoping Boyd will be the boy to take out his trash. What I want to know is who is responsible for keeping his dome so nice and shiny? That boy deserves a raise.

  • Listen, you can dope Arlo Givens and you can outweigh Arlo Givens, but you cannot out-scrap Arlo Givens. He went out fighting and, trust me, I'll never look at a Barber's comb jar the same way again.
    The way I figure it, Former Sheriff Hunter Mosley is working for Theo and, on his orders, silenced Arlo once and for all. The idea being that Theo has to get to Drew Thompson before the Marshals do. If that's the case, and Mosley knows who Thompson is, why hasn't he told Tonin? Alternatively, was Mosley working for Thompson himself?

  • Cousin Johnny's been watching "Pretty Little Liars" again. Weird, I would have taken him for more of a "Bunheads" man. For those of y'all who don't get ABC Family show references, I'm referring to Johnny's I Know What You Did Last Summer blackmail maneuvers. What, you don't get Jennifer Love Hewitt movie references either?

  • Assistant Principal Wynn Duffy? This is what it looks like when you're about to get took. tumblr_mivpyyIFqp1r9pspzo5_1280.jpg

  • I'll have more on Shelby later. TRUST ME. But I wanted to say how lovely Abby Miller was in this scene. Ellen May, it would appear, is clean and while she's still hesitant, Miller did a beautiful job of showing that she's not the rabbit she used to be.

  • Arlo Givens was a son of a bitch to the very end.

  • Why would Nicky Augustin back the man who got took when he could back the man who took him? Boyd's in bed with and in debt to the Tonins. I think we all know this can't go anywhere good.

  • And as some of you mentioned last week, the blow back is likely to fall on the pretty, shiny blonde head of Ava Crowder. Oh god I hope not. I love Joelle Carter. But between her fears that they'll not live to see three generations (I mean, that's also just science, but still) and their general lovey-doveyness, I've got a hollow pit in my stomach. Ava was so darling, flashing her engagement ring around on her finger for Raylan to see. While our Marshal hero won't be nearly as destroyed as Boyd by Ava's death, he obviously has a soft spot for her. I can't imagine what kind of havoc those two could cause in pursuit of her killer. And, as Boyd pointed out, the only things bigger than Theo Tonin are God and the US Goverment. Anyone else have a Marshal stiffy?

    Carnage: *ahem, in Chronological order*

  • The Worst Bodyguard In History, Deke (Cause Of Death: The Dixie Mafia's Button Man.)

  • Clover Hill's Most Reluctant Swinger, Frank Browning (Cause Of Death: The Dixie Mafia's Button Man.)

  • Shit Bag Drug Dealer, Anthony Russo (Cause Of Death: His Own Gun.)

  • Deputy Tim's Possibly Gay, Definitely Troubled Army "Buddy," Mark (Cause Of Death: Colt Being Kind Of A Dick, Actually.)

  • One Of Clover Hill's More Enthusiastic Swingers, Sam Keener (Cause Of Death: The Dixie Mafia's Button Man.)

  • The Dixie Mafia's Button Man (Cause Of Death: Future Crowder Wedding Guest And Deputy U.S. Marshal, Raylan Givens Getting It Right.)

  • Arlo Givens (Cause Of Death: Being A Mean, Tough Son Of A B*tch...Sheared Through The Heart By Rosie Larson's Dad.)

    Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks and Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson Line Count

  • Rachel=1
  • Tim=4
    Deputy Tim did not have much to do this episode except sit behind that glass partition and squint in Raylan's general direction. But given what went down with his lover friend Mark, I think we all know where this is going.

    Favorite Lines:
    Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 7.47.18 AM.png

    "You still look like Ava Gardner." --Raylan, that charmer.

    Who The H&*$ Is Drew Thompson?!: My impression of Sheriff Shelby this episode "Uh, well, ah, you know, pretend to be someone else long enough you can, uh, convince yourself...HEY...hey Marshals...hey who are you investigatin'? What are you thinkin'? Have you thought about those Clover Hill guys over there? THEY sure seem guilty and, what's that? Drew Thompson's widow? WHERE IS SHE SO I CAN KILL HER?!"

    Yeah, at this point I stopped hearing Elton John songs and the Anvil Chorus started to play. Either Shelby is unmistakably Drew or, and this would be my preference, this was a massive red herring. It was just so obvious. Either way, Eve Munro? You're in danger, girl.

    The Gist: Ah, but we know that buried underneath all the double, triple crosses and red herrings and six dead bodies lies the most important thing. That seventh body. Arlo Givens. Raymond Barry has done an excellent job with this character and he will be deeply missed. The way his death played out this episode and, above all else, the way Olyphant acted the sh*t out of Raylan's reaction? Well, somewhere between gif 2 and gif 3 in this collection is where I decided I wanted Tim to get the Emmy this year.

    Arlo will continue to haunt Raylan long after his death. I've heard some theories that Drew Thompson must be Raylan's real father and, begging your pardon, but that's utter horsesh*t. Raylan's criminal roots are what make him such a compelling and compellingly damaged hero. Arlo may be gone, but the wounds he caused? Those won't ever heal.

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    • Fabius_Maximus

      Does Raylan practice drawing his gun in front of the mirror? Jesus!

      Anyway, has it been established that Drew Thompson is male? I can't remember. I'm currently suspicious that his widow is just leading everyone around by the nose.

    • Laura

      This was by far my favorite episode this season! The only thing that would have made it better is more Tim, but I have a feeling he's coming due...

      And I really have been liking the Colt character. There are times when you like him, times when you hate him, times you feel sorry for him, times when he's compassionate, times when he's cruel... just a good character, particularly for this show. I waffled for a while, but am now on the Ron Eldard train!

    • Were Shelby and Drew Thompson's widow ever in the Marshall's office at the same time? I'm guessing their reactions to seeing each other would give us the answer. The widow looked to be about the right size to fit in Ellen May's new-to-her clothing.

    • wendy

      oh god, abby miller is absolutely killing it as ellen may. she just... wow, i have no words, she's so good.

    • Ian Fay

      Good to hear I'm not the only one who's been mainlining old Elton John lately.

      I've probably heard Burn Down The Mission about 10 times this week.

      People who just know him from his "pop-ier" stuff really have no idea how amazing he was back then.

    • wsapnin

      Your headline gave me a fangirl stiffie. And a good chuckle. However, I see Raylan as more of a hand scooped than a soft serve kinda guy. And can I just say that I want to marry this show and sleep with it every night?

    • sean

      Am I the only one that likes that Raylan has become a supporting character in the show he is supposed to be the star in? Now they just bring him to give him some good lines, and one good scene. Then back to Boyd and Ava. Which is going to suck when she gets killed in a week or two.

    • Allijo

      That still of Wynn/Jere has me completely entranced. He looks like an aged The Joker. Is he 'toxing the middle of his forehead, but not the sides?! Crazy how his wrinkles are working it up there. Certainly adds something to the character. And by something I mean what the eff...????

    • Steph

      Thank you! I could not stop staring at his forehead last night. It's mesmerizing.

    • dizzylucy

      Me either. I couldn't figure out any reason for the middle area except botox, which seems odd to only do it in that one area (or at all).

    • Nadine

      Olyphant for all the awards. ALL OF THEM. Pretty much from the cold open I was making a series of surprised and stunned noises. Timothy Olyphant, just....good lord he was good.

      Ron Eldard killed this episode. I don't know what to make of him, generally he's just terrible but every now and then he's fantastic. The whole scene at Blossoms brothers place was fantastic, and sort of fascinating in terms of some insight as to how he works. I genuinely believe there was a brief moment when Mark was going to live, just for a second, then the decision was made. I would love to learn more about Colt as a character, but at the same time I like the mystery.
      I also think Mark might be gay, and maybe possibly an ex lover of Tim's, for sure. I'm not even totally convinced he was just buying drugs from Blossom's brother since WHY would the guy sell him drugs what can only be two days after their last encounter?

      Either way, the entire scene was excellent and Colt/Ron, while inconsistent in actual acting, has turned out to be a fascinating, volatile character who could have a far more wide reaching effect than 'just' his storyline with Tim.
      I hope Tim's reaction happens on camera though.

      While I did hate the lack of Tim this week, I really loved what was done with him, many of the reaction shots.

      If nothing else, the little moment when Raylan got his bad news from Art, and Tim immediately went to find out what was up said a lot about the strange friendship they share, and Tim even giving Raylan shit within moments of learning his father died just added to the whole thing they do, the mutual respect/shit giving. I loved it, for what it was. Rachel was there too, which was also a genuine pleasure!


      As for Drew...Part of me thinks Justified could still make it Shelby and still pull it off. This is Justified. We all knew Quarles had that arm gun and it would come into play. Not a one of us guessed how. Maybe it won't be who he is revealed to be, but HOW he is revealed, that might be what none of us see coming.

      And yet, at the same time, it would be too obvious. Shelby is at the very least working for Drew, he fucking has to be, if he's not the man. We saw him check Drew's presumably updated coroners report before he spoke to Cassie for Boyd, way back in like, episode 3 or 4. Before he had really any reason to even know about what was going on .

      Then when he ran into Raylan he never said a word, let Raylan do all the talking and 'reveal' Drew was still alive.

      Shelby might be the only 'good guy' who knows who/where Drew is and so is the only one who can protect him since he isn't killing anyone to do so. The more people die from either side in looking for Drew, the more attention the case draws, but Shelby is just the down home county Sheriff dealing with the overspill. OR IS HE?!(clearly, I don't think he is, just...just to clarify)

      I would very much like to know if Shelby's little story about his first shooting was true. If it really isn't him then Jim Beaver might be the greatest actor of all time because he is doing so many great, subtle things to keep us guessing at his exact meaning and intention.

      Of course, if Shelby was Drew why did he send Raylan to Hunter, who CLEARLY knows something? And what, just what exactly is it about Drew that so many people will do or sacrifice SO much to protect him?

      Speaking of, I genuinely didn't believe Arlo would actually die. Not YET. End of the whole show maybe, and still going out as a mean old motherfucker, giving Raylan shit. I could even have seen a heart attack at the start of next season.
      I was blown away, I have to admit.
      Then again, I suppose he couldn't have kept quiet much longer. I mean, part of me wondered just how he could continue to be in it as the show progressed and he seemed like he would stay in prison, but I thought like, he would get sent to a hospital or something, maybe?

      I'm actually gutted, I don't know what I'll do without the Arlo/Raylan dynamic.

      Personally, I maintain Raylan doesn't have to be genetically related to Arlo. He almost 100% absolutely definitely is and I'll admit the show is built around the idea they are in many ways.
      BUT, Arlo still raised him, or dragged him up and Raylan believed/believes Arlo was his dad, regardless of actual biology so the hatred and anger and self loathing and doubt would still be there IF they weren't related. IF.

    • yemayah

      What you say is true. Arlo being Raylan's actual biological father does not change the dynamics of their relationship. Finding out that Arlo was not his biological parent possibly could be an even more devastating blow to Raylan, regardless of who might be subsequently identified.

      If the question is asked: Why does Arlo hate Raylan? Then knowing that Raylan was not his son becomes one of the few possibilities to consider given the epic magnitude of Arlo's hatred (ie, Arlo would deliberately want to have Raylan killed or kill him without hesitation). Arlo has more kinship feeling for Boyd. Arlo withheld any signs/demonstration of love, caring or respect for Raylan. The reasons have yet to be revealed. Frances' story has yet to be revealed.

    • Nadine

      EXACTLY. There is part of me that wonders what the exact nature of Helen's relationship to the family was. The wiki doesn't confirm it. The Hill lady never even mentioned Helen. Was she a biological Aunt, was she a friend/lover of Francis who stayed around once Francis died to protect Raylan?

    • Nathan Convey

      I can't decide whether Colt pausing for a chat before killing poor Mark (I knew it was coming but it still made me sad because it will make Tim sad) was a chance to glimpse his humanity, or psychopathy? Ron Eldard has been so surprising in this role.

      Arlo went out like the ol' bastard he was. Timothy Olyphant was excellent. Any awards coming his way would be truly deserved.

      Prayer circle that Tim is the victor in the inevitable Colt/Tim showdown!

    • yemayah

      The close camera focus made us very aware that Colton was leaving clues everywhere: cigarette butts, fingerprints, fibers. Was Colton totally unconcerned about this or deliberately leaving as many clues for law enforcement as he possibly could to make their job easier? Additionally, he took the time to talk and connect with Mark, perhaps while he was making a decision whether or not to kill him (he had the same dilemma with Ellen Mae). He recognized and knew Mark as Tim's friend. If he had not recognized Mark, I think it likely Colton would have let the man go.
      One theory might be that Colton wants to be caught, and he specifically wants Tim (sharpshooter, killer, Ranger & Law enforcement office) to be his executioner. It may be a set-up specifically for Tim, although he knows any LEO might come after him. He knows Tim will be all over this scene, and once Colton's identity is revealed, Tim most likely will be after him. Colton must be full of such guilt and weight of conscience that he wants to die. No amount of pipe and blow can stop the dreams/ visions/ hauntings. Something, perhaps, related to an incident in Afghanistan.

    • Nadine

      Don't even joke about that sort of thing do you know what that could do to me if he dies?!

    • yemayah

      ITA! Don't even think it. I cannot bear the thought that Yost/Writers would do anything final (I can't say that word) to Tim. He**-to-the-No!! I cannot believe that they would be that reckless and wasteful, that they could not see this character's worth to the long-haul narrative. **in the voice of Dikembe Motumbo in that TV commercial, wagging my index finger & blocking** '..NoNoNo...Not My House!.'

      Jacob Pitt (and Erica Tazel) have been criminally underutilized. My bias is that, in addition to fan-girl love for TimO/Raylan and WG/Boyd, I love Jacob/TimG. JP is super-talented and his character is one of those of dreams. Not only can Tim contribute so much to the story, Jacob in his own right can grow and bring in his own fan base. He deserves the chance to have his own Emmy reel.

    • Nathan Convey

      The same thing it will do to me I think; cause unimaginable devastation! But they wouldn't, would they?

    • Nadine

      Oh god I can't handle it. I just can't.

    • Steph

      1st - Boyd Crowder is nobody's trash boy.

      2nd - Wynn Duffy would be the most effective Assistant Vice Principal ever. Step out of line and you get summoned to the Winnebago.

      3rd - I don't know that I've ever wanted to give a hug to a fictional character as much as I did last night. Poor Raylan.

    • Nadine


    • Steph


    • Mrcreosote

      If it is Shelby, and the Ep before the reveal is the first time it's been pretty obvi then the writers still did a damn good job. I don't need any more "holy shit" moments than I got last night. Also, no more prison haircuts for me.
      The Marshal Tim revenge train is boarding at track Colt's ass is done.

    • LwoodPDowd

      I thought him talking about getting his legs crushed by a car when he was younger (an episode or so ago) was the reveal.

    • lowercase_ryan

      The more i think about it, the more i think Shelby is a red herring.

    • lucas

      I would now be (pleasantly) surprised to find out Shelby *isn't* actually Thompson. It does seem, though, that this is about the time in the season where that big reveal ought to happen.

    • dizzylucy

      One of their best ever. Raylan at the elevator was incredible, and Boyd's outlaw speech and maneuvering was magnificent.
      I knew that guy was doomed as soon as he called Boyd his trash man.
      I will kind of miss Arlo, mainly due to the great performance Ray Barry gave.

      They laid out so many clues for Shelby = Drew, I'm starting to think it's all misdirection, but maybe not. I don't know.

    • Conor

      Nobody calls Boyd Crowder "boy".

    • Yeah, this episode made me give up the idea someone else could be Raylan's father. But I'm not sold on Shelby as Drew either. What's the motivation for Arlo (and yes, I thought, well maybe THAT'S his goodbye to Raylan--was he actually protecting him? But still, why? Why would Shelby threaten Raylan and who would actually believe Raylan wouldn't catch on first?) So I'm going with the red herring gang.

      Meanwhile give Olyphantypants the Emmy right now.

      Oh and Ava is my DQ soulmate. I'll give Yost a Peanut Buster Parfait if he leaves her be.

    • lowercase_ryan

      Ugh, when he was waiting for the elevator and you knew it couldn't get there fast enough for him. Just freaking wow.

    • Also, this was one of the series best episodes.

    • Nadine

      Olyphant though. He's been amazing this season. When they first announced Arlo's deal the other week, and he was silent and just reacting for a full thirty seconds I was just stunned. That alone could be submitted for every award.

    • dizzylucy

      That was a really great moment, probably topped only by the elevator scene. I'm so glad the show gives him those moments of silence with rage rising underneath.

    • lowercase_ryan


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