Jimmy Fallon Hosted 'Saturday Night Live' with Justin Timberlake and It Was the Perfect X-Mas Episode
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Jimmy Fallon Hosted 'Saturday Night Live' with Justin Timberlake and It Was the Perfect X-Mas Episode

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | December 22, 2013 | Comments ()


Wrappinville Cold Open — No need in making us wait, and yes, it’s every bit as terrific as you imagined it would be in all of your SNL-related dreams. While this sketch never fails, the Christmas-theme, and the double entendres, and the song choices — it’s basically “Omeletteville” plus “History of Rap,” and it’s amazing. (Score: 1 Billion Amazing Omelettes).

Cold Open — Besides the earnestness, and the cuddliness, what separates Jimmy Fallon from all the other late night hosts (except Colbert) is that he sings. He also does impressions, and in the cold open, he sings Christmas songs with all of his musical heroes (Dylan, McCartney, Bowie), only he plays his own heroes. Fallon’s got great energy, and at this point, no one owns the SNL stage with as much confidence as Fallon. (Score: One Thousand Christmas Wreaths)

Family Feud — Celebrity Edition — Another impressions sketch, where CBS celebs battle NBC celebs. (Noel Wells sighting! — As Alyson Hannigan). Fallon plays Jim Parsons, and Timberlake phenomenally plays Fallon with all the over-the-top enthusiasm you’d expect, and Fallon — of course — breaks character and loses his shit all over the place. (Score: 28,000 Fallon Superlatives)

(Do It On My) Twin Bed — Jesus, have they been working on this one show all season? A pre-taped music video (the title says it all), featuring the female cast members in … leather? I think I literally just fell in love with Cecily Strong. (Score: 2 million visits to the (twin) bunk)

Barry Gibb Talk Show — Is there a better male comedy duo than Fallon/Timberlake today? The always fantastic Barry Gibb talk show also benefits from a weird cameo from Madonna. I won’t give away the final cameo in this sketch, but OH MY GOD. Amazing. (Score: 300,000 high leg kicks)

Weekend Update — The Fallon/Timberlake energy continues right on into Weekend Update, where Cecily Strong has completely mastered the seat. She’s gonna be all right when Meyers leaves in February. Speaking of which, Fallon hands the late-night baton off to Meyers in one segment, with a very special cameo. (Score: 1,000 Michael Bloomberg Sightings)

Billie Jean King — Openly gay Kate McKinnon as openly gay Billie Jean King? Perfect. She takes a monstrous bite out of Putin, too. (Score: 398 Broken Melissa Etheridge Windows)

Kimye Talk Show — I do not care for this sketch, but the Kardashian Kristmas Karolers (KKK) and a very strange Christmas song salvage it. (Score: 12 Kardashian Asses)

Christmas Album — “Now That’s What I Call Christmas” brings all your favorite artists — and alot more musical impressions — together on one holiday album. The whole thing is worth it for Fallon’s Alan Rickman impression. (Score: 87 Jolly Christmas Snapes)

Christmas Past — Here’s a great twist we’ve never seen on the Ebeneezer Scrooge lore. It wasn’t the money, it was the … (Score: 189 Gay Santas)

Baby It’s Cold Outside — Fallon and Cecily Strong flip the script on the song’s message, and get a really sweet sketch out of it. (Score: 143 Yule Logs)

Justin Timberlake’s Performances — Stay away from the ballads, bro.

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  • Cecily Strong is America's hotheart.

  • Jelinas

    Madonna is the WORST. Cecily Strong is the BEST. HEART, HEART, HEART.

  • lowercase_ryan

    The Billie Jean King bit slayed me dead. And all I could think of after was "Holy shit, she really won 12 grand slams IN GLASSES!!"

  • Az

    God, when did Madonna become my grandma? Very disturbing.

  • John W

    You think McKinnon will replace Meyers on weekend update once he exits?

  • Jifaner

    I laughed and laughed and laughed some more. Timberlake and Fallon are always great, but put them together and it's unbeatable.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    Fallon brought with him a giant shot of energy and positivity, it must be said. Not all the sketches worked, but he sailed through nonetheless. Timberlake was just Happy To Be There for once (though oh dear, not his strongest SNL music performances, were they). Also, Fallon's ability to pull celebrities on SNL with him is as strong as Kimmel's ability with his digital shorts. Impressive.

    Kate McKinnon is my favorite, but Cecily Strong is a worthy successor to the great Fey and Poehler. Excitement!

  • St

    Yeah, surprisingly good show.
    - Didn’t really care about that Wrappinville Cold Open. It wasn’t funny or interesting for me.

    - Family Feud was interesting for their Jim Parsons and Jimmy Fallon impressions. Aside from brilliant Fallon parody from Justin - people should give credit for Jimmy for doing Jim Parsons. He was really good at it. And Ashton Kutcher impression was great. And John Cryer. Allyson Hunnigan was not really funny. I would love to see more of Jane Lynch but they gave Kate like few words.

    - (Do It On My) Twin Bed was simply brilliant and amazing. Kate McKinnon rocks as usual. I also had no idea she was gay. But she is really sexy. In a weird way. She is not sex bomb or super pretty. But there is something about her that you can’t take your eyes of her whenever she is on screen. I like how she gets so much work this season. I would love to see her in some comedy movie one day.
    - Didn like Barry Gibb Talk Show. I didn’t understand it and it wasn’t funny for me. Also if they could land Madonna then they really should have give her better material. Her cameo was strange. I wish they would use her better.

    - Kimye Talk Show was amazing. Even when it’s not super funny but you really have to respect the way they mock Kim and Kanye. Such brilliant impressions. I can sit for hours and listen to Jay Pharoah when he is Kanye.
    - Christmas Album was great too. I always love when they impersonate celebrities. Even if it’s not funny. It’s still always fun for me. Harry Styles one was great.
    - Christmas Past was bad. I don’t think I laughed for once.

    - Justin Timberlake’s Performances was so bad. From all those last 2 albums he had only one good song - Mirrors. Every other was pure crap. I didn’t expect from those performances nothing. Because I knew that he will sing some mediocre song that no one knows or cares about. And I was right. It was just boring. Also at first I couldn’t understand why Justin looked refreching, more clean and a little bit hotter then he was for the past few months. And then I noticed that he was shaved. Looked so much younger without that beard.

  • dizzylucy

    I must be a it of a Scrooge, because I wasn't that impressed. Too much recycled stuff, especially with Timberlake (which may be influencing me because I just don't like him). Even the stuff that didn't involve him seemed repetitive.

    I did love the Twin Bed video though, that was hilarious, and I loved the ladies performing all together.

  • Melody Be Watson

    I worked for Timberlake for his Memphis concert and I am happy to report he is easily the nicest of the A-list musicians I've worked for. He looks stagehands in the eye, asks them how they're doing, feeds you delicious food, free swag, and his crew and show are aces. After the Eagles were such enormous assholes (the Dude knows) it was a pleasant surprise.

  • Amazing what you can do when a comedian is host, everybody just let loose and the quality showed.

  • Sean

    I thought the only weak points were the musical performances. Timberlake lip syncing to a laser show is not interesting. And the other song was seriously weak. Even his own band looked bored.

    I laughed my ass off at the rest of the show. I knew they were going to do the Barry Gibb talk show. I was thinking it would be in bad taste, considering Barry is the last Gibb brother alive. Then he showed up! I was saddened to see that he finally went bald. I thought that head of hair would last forever.

  • with_club_sauce

    Timberlake is such a forced, smug douchebag. I wish SNL & Jimmy would stop giving him so much airtime. Besides his appearances, I thought it was a fantastic episode.

  • Dave Dorris

    Wow. I thought exactly the opposite. I hated Nsync, and thought JT was an arrogant DB. It's his Fallon and SNL appearances that have changed my mind. I hat how much I don't hate him anymore.

  • Jelinas

    I had exactly the same experience with JT.

  • kirivinokur

    He really is. Even the character-break during Family Feud seemed faked, but the material was good enough to transcend.

  • Matt C.

    It was fake...it was a Fallon impression.

  • kirivinokur

    Didn't even think of that. Makes sense. Thanks for the correction. I thought it was just part of the package. BUT,....still hate him.

  • It was a fantastic episode: funny, endearing, spontaneous. Really showcased what the shown is capable of when the writers try and cast/producers take advantage of the live environment.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    The Christmas songs bit was indeed only worth it for the Snape. Otherwise a lot of fun impressions that didn't have material good enough to match.

    The Scrooge bit was the failure to me - not only unfunny, but it didn't even make sense (Did Scrooge know he was gay or not? when he did he stop being fabulous? etc)

    Otherwise, a pretty funny episode. Fallon and Timberlake do well by each other. Timberlake's facial expression on the Paul Ryan bit in the Gibb talk show was sublime. And it has got to be rough to go face to face with an impression of yourself...

  • Stephen Nein

    The link to Billie Jean King:


  • lowercase_ryan


  • ironjohn

    "It's a whole thing with Jean."

  • Guest

    OMG, I cannot believe they wrote in the Miyazaki T-Shirt. Wheaton got called at 4:30!

    (I own the studly garment, BTW)

  • I was cracking up at the Miyazaki reference, but I didn't know it was some sort of Wheaton reference - what's the story?

  • Melody Be Watson

    Timberlake killed BelBivDevoe's "That girl is poison" in concert.

  • kirivinokur

    (Do It On My) Twin Bed was my favorite of the night. McKinnon was even more fantastic than she has been, and I'm finding that the season has a very strong cast of female players. Great show last night.

    Fallon and Timberlake were great, with help from and despite the audience (the cast probably fed on audience's enthusiasm and excitement, but sometimes the audience was too eager to laugh, even at 'meh' jokes).

  • Aaron Schulz

    Yeah that shit was really awesome, and holy hell Cecily Strong can get it. All of those women can get it in fact.

  • I think that might be my favorite Digital Short of the year. The ladies just KILLED it.

  • Robert

    In case you were wondering, DMX really did perform Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer like that last year. It must be nice to have the jokes written for you sometimes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

  • Jelinas

    AHAHAHAHA, I can't stop laughing at this. "Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say: COME ON, COME ON!!"

    "You'll go down in history
    You'll go down in history
    You'll go down in history

  • Kristopher R

    I can find no fault with Cecily Strong.

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