Pajiba Exclusive: Isla Fisher and Ashton Kutcher Set for The Makedown

By Dustin Rowles | TV | November 10, 2009 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | TV | November 10, 2009 |

And despite displaying a modicum of actressin' talent in The Lookout, it nevertheless looks as though Isla Fisher will continue down the same silly-premised romantic-comedy path. According to our inside source, The Hollywood Cog, Fisher has signed on to The Makedown, alongside Ashton Kutcher, for Mandalay Pictures (this, of course, is not a surprise for Kutcher, who has never made anything but these blandly fluffy films).

The Makedown, based on Gitty Daneshvari's chick-lit novel of the same name, is about Anna Norton (Fisher), who was at the bottom of the social totem pole in high school -- she was fat, slovenly, and constantly tormented by her peers. However, she grows up nice (she turns into Isla Fisher, after all) and procures herself a handsome boyfriend (Kutcher). However, Norton's persistent insecurity compels her to give her boyfriend a secret reverse makeover, so he doesn't see her inner fatty and leave her for someone else.

Simply put, it sounds like a movie that Ashton Kutcher would star in and, unfortunately, that Isla Fisher would continue to lower herself to be in. I guess all the prestige roles for lovely redheads went to Amy Adams.

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