Is This The Most Annoying Character On Television? What We Learned From Last Night's FOX Comedies

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Is This The Most Annoying Character On Television? What We Learned From Last Night's FOX Comedies

By Joanna Robinson | TV Reviews | November 20, 2013 | Comments ()

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Has A Gina Problem: There are probably more objectively annoying characters on TV, but usually they’re buried on shows I don’t bother watching. But Chelsea Peretti’s Gina is poisoning the water hole of Fox’s greatest new show. The cast and their chemistry on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is so extraordinary and Peretti’s manic Gina stick out like a sore thumb. Her antics are exactly what I worried Andy Samberg would bring to the show but he’s practically sedate compared to her. So, yes, I’m standing by this. Most annoying character.

Don’t worry, Gina. Mindy Project’s Morgan is a close runner-up.

The Return Of Sympathetic Schmidt: Okay so Schmidt may still be up to no good in this episode in his attempt to break up the date between Cece and Coach BUT at least he was fighting his worst instincts. And he’s back in the underdog position. Which means he can enjoy him being adorably d*ckish.

Patton Oswalt Could Literally Be In Every Show And I Wouldn’t Mind: Parks & Recreation? Justified? Whatever. Patton is always welcome. The rivalry between the Police and The Fire Department might be a bit of a Parks Department/Library retread, but Patton pulled it off with aplomb. I also enjoyed his bro henchmen.

Everything’s Better With Troubadour Midwives: This week’s Mindy was a mess. Just all over the map. But we can take some minor comfort in the return of the Deslauriers. And they sang!

Speaking Of Racism: We had a race discussion here in the comments just last week. No, not that one. The one where you all praised Brooklyn Nine-Nine for the diversity of its casting. Sonia Saraiya wrote a great piece over on The AV Club this week about about how Fox is changing the landscape for black men on television. It’s not just black men, though. The white characters are the minorities on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Even more so if you get rid of Peretti. JUST SAYING.

Yeah, This Makes A Lot Of Sense: It makes all the sense in the world that Mindy is a huge Scandal fan. I would love to see Kerry Washington make a guest appearance. Or, hey, since she only dates white men, maybe Mindy could hook up with Tony Goldwyn? Or Scott Foley? Make it so, team.

A Plot For Winston! Was it the A-plot? Maybe not. But it’s the closest he’s come to being in the spotlight. And though Nick’s disgusted reactions may have stolen the show, Lamorne Morris’ enthusiasm was priceless.

Here’s, They Threw You A Danny/Mindy Shipping Bone: It was more of an anvil really.

But The Cutest Couple Of The Week Has To Be These Two: The show continues to nail this relationship. To the wall.

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