In One Crazy Opening Scene Rant, 'The Mindy Project' Nails All the Weirdest Elements of Catholicism

By Vivian Kane | TV | March 11, 2015 | Comments ()

By Vivian Kane | TV | March 11, 2015 |


Danny Castellano’s Catholicism has always rubbed me the wrong way. It’s nothing against the religion itself (I’m definitely not trying to Jesus shame anyone here), it’s the way he uses it as a weapon to put Mindy down. Danny makes constant references to how Mindy disappoints him for not being Catholic, to the point where I find it off-putting. But last night the show doubled down and used this character element they’ve spent three seasons building to make one perfect rant on all the most whackadoodle aspects of the religion. See, Danny has to confess to his priest that he’s gotten Mindy pregnant out of wedlock. And even though they are two hornily consenting adults, he can’t admit that because Jesus is watching. So it all gets put on Mindy, naturally. Let’s go through the weird religious guilt checklist.

It never is. So sexual blame issues? Check. How about some basic xenophobia?
Check! Arbitrary, childlike morals utilized to shame loved ones?
How about burying your head in the sand or whatever a sexier euphemism is than sand?
Yup. Check. How about some super weird views about children, confining them to a pedestal made of simultaneous disgust and perfection?
Yes! And, for the final cap on this mess of feelings, how about some supreeeemely messed up feelings on birth control?
Because what’s healthier than two gynecologists who have shame issues surrounding contraception, RIGHT? And then Danny’s priest promptly died because that’s the only way to deal with feelings. Thanks, Catholicism!

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