I'm Thrilled It's Been Renewed, But Can We Pretend that Last Night's Episode of "Community" Didn't Happen?

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | May 11, 2012 | Comments ()


Last Night's Episode Was Kind of LAAAAAAME


This Does Not Constitute a Good Joke


This Was Esoterically Funny, But Even Still, That's a Stretch




This Was Kind of a Neat Moment, But in The Context of This Episode, It Meant Nothing


This Was the Best Line of the Night, Sadly


More of This, Please


Community's Genre-and-Trope Riffer is Broken


I'm Beginning to Think This About Dan Harmon


You Can't Just Slap a Fake Clip Show, a Gangster Sequence, a "Lost" Parody, Some Esoteric, Out-of-Context Jokes, and a Few Fever Dreams Together and Call it An Episode

I'm thrilled that "Community" was renewed for 13 more episodes, but frankly, I'm shocked that NBC made that call after seeing last night's ep. Dan Harmon: Snap the Fuck Out of It.


Real Talk: The reason that "Community" is still around, and that Dan Harmon still has a job is because of a very devoted and enthusiastic fan base. Last night's episode was not a very good way to reward the fans of "Community" or NBC for having, frankly, the balls to renew a terribly rated show.

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