I Have One Simple Request for the 'Fargo' Finale That is Non-Negotiable
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I Have One Simple Request for the 'Fargo' Finale That is Non-Negotiable

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | June 11, 2014 | Comments ()


The last few years of prestige television have largely been characterized by shocking twists, anti-heroes, and gut-punching deaths. The phenomenal Fargo hasn’t exactly bucked the trend in the twists and anti-heroes department (SPOILERS THROUGHOUT), but it’s mostly spared us from the emotionally devastating deaths. Sure, Lester’s wife died, the sheriff we just met in the premiere episode succumbed Malvo’s shotgun blast, Glen Howerton’s character was blown the f*ck to pieces, Mr. Numbers had his throat slashed, Stavros’ kid fell prey to raining fish, and even Lester’s new wife got a bullet to the head. But those characters were secondary characters. Many of them were bad people, and the ones that weren’t, we didn’t get too emotionally invested in, although did you really have to cast Stephen Root only to SHOOT HIM IN THE HEAD two scenes later? Was that really necessary.

But listen: I have one single request for the finale, and it is this:


Just don’t. I’d also prefer that Lou Solverson survive the series, but that point is negotiable. If Key and Peele are killed, that’s OK, too. Mr. Wrench? Don’t care. Gina Hess? Bring it on! Send her kids to hell with her. Lester and Malvo: Oh, absolutely, kill those f*ckers dead. In fact, bring them back to life and kill them again. Hell, kill them as many times as you’d like. I will pump my fist in celebration every time you do it. I cannot wait to see their heads splattered all over some wall, or fed into a wood chipper, or crushed in a vice.


Look: I don’t care if it’s the trend. I don’t care if George R.R. Martin or The Walking Dead is willing to kill off anyone, no matter how much they are liked. I don’t care if Kurt Sutter kills every single character in Sons of Anarchy. I don’t care that Vince Gilligan took out a couple of his most likable characters. I don’t care what Alan Ball has done over on True Blood because I don’t watch that show and they all probably deserve to die, anyway.

But Gus, Molly, and Greta do not. Look, Noah Hawley: I like these characters. I like them a lot, and haven’t they suffered enough? Molly lost a mentor. Gus and Greta have already lost their wife and mother. They’re a happy family. They do not suffer from hubris. They are not selling meth. They are not engaged in otherwise unlawful activities. They’re good people. They deserve to live, and you better let them f**king live because I don’t know what I will do if Gus loses his daughter, or if Greta loses her new mom, or if Molly has to see her sweet husband die.

Just do us all a favor, just this once: Let the good guys win! I know that’s not what is fashionable these days in dark dramas, but that’s OK. You can buck that trend! Nic Pizzolatto did it (although, I wish he hadn’t), so you can do it, too! Spare us the moral victories. I don’t want any goddamn martyrs. I don’t need to see anyone sacrifice themselves. All I need is to see the Grimly family survive.

Got it? Thanks.

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  • rackinfrackin

    Couldn't we at least have gotten a scene with Lester's wife trying on her Acapulco bikini before she got whacked?

  • rackinfrackin

    (The following is all pure speculation, BUT - it's based on FX-released promotional material, so you may want to assume there are potential spoilers and proceed accordingly.)

    The Sioux Falls references are probably just sucker bait for a possible Season 2. I'm guessing there won't be any more revelations on that front. However, they still haven't explained how Malvo's recordings tie in.

    Also, I think the bear trap was clearly foreshadowing some future event. Especially since there's a fleeting shot of a body being dragged behind a woodpile in the finale promo; a body with only one boot on!

    Lastly, the animated promo shown on the FX website since before the pilot aired shows someone in silhouette handing over a valise (of money?) and promptly being shot in the head. There's also a bird's eye-view/downshot of a character (Malvo?) dragging a body by the feet, leaving a trail of blood in the snow. We've been exposed to these images, yet none of them have been specifically addressed so far. They couldn't ALL be red herrings.

  • DejaVu

    I would like to see Lester Nygaard in jail at the end and placed in a prison cell next to the cell of...Jerry Lundegaard! (with an aged William H. Macy making a cameo)

  • DejaVu

    Unfortunately good people don't always get to live because they "deserve to". All too often the undeserving of death,die wretchedly. That's life; get used to it. It wouldn't be a worthy story, if bad things didn't happen to the good people, it wouldn't be 'Fargo'.

  • stryker1121

    I'd throw Lou into the mix, too, though I'm hoping the ship on his horrific death has sailed after last week's episode. Of the four you mention Gus is the only one in real danger. Seems the show is setting up some kind of confrontation between he an Malvo. Maybe he takes Malvo down? I don't want him to go..any of those characters dying would be too dark for my tastes. Too dark!

  • rackinfrackin

    Gus has been warned no less than THREE times, twice by Malvo and once by his neighbor. Doesn't make him a redshirt exactly, but don't bet the house on his survival. I'm pulling for him, but it's dicey at best.

  • I was absolutely terrified for Molly and Lou...actually, I was absolutely terrified most of the episode. Brilliant show, unbearable tension (I had my hand over my mouth the entire time Lester and his wife were getting into that elevator.

    I'm with you though, and I don't think they will be killed.

  • NeuroticButPragmatic.

    Yes but. I'm almost worried about a Monkey's Paw lesson in "careful what you wish for" with your request. We could be stuck with Molly losing her baby and Gus getting paralyzed.

    Sorry to be a downer. I know that the finale's going to be breathtaking no matter what. I'm invested in these characters, but I know better.

  • stella

    These days a happy ending would be a super big surprise twist.

  • LorryBootTruckTrunk

    In the context of a normal series, this show did have a happy ending. But Hawley's genius was to jump the last few eps a year later. It's as if we got a movie with the characters of It's A Wonderful Life a year after the original one ended and we found out that George Bailey was sent to a nut house because he murdered his family because he kept hearing voices telling him that 'they' needed more blood in order for Clarence to get his wings

  • pissants_doppelganger

    Here’s my unsolicited rundown (predictions possibly tempered by similar Coen characters (not necessarily only Fargo)):

    Malvo - 33% chance he is killed, 33% he is arrested, 34% he gets away (extra 1% awarded because of Anton Chigurh similarities).

    Lester - I think he is arrested and found guilty of his crimes. Death would be too good for him. Plus, he’s a total Jerry Lundegaard proxy.

    Molly - God, I hope she lives. She has to live.

    Gus - Dicey. He needs redemption for letting Malvo go in the first episode and bungling Malvo’s arrest early on. I think he’ll confront Malvo, and it’s possible it doesn’t end well for him. However, the writers already killed one expectant wife’s husband, so hopefully they don’t feel like repeating that.

    Greta - She has been such a minor character that really only serves as motivation for Gus. They can’t kill her. That would practically be fridging her. Seriously, that would be low.

    Wrench - I don’t think we’ll see him. I think he accepted that Numbers was a hit man who got killed on the job. Nothing personal.

    Lou - Seriously injured or killed. Please know that it hurts me to type that.

    Chief Bill - Despite his supreme incompetence, I don’t want anything to happen to him. I think he’ll live.

    The Widow Hess - I doubt she or her sons even make an appearance. Though, since Hess indirectly set a large portion of this mess in motion, it would be nice for the Hess’s to be involved in some way.

    The Brother Nygaard - Exonerated, possibly in an epilogue.

    Stavros Milos - Uninvolved.

    Pepper and Budge - I don’t know, and it pains me to say that I barely care. I like them, but they really weren’t important to the story until the 9th episode when they met Molly and someone finally recognized her work (besides Gus). I mean, how much would you care about their fate if they weren’t played by Key and Peele? They’ll be involved with a Malvo/syndicate (if there is any syndicate left) confrontation, but I give injured/killed/unscathed an even split.

    Tahir - Straight. Up. Murdered…right?

  • Agreed, though for me Lou's survival is non negotiable. The 4 of them HAVE TO survive or I'm gonna... I honestly don't know what I would do.

  • foca9

    I was cheering when Stephen Root showed up, love that man and all his roles. But goddammit, Malvo doesn't befriend someone for no reason.

  • ed newman

    What was his reason for befriending Lester?

  • LorryBootTruckTrunk

    He didn't really befriend him. He just gave Lester his opinion of a man who doesn't stand up for himself. Lester got in touch with malvo after he killed his wife.

  • John W

    A little off topic, but first Hannibal and now Fargo, what other movies are they going to adapt to tv shows where we'll all scream collectively "NO DON'T!" at first only to be very pleased with the result?

  • Nadiney

    If they kill Molly, Gus or Greta, we burn every fucking thing down. Every fucking thing.

  • Slytherin Sister

    I can't disagree with that, but I need something horrible to happen to Lester. It's been a long time since I hated a character as much as I hate Lester and if he somehow gets away, it might actually ruin the whole show for me.

  • Art3mis

    I really want to love this show, but I just can't. Part of the problem is that I just don't enjoy Malvo or buy him as a character. The "he has absolutely no motivation or character beyond liking chaos" feels like it's been done a lot, and it just leads to me rolling my eyes when he does something nonsensical. Ditto how he is inexplicably the world's most successful criminal even though he makes no effort to actually avoid being caught. He's on film committing crimes and has been ID'd by cops who saw him commit crimes and he keeps popping back up in the place he committed crimes with no attempt at disguising himself or even keeping a low profile, but if he just buttons up his shirt and says he's a minister then it's all okay. He can somehow walk into an organized crime syndicate headquarters and murder 22 people and casually stroll away without anyone noticing him and without the many heavily armed people inside fighting back. In a raging blizzard, he alone can see where he's going and the locations of the four people with weapons who are all trying to kill him. Yet despite these apparent superpowers, I give absolutely zero fucks about him because he's more of a cardboard cutout labeled "badass" than an actual character.

    I'm also really struggling with how the show has dealt with its female characters. Molly is great, I like her a lot. But beyond that we have: verbally abusive wife who dies, slutty dumb wife who is there to be screwed and then humiliated by the main character, dumb-as-rocks wife whose life is destroyed by the main character, and sweet trophy wife who gets killed literally 2 minutes after her only meaningful lines. There's nothing inherently wrong with a show that is primarily focused on men and explorations of masculinity, but this is about the 15th prestige drama in a row that's about those things and nothing being done here feels fresh or new.

  • Rezeya Montecore

    I don't think those are failures on the parts of the writers, though. I think Fargo is supposed to read more like an allegory or a surrealist fantasy. Have you seen many Coen Brothers films? (I don't mean that in a patronizing way -- but it really might make a big difference in how you interpret Fargo.) Most of them tend to rest right on the borderline between realistic and totally bizarre, and I think we're genuinely *intended* to suspect there's something... not quite real about Malvo. Personally, I really like the old-fashioned theological overtones it adds to the story, YMMV.

  • logan

    i agree with you. To me its a dark comedy, a farce for adults not in any way to be confused with reality.
    However it is great fun.

  • Salieri2

    But Greta.

  • bcarter3

    All those things that make you roll your eyes? Those are the things that make me love Malvo.

  • Linda Lupos

    ... wait. Colin Hanks is in this?!

    *off to watch Fargo*

  • lowercase_ryan

    KEY AND PEELE AND MOLLY!!! #truedetectiveseason#2

  • Yes! This is all I want. I mean, of course Lester and Malvo need to be taken out, but it's really important that the Solverson-Grimly clan make it out alive.

  • John W

    Did they have to cast the absolutely gorgeous Helena Mattsson just to shoot her too?

  • Someone here needs to help me with this, because it's bugging me: Why didn't Malvo kill Lester in the elevator then spend the entire rest of the episode tracking him down? And, how were there not cameras in the elevator of a Las Vegas casino? Malvo should have been arrested in four seconds.

    The episode was brilliant and these questions don't lessen my enjoyment. But those are some huge plot holes that I don't think the Internet would let more popular, established series get away with.

  • DejaVu

    He was going to kill Letster after they moved the bodies. Clearly Lester realized that, so he hit Malvo over the head with his award and ran.

  • rackinfrackin

    Besides that, I'm sure Malvo was going to whack the three people in his party eventually anyway, after the guy in witness protection was eliminated. At that point they'd be of no further use to him, and could possibly have identified him. So they were "goners" anyway, whether or not Lester showed up to tip his mitt. Cold-blooded predator to the end.

  • DejaVu


  • logan

    Listen I love the show so dont come at me with pitchforks and torches please but there are LOTS of plot holes. My operating theory is that were supposed to assume that the vast majority of people in Fargo are just too stupid to notice Malvo. Who kills anyone he feels like and then just walks away.

  • rackinfrackin

    I suspect the vast majority of people in Minnesota are stupid. They DID elect Al Franken, you know. (AND Jesse Ventura, AND Walter Mondale...)

  • Malvo was likely hoping to get Lester to help him move the bodies and then finish him off afterwards -- similar to how he took out Chumph. But Lester ran.

    As for cameras, I think the cameras were outside in the hallway. That's how they got Lester coming out. Do remember that Lorne's been seen by cameras before but he cares not if they do or don't.

  • ed newman

    Also, he was seen in the bar talking to and leaving with Malvo.

  • I'm sure there were cameras somewhere. But Vegas has multiple cameras in every elevator. That entire murder would have been filmed, the elevator locked down, and Malvo arrested on the spot.

    Not a huge deal or anything. Just a little flimsy.

  • SVR

    I dunno, no one seems to worry about the plot holes on Hannibal. (None of the Chesapeake Ripper's victims where killed at a time when Chilton had an alibi? Hannibal can kill, slice, encase, and display Beverly all in one night? Everything that happened in the trial episode.) I think that shows like Hannibal and Fargo can get away with these plot holes because it's less about intricate plotting and more about tone and characters.

  • If Molly dies, we riot.

    And after last night, I think I'd be fine if Malvo lives, but Lester has got to go.

  • SVR

    Concur. I can appreciate Malvo continuing to exist as this demonic, chaotic force. But Lester is such a little worm I will take great delight in him getting his comeuppance.

    But I would also love it if Deaf Fella takes Malvo out. Can't wait to see how that plot line resolves itself.

  • Judith Sears

    This may mark me as a corrupt soul, but I'd actually kind of like to see Malvo survive. Not in any way that brings harm to Gus, Greta & Molly (I'm all signed on with you on that) and not in a way that brings obloquy on Molly's detecting skills. I maybe should be ashamed to admit it, but I admire Malvo's competence and conscious intention.

  • rackinfrackin

    Among his other crimes, he killed a dog. THAT crossed the line!! He must DIE!!

  • pissants_doppelganger

    I love this show, but I can't really see Malvo as competent anymore (or at least he is just up against complete incompetence). In just the last episode he drove to Bemidji and went up to Lester's old house in broad daylight looking for Lester and was presumably going to stab him. No reconnaissance...hell of a plan. Then when he realized Lester no longer lived there, instead of saying, "Oops, wrong house, I haven't been in town for a few years" he tells them that he is looking for Lester and then relays an anecdote about murders that took place in the house and ghosts. I doubt those people are going to forget him now and would probably go to the cops to provide a description after he killed Lester (I assume his plan was to do that the same day). Then, he acts super weird/hostile/threatening to an old cop who happens to be the father-in-law of the cop in Duluth who nearly busted him. Granted, I don't think Malvo has any idea who Molly is. He really just seems to get away with murder. I mean, you're just gonna cap 3 people in an elevator in Vegas?

    I really liked Malvo at the beginning (and I still do), but he seems more lucky than anything. If he is going to be killed or arrested in the finale, I really think they need to take him down a peg at the beginning of the episode so that his sudden loss of luck isn't so abrupt.

    And my finale prediction: Lou is going to at least get seriously injured if not killed.

  • Judith Sears

    Your points are well taken. I suppose the early Malvo made such an impression on me that i wasn't really factoring in his recklessness. They do seem to have made him Super-Villain who gets away with everything. He's more myth than man.

  • SVR


    Glad to see you came around to Gus. He, Greta, and Molly are the best. I also don't want anything to happen to Lou, dear sweet Lou, but if it means the other three survive I'm ok with it.

    ETA: I'll add that one couple should survive the show intact. Gus and Molly should be allowed to live the lives Verne and Ida did not. (And while I'm thinking about it, fucking kudos to Shawn Doyle who was so fabulous in the first episode.)

  • vivkane

    I insist we add Lou to the list. I really thought he wasn't going to make it through last night's diner scene and I was NOT PREPARED FOR THAT. I will be absolutely destroyed if any of the Grimly-Solversons bite it.

  • Emran Huq

    I thought what was going to happen to Lou was something like this, especially after Malvo had seen the wedding photo of Molly and Gus. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

  • Dean Gorby

    FINALE? I didn't know we were there yet! In my opinion this show has gotten better every episode (this week was absolutely the best yet). I'm gonna miss it...

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