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How Last Night's 'Community' Totally Britta'd Troy's Goodbye. That's Right. We're Taking It Back.

By Joanna Robinson | TV Reviews | January 24, 2014 | Comments ()

But of course, since this is Golden Age Harmonian Community, the episode accomplished all of that while also being insanely fun. Though it revisits some of the themes we've seen before from paintball episodes, Lava World felt fresh and exciting. Here's a complete glossary of terms from the episode to help navigate your rewatch.

To Britta: To be the best. We're taking it back.

Burny Touch: Garrett's term for lava.

Burton, Lavar: Troy's guide on this journey, the Al to his Dr. Sam Beckett.

Centipede-ing: A very slow way to move about using chairs.

Chair Walkers: A much more efficient way to move about using chairs and duct tape chiefly employed by Hickey and Britta's people.

Clone Abed: Just like Original Abed but missing his wild emotionality.

Clone Hug: The part where I started to cry.

Clone Troy: Just like Original Troy but lacking fear of Lavar Burton and possessing some traits of the garden variety homing pigeon.

Come Sail Away: A beautiful call back. That, of course, was Aimee Mann covering Styx and giving everything that additional emotional Magnolia kick.

Cirque Du So Long You High-Stepping Acrobastards: The very best pun-laden taunt of the night.

Floor, The: The answer to "who's there?"

Floor Strider: Chang's term for Troy and Abed. Anyone, I suppose, who is not a Locker Boy.

Four-Legged Diamonds: aka Chairs.

Hey Seat Feet, Chair To Dance?: The second best pun-laden taunt of the night.

Inch Worm-ing: A medium-slow way to move about on chairs.

Jib-Jabbing: What you do not want your cloning machine to do.

Lava Joust: Unclear. Jeff and Annie had no lava lances.

Locker Boys: Chang's allies. A terrifying cross between the Lost Boys and The Rogues from Warriors. They're motivated by M&Ms.

Nathan Fillion: Chang's same-sex crush. Yours too, if you're being honest.

Now Now Time, The: Garrett's term for, um, now.

Orb, The: aka Shirley's Island. In a cool, Keyser Söze way.

Planet Trek: The much more appropriate name for Star Trek.

Plastic Gold aka Chairs.

Pop Pop: An expression used by Magnitude, British exchange student.

Reverse Danny Thomas: I don't know! And I watched Make Room For Daddy on Nick At Nite all the time!!! The reverse Dick Van Dyke? That one I'd get.

RUUUUFFFIIIIOOOOOO: Chang's obvious fash-inspiration.

Scootenany: aka scooting.

Shirley Island: aka The Orb...not in a lame Jewel Of The Nile sort of way.

Sofa Hopper: Annie's term for Britta's strategy. Derogatory.

Stick Feet: aka Chair Walkers.

Sweet Momma Mahogany, Feast Your Feet On That Stack Of Sticks: The third best pun-laden sentence of the night. Sorry, Annie.

Vapors Of Magmorath: I have no f*cking clue. I love this show.

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