How I Met Your Mother, "Daisy" Review: The Captain and Boats Boats Boats? I Ship It

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How I Met Your Mother, "Daisy": The Captain and Boats Boats Boats? I Ship It

By Courtney Enlow | TV Reviews | March 11, 2014 | Comments ()


I SHIP IT. SHIP. Get it?! Like a boat! Ahoy! God dammit, you’ll miss these when they’re gone.

This week, we returned to a moment that stumped many of us—the moment Lily made a phone call and got in the backseat of a mysterious black car after her fight with Marshall. It was not, as many suggested, Ranjit. The “AHOY!!!” license plate witnessed by Billy Zabka while on a break from some late-night dirtbiking (“Naturally. Go on.”) meant it could only be one man—the Captain! For the record, while I think the Zoe arc was a hideous wart upon the face of this show, the turning point into low mediocrity, I look back on it happily because it gave us the Captain. Hindsight is tricky that way.

The trip to the Captain’s house had everything—sword fights, musical numbers with the cleaning staff, and of course MOOOOSBYYYYY BOYS! (“We agreed you’d never do that again.”) Ted does one of his patented (wrong) mystery-solving monologues, thinking Lily has been smoking in secret. In actuality, we finally figured out why Lily wasn’t wasted out of her mind/dying/looking into the eyes of an “intervention” banner because that was looking like a severely problematic amount of alcohol. All those gin and tonics courtesy of Linus, he of “Thank you, Linus” fame? Nonalcoholic. And when someone on a sitcom orders a nonalcoholic beverage, you know what that means: BABIES, YO! Marshall realizes that Lily is giving him his dream and that now, with two kids, there might not be time for another Italy. So the Aldrin-Eriksen clan will be Italy-bound, with Mickey and Marshall’s mom in tow, who apparently end up together. PAIR OFF ALL THE CHARACTERS!

At the same time, we get to know Robin’s mom, in full Tracey Ullman mode, Tracey Ullmanning all over an airplane to my sheer joy. We also find out Robin’s dad is a bit of a character. He was once engaged to a stripper, he commissioned a painting of himself as a Prussian aristocrat and stood next to it to meet women, he has a gay black brother and he’s slept with OVER 20 WOMEN! Needless to say, Robin is having a bit of a freakout, and it’s the kind that makes the most sense narratively—Robin accepts Barney for who he is, but not her dad, and the thought of marrying her father is way scarier than marrying Barney.

As we sail ever closer (BECAUSE BOATS!) to the end, I think what I’ve loved most about this season, besides giving the series a well-constructed send-off it certainly wouldn’t have had ending last year, has been the callbacks. Oh, the callbacks. Ted solving mysteries? Dear me, how would I have been able to walk away from this show without another one of those? And I didn’t know I wanted to know what would become of Boats Boats Boats (aka Becky, played by Laura Bell Bundy), but finding out she ends up with the Captain? YOU GUYS. That’s a match made in maritime heaven.

But a few precious episodes remain of this show. And if they’re all spent assuring us that our beloved friends end up happy and OK, I’m fine with that. And I would like to thank Bays and Thomas for making this season, one I had little faith in, worth it. I would also like to thank you utter winners who continue to post “people still watch this show?” comments every week with no concept of how very Mosby they sound. For it is *kisses fingers* bellissima!

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  • Bananapanda

    Wait - does Marshall still have one slap left?

  • Mrs. Julien

    Yes, I answered this at length on the other thread.

  • annie

    People still watch this show? GOOD. This final season has made the last, I don't know, three worth it.

  • I was against it going on but I'm so glad it did. This season has retroactively improved the last three or four by reminding me of the good elements of those seasons.

  • annie

    I didn't dislike the past few as much as some people, but it definitely became a screensaver for the mind during those years. And now, joy.

  • LwoodPDowd

    I think I know how the series ends.

    Ok, if it's not the mom that's dead in the finale, I think it's Barney.

    Under the guise of "How I met your mother", Ted regales his children of the wonderful acts of their "Uncle" and his friend. When he is done, he asks the kids to go change and walks out of the room to the rest of the group consoling Robin with similar stories. I was thinking maybe Marshall, but he would be easier to sum up with one or two simple stories. Barney is too complex to define by one or two incidents, hence the prolonged story, and the development of his character from caricature to real person.

    Post credits, as they get ready to leave for the funeral, they see the kids telling Barney stories to Marvin and Daisy. He is now truly Legen----wait for it----dary.

  • Sammers

    I am not sure if I misinterpreted it, but the bit at the end when Robin's mother assures her that Barney is nothing like her father ("He's a hugger!"), and Robin has this look on her face like she's wondering if she is making the right decision... If they go back to the Ted/Robin well AGAIN, I will throw something through my TV. Other than that, it wasn't too bad of an episode. I don't think that I will ever tire of the "Thank you, Linus." bit.

  • Tom

    I'm worried the "person she can count on" means Ted. Of course hopefully its just what you said about her being upset about Ted moving rather than rehashing their romantic relationship. I can't imagine you can do that again right after they turned Robin into a balloon and made her fly away.

  • My hope is that she is more worried about her best friend moving away because of her getting married than marrying the right guy. My eyes, how they'd roll.

  • Sammers

    I never thought of that. After all the times that they have rehashed that, I just assumed that they would wouldn't hesitate to do it again. I really hope that you are right, Courtney.

  • Tom

    I think there was a brief moment earlier this season where The Captain saw Boats Boats Boats on the magazine and either said something or the narrator said that he ended up with her. I love that the writers are making good use of their purported "loose ends" word file and taking care of them all.

  • Buellie413

    Billy Zabka getting booed and pelted with garbage will never stop being funny.

  • Mrs. Julien

    This last season has been a symphony of reincorporation which, as well know, is the secret of great comedy, although, ironically, that has not been the totality of the result here.

  • That was the smartest thing I've ever read. Do you have a PhD in TV fanciness?

  • Mrs. Julien

    I have a wheelbarrow and very large shovel. Does that count?

  • csb

    Mickey and Marshall’s mom

    That still makes me shiver, and shiver I did when I saw them together again.

  • Lucia

    I actually thought the bartender is called "Lioness" which would have been awesome :D

  • Afferbeck

    That's his stripper name

  • Donna SHerman

    It was the turning point into mediocrity. And yet - it did give us the captain. I feel like Homer Simpson. "That's good! ...That's bad."

  • Arran

    The Captain only appearing because of the awful Zoe is definitely a classic "cursed frogurt" situation.

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