Hot Damn! "American Horror Story" Caught A Serious Case Of The Glees
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Hot Damn! "American Horror Story" Caught A Serious Case Of The Glees

By Joanna Robinson | TV Reviews | January 4, 2013 | Comments ()


It's a new year but the same old "American Horror Story." Well, with one minor difference. Glorious Technicolor Dance Sequence! We'll get to that later. But first, here are a few things we learned this week.

Pepper Is The BEST: I had no idea the character was going to pay off in this way, but I'm so glad she did. Allegedly, the aliens have given Pepper "a voice," and she's not wasting it. Also, Grace had her Kit baby. More on that in a bit.

Also. This.

Oh, Look! A Flying Nun! Well Sister Mary Eunice had quite the final run. Date raping a monsignor, Mary Eunice? Well done, indeed. Ultimately, the Lesser Fiennes took advantage of one of her Sméagol/Gollum moments and pushed her to her death. Nice flash of red as she goes.

Speaking Of Fitting Deaths: We also lost Dr. Arden this episode. In interviews, Ryan Murphy has been QUITE pleased with the whole "we burned the NAZI in an oven" choice. GET IT, GUYS? Anyway, Dr. Arden, heartbroken that his little demon nun f*ckpuppet* was a) a rapist and b) dead, murdered his mutant zombies, climbed on board and took himself out. That's two major antagonists gone in one episode. There's three more episodes left and only Bloody Face, Son of Bloody Face, semen-seeking aliens, institutionalized racism, institutionalized homophobia, the mental healthcare system and a rogue Ian McShane to tackle. Yawn.

Lana Is Plucky. PLUCKY I TELL YOU: I really like this girl. I've never ever gotten the appeal of Sara Paulson, but I get it now.

Sister Jude Judy Judy Judy Is Not Without Pluck Herself: What, exactly, was she going to do with that cucumber?

Let's Talk About The Thredson Family: I'm still not convinced this is Lana's baby. Though it may very well be. I'm still hoping McDermott Mulroney here is actually Grace's alien baby all grown up. We shall see.


And Then, Of Course, This Happened And Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt: At first, I was a little disappointed that Sister Mary Eunice's jukebox wasn't 100 copies of "Dominique." But the pay-off for both the jukebox and the long-running "Lana Banana" thing was magnificent. Why did this work? Because Jessica Lange is an absolutely perfect creature sent from the gods. If you watch Paulson and Peters (particularly Peters) you'll see they have the slightly embarrassed looks of actors who aren't sure if what they're participating in will make them look foolish. But Lange? She's all in. She did that entire song. And it was glorious.

And the entire video, if you're so inclined:

*TM Courtney

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  • Corbyn Samuels

    This episode of American Horror Story was really intense and Pepper surprised me most of all. Ever since her enlightening she has been an integral part of the end of the season. My DISH co-worker even remarked that it made him look at her in a new light and that maybe she isn’t as “crazy” as she appears. Sister Mary Eunice met a fitting end thanks to the monsignor and even Arden took the plunge, riding with her body in the big oven to cremate her. This show is so twisted and that’s what I love about it. I’ve had my DISH Hopper recording the entire season because it airs when I’m working. So I catch up when I get home and thanks to the Hopper 2 terabyte hard drive that lets me record up to 2,000 hours of TV shows and movies. Now I don’t have to worry that I’ll miss anything on TV.

  • sars

    I want a Gif of the guy in the straight jacket dancing... I watched that video 5 times just for that.

  • apsutter

    I cannot stand the way Sara Paulson speaks. I hate her voice and her lisp drives me up the fucking wall.

  • Uriah_Creep

    I was a little disappointed that Sister Mary Eunice’s jukebox wasn’t 100 copies of “Dominique."

    Holy shit, I would have cut a bitch.

    Who could have guessed that it would be Not-Ralph Fiennes who would finally bring down Devil Eunice? I too will miss her. She knew how to have fun.

  • Jim

    Lange isn't SENT from the gods, she's a goddess incarnate. (I'd like to think those smiles are at least 80% genuine.)

    And I think one of my sisters had that blue dress back in the 60's.

  • BlackRabbit

    Am I the only one also amused by Punching Man in the third dancing picture? He's got music in his heart.

  • Slash

    I'm gonna miss Demon Nun. In one episode, she scrambled Sister Jude's brain, raped a priest and made a Nazi cry. And it was all awesome. Over the top, yeah, but still awesome.

  • Pat

    Gotta agree with you there. Peters didn't seem to be in it as the other two were, but that didn't detract from the whole thing. I would buy if McDermott is the alien baby since there's always the case that Lana miscarries. Prenatal care in Briarcliff doesn't seem to be that great.

  • There's so much going on in that song it blows my mind. Each character is acting how Sister Jude imagines they behave, not how they actually behave. Kit's a total creeper, Pepper is the sweetest little girl in the world, and Lana Banana is a confused wild child. Then there are the little shocking cuts of violence cutting through more and more as the song goes on. Jude's imagined persona is oblivious to them, but her psyche is well aware of the horror she's brought out in the asylum.

    And that's why I love a good song and dance number in a horror. You're already dealing with an alternate reality where this crazy stuff happens. Why not go whole hog and and make us afraid of pop culture within that universe, too?

  • Anna von Beav

    Yeah, that number was amazing. Gorgeously conceived and executed. So fitting, too, that Jude had The Mexican in the group, and that shortly thereafter she told the Mother Superior that Lana "doesn't belong here" and asked her to help Lana get out.

  • MJ

    I think they were all totally into it. Evan Peters has the most gorgeous smile in the universe.

  • I'm not sure I would go that far but he's definitely a sexy dancer.

  • Jessica Lange is an absolutely perfect creature sent from the gods.

    Preach it, sista!

    I fuckin' FLOVED the musical number. Not only did it make perfect sense for the character but it also provided a welcome relief from all dark, all the dark time. Also, it was GOOD. And FUN.

    I can't find it right now but Ryan Murphy stated in an interview posted on Thursday that there are clues to season 3 in 'The Name Game'. My guess is the clues are in the music and we're going to New Orleans for some Voodoo shenanigans, hopefully set in the 1920's..[since season 2 was 40 some-odd years earlier than season 1]

  • I saw where someone mentioned there were several songs in the jukebox mentioning witchcraft and spells and such, and Ryan Murphy mentioned in an interview that the next season is going somewhere the horror has been real. That put me in mind of Salem, which isn't as new as he was implying. I would LOVE a season in New Orleans.

  • I want that whole sequence playing inside my eyelids every time I close them.

  • Laura

    I get Dermott Mulroney and Dylan McDermott confused all the time too.

    And I'm pretty sure it was actually Sister May Eunice using that cucumber!

  • lowercase_ryan

    I disagree, I think Peters was into it. He's smart enough to follow Lange's lead and just go with it.


    I know you said it, but it needs to be repeated. and repeated.

  • Enrique del Castillo

    That musical sequence was is the best thing I've since in 2013 so far. I love that this show is so insanely awful and entertaining at the same time. Also, even though it was an insanity sequence, I thought it was kind of nice to see Lana smile.

  • KatSings

    YES! Kit and Lana smiling was so unusual and striking. Loved it. Also loved that they let Lana change shoes to those adorable red heels.

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