"Homeland"--"I'll Fly Away": The Soldier

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"Homeland" — "I'll Fly Away": The Soldier

By Cindy Davis | TV Reviews | November 19, 2012 | Comments ()


The Nicholas Brody last seen was not quite the same Brody who stumbles through "I'll Fly Away." Under immense pressure from all sides, the soldier is crumbling; he isn't in control of anything anymore. Exasperated at Jessica's questioning, filled with rage and fear, Brody screams, "I can't, I can't, I can't!" His wife recoils, and somehow we feel sorry for this man, though we're never quite sure where his loyalties lie.

Carrie expertly handles Brody in a way that perhaps no one would have predicted. She has gone from a quiet recovery to being thrown right back into the mess that drove her over the cliff, and despite--or because of--her own fragility she is extremely sensitive to Brody's mental disposition. After Jessica leaves for Mike's place, Carrie pushes Brody to keep his appointment with Roya, because at this point, neither of them really have a choice. But when he again loses composure and tells Roya he's out, Carrie realizes it's time for drastic measures. It's a sign of everyone's desperation that Carrie manipulates her way through the hour; she convinces Quinn to keep the operation going, Virgil to stop tracking Brody's phone, and Brody...that he could still be a hero--at least in her eyes. Brody transforms from semi-catatonic, imagining a setting sun to be his last view as a free man, to semi-capable, carrying on with his mission. And all because of a good fuck. In a delightful bit of comic relief, we're treated to the expressions on Quinn and Saul's faces as they listen to Carrie's orgasmic screams and moans. Whatever real feelings she may or may not have for Brody, Carrie completely controlled getting this mission back on track. Whether it can move forward or not--that's another question.

The Dana Situation, unnecessary as it was, is wrapped up tidily--Dana follows her conscience and visits the dead lady's daughter to confess her sins. The paid-off daughter tells Dana to get lost. Dana also lets on to her ridiculously naive mother that Carrie was the person who stopped Dana reporting her crime to the police, but who knows if Jessica will ever have the chance to confront Brody again.

Saul angers Carrie with a fatherly aside about her emotional state, but it's enough to convince him to keep things going against Estes' orders. Brody's next meeting with Roya turns out to be a tense road trip that clearly demonstrates her mistrust. What isn't so clear is how much the other side (Nazir's) has been watching Brody. Roya knows the Congressman's schedule and that he hasn't been home, but it seems as if she doesn't know exactly where he's been until he tells her.

Though Carrie has been holding up fairly well thus far, but when it becomes clear Roya and Brody are with the new Nazir contact--the same guy who killed the team of agents and wounded Quinn--she starts to panic. Her reaction is well-founded though, the sounds of a helicopter warn her of what I suspected as soon as Roya got into Brody's car. (Why isn't it bugged?) Brody is whisked off to an abandoned building, where he is once again treated as a prisoner, and face to face with Abu Nazir. Regardless of next week's previews, Nazir will likely spend less time questioning Brody's loyalty than reestablishing their emotional connection. Just as Carrie has exploited her bond with Brody, so will the terrorist leader. The only question left is, which side will Nicholas Brody choose?

Notes: It at times feels odd, if Nazir is at all suspect that Brody is under surveillance, that he doesn't just dispose of Brody. The target must still include the Vice President, and perhaps even the White House, the Capitol...maybe the President? Brody is still alive because of his proximity.

Brody had some great lines this week: "You know how crazy everyone says you are? You're crazier than that."
"You think whatever you're threatening can make my life any more fucked up than it is now?"

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Cindy Davis.

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  • Mel C.

    I think making Brody the show's center instead of Carrie is a huge mistake.

  • Rep

    Brody is a Member of the House of Representatives, not a Senator.

  • Artemis

    I continue to struggle with this show. The acting is SO GOOD but I am increasingly convinced that the writers are letting down all of the amazing talent at their disposal. Nothing that has happened this season is even TV-believable, and I don't feel like the show has done a whole lot to establish the stakes of this investigation (I felt a lot more genuine concern and anxiety for Brody during this episode, for example, than about the huge container of stolen explosives and whatever national security threat it's involved in). The political plot hasn't done a whole lot for me, and the less said about the teenage drama, the better.

    ...and having said that, I suddenly pictured Claire Danes playing Skylar on Breaking Bad (a show that definitely does not let down its actors with the writing), and I think I just died a little. I'm not an Anna Gunn hater, but how epically amazing would Danes have been in that role?

  • sean

    I don't understand why they drastically understate the capabilities of the CIA. For example, Brody is driving a Chevy truck. With 'effin OnStar. The CIA could easily track the truck, and listen to everything said that truck.The DEA does that all the time. They love that dope boys buy Escalades! The helicopter at the end of the show...nothing flies in North America these days without being monitored. They would know exactly where it went. I know they have to make some dramatic concessions, but a little realism would be nice.

  • Good points.

  • Blake

    I'm not sure what exactly Congressional Representatives do (being a Canadian) but should one really be able to go AWOL without someone wondering where the f%#& they are? Also how does Brody seem to go everywhere without being noticed? I'm mean someone had to vote for him and he is in the running for VP so he should be at least somewhat recognizable. Or do you Yanks ignore your politicians once they take office (which kinda makes sense)?

    That aside Nazir being in country is a neat twist and it will be interesting to see where the next episode goes.

    Thanks for the recap Cindy.

  • sean

    In reality every congresscritter is extensively monitored and tracked at least a few security agencies. From at least a few countries.

  • Yeah, I would guess if they're still planning on using him, just like the CIA, they have to get Brody back on the street pretty quickly.

  • Holly

    Was anyone else thinking of the Homeland SNL sketch in that scene were Saul was trying to convince Quinn to trust Carrie, while the whole CIA crew listened to Carrie and Brody have sex? Talk about nailing it (pun intended).

  • Artemis

    The car was bugged (I think it was in the GPS). Roya turned it off when she got in the car, which is what first made Carrie worried that she was on to Brody.

  • Roya took the battery out of Brody's phone--which is what the CIA was using to track them.

  • Artemis

    Ah, that was it, thanks.

  • Blake

    Am I the only one who thought when Roya leaned over to take Brody's phone that she was going to kiss him?

  • Diane

    This is the episode that made me quit Homeland. I'm going to watch till the end of the season, but I spent nearly every second of this episode with my hands on my head saying, "no, don't go there." And then they went there. EVERY TIME.

    Also, Dana is the new Winona Hawkins/Tara Thornton. Her mere presence is nails on the chalkboard for me. Does she have more than one level of emotion? Mopey is her auto-pilot.

  • Boothy K

    Most teen girls are pretty mopey and non-communicative. although I'm glad that plot line is over too. The sex scene was great. Quinn was so worked up. Maybe he was jealous?

  • Diane

    Yeah, definitely, but I still don't find the girl to be a very good actress. She does this stupid eyebrow raise every time she needs to act exasperated.

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