"Everybody Pants Now!" and the Other Best Lines from NBC's Thursday Night Comedies

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | September 30, 2011 | Comments ()

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Community. Grade: D+. The part where Britta spit in Chang's face? That felt like a metaphor for what this episode did to me. The Model U.N.? An extended fart joke? A Uraguay/Your A Gay Joke? Lionel Ritchie's "Hello"? That's 17th episode of the season stuff, not the second episode of the season.

  • "Be careful Annie. They are ruthless ... Not Asians. Women." ... "Sneak attack. That's just like 'em. Not women ... Asians." -- Pierce

    Parks and Recreation (Grade: A-. The real key to the success of this show is not Andy and April's relationship; it's not Leslie Knope; it's not the Tammys; it's not even Ron Swanson. It's alcohol. The best episodes of "Parks and Recreation" all involve alcohol.

  • "I'll just put on my Star Wars pajamas, sit in my Mom's basement, and pore over some spreadsheets. Sounds like a lot of fun." -- Ben

  • "I would guess that they would be bankrupt by the end of this ... sentence." -- Ben

  • "I don't think it will be necessary for you to speak again while I am here." -- Tammy #1

  • "I'm sure Ron will remember the meeting fondly while he makes toilet wine in a federal prison in Terre Haute." -- Tammy #1

  • ""Listen. Tammy One was my Sunday school teacher. too. She can pinpoint your weaknesses and then destroy you with just one word. And a jar of acid."-- Tammy #2

  • "Let's do 1 more, then 5 more, then 20 in a row." -- Chris

  • "Why do you have so many guns?" -- Leslie

    "This is America, isn't it?" -- Ron's Mom.

    "Yes." -- Leslie

    "Then I don't have to answer stupid questions while standing on my own property." -- Leslie

  • "Everybody pants now ... pants, pants, pants, pants ... pants." -- Leslie

    The Office. Grade: B+ Not a particularly funny episode, but one that was incredibly likable, and that's something that the old Michael-Scott show rarely achieved. The dynamic between Robert and Andy has been pitch perfect through these first two episodes: Robert as the villain, and Andy as the earnest savior, although Andy's anger management issues have seemingly disappeared. A couple of questions: Where's Gabe? He was there last week, and I didn't see him last night. And why was he there last week. And two: Darryl's ex-wife? What happened to that subplot? Did I miss something, or did it just trail off?

  • "Invest in softer cotton, sir." -- Andy

  • "What do you think, C-Span?" -- Andy

  • "There's something about an underdog that really inspires the unexceptional." -- Robert

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