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Don't Worry About Getting to Your Point. I'm Going to Live Forever

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | November 19, 2010 | Comments ()

  • "I heard one kid made a diorama about a world without dioramas."

  • "You are gonna Nancy Screw me out of that credit!"

  • "Wanna build a cardboard submarine?" "Get out of my brain."

  • "Enjoy eating fiber and watching 'The Mentalist.'"

  • "Looks like someone sent us a message. A tiny, underwhelming message."

    30 Rock (Grade: B)

  • "Oh, please. Money can't buy happiness. It is happiness."

  • "Usually everyone treats me like Hitler. Today I feel like Hitler in Germany."

  • "After I left Kentucky Mountain Bible College, it kept going. Until it was shut down...because of the wolves."

  • "I've been a GE man for 25 years and a GE woman for a week of corporate espionage at Revlon."

  • "Don't worry about getting to your point. I'm going to live forever."

  • ""Lemon ... lesbian ... Frankenstein ... wants ... her ... shoes ... back."

    The Office (Grade: D)

  • "How far can you reach those long, lovely arms of yours?"

    Outsourced (Grade: C+)

  • "We do not have a first aid kit. If someone gets hurt, its cheaper to hire a new worker."

  • "Were there people in your country before you came?"

  • "Tomorrow is Black Friday, you know what that is?" ... "Martin Luther King Day?"

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