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Where Have We Seen Daisy, The Stewardess from This Week's Episode of "Mad Men," Before?

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | May 5, 2013 | Comments ()

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Sarah will be along with our full “Mad Men” recap in its regular slot, but until then, if anyone else recognized Daisy, the stewardess that Roger Sterling slept with in this week’s episode of “Mad Men,” but couldn’t quite place her, let me put your mind at ease.

Her name is Danielle Panabaker. Some of you may know her from Stuck in the Suburbs, a 2004 Disney movie in which she and her sister, Kay Panabaker, starred alongside “Saturday Night Live’s” Taran Killam.


She also starred in another popular Disney movie, Read It and Weep, again, along with her sister.


She was also second-billed in James Woods’ CBS series, “Shark.”


But most of you probably recognize her from the Friday the 13th remake or Crazies, with Timothy Olyphant.



Hopefully, that will assuage any nagging curiosity you may have had during the episode. If not, maybe you know her as #83 in Maxim’s 2010 Hot 100.


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  • PapaDoc

    The daughter from Mr. Brooks that drops a pair of 4" scissors into Kevin Costner's neck as payback for WaterWorld

  • tracey8051

    I know her from Sky High, which my seven year old has watched fifty four times so far this year. Sadly, my house was broken into last week and since I interrupted the robbers by coming home (shame on me), one of the only things they took was a dvd player with Sky High in it. Of course, my daughter didn't give a crap that they broke her window to get in, but fell over in tears when she realized her movie was gone. Sigh. Kids....

    Also, I've seen her on Bones and I think Grimm

  • Three_nineteen

    Sooo...did Megan give her autograph to Julie from Friday Night Lights? Sure looked like an older her (I'm only in the middle of Season 1).

  • sjfromsj

    I recognize her, but not from any of those things either. Her IMDB says she was on SVU, so it was probably that.

  • Mrs. Julien

    At our house, it was, "OH MY GOD! That's the girl from SKY HIGH!" Another Disney movie and a really good one at that. It co-stars Michael Angarano and Kurt Russell.

  • toblerone

    Sky High B*tches!

    Her sister Kay is pretty hot too (and a pocket size 4'9" to Danielle who is 5'6")...

  • The Panabaker girls must be on someone's 5 Freebies... surely?

  • SorayaS

    I've never seen any of those but I still feel like I recognise her. She's a lookalike of a few different actresses... maybe I thought she was Gemma Arterton?

  • Leigh

    No way, it's because she was in the "Mom at 16" movie that seems to be on Lifetime every time I have insomnia.

  • TS

    Mom at 16 is definitely where I know her from too.

  • Also, Sky High. A guilty pleasure of a film made all the better by Panabaker and the raft of actors lovingly chewing the scenery in cameos inspired by their previous roles as superheroes.

    And reviewed on The Onion late last week - http://www.avclub.com/articles...

  • Even Stevens

    She's also popped up on Grimm and Bones

  • Opie Curious

    "That girl looks like the girl from Empire Falls." Oh wait, it IS the girl from Empire Falls!

  • seanfast

    yeah thats what i always remember her from too.

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