Crazy Ranking "True Blood": 'Your Time on Earth is Over' Edition
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Crazy Ranking "True Blood": 'Your Time on Earth is Over' Edition

By Sarah Carlson | TV Reviews | August 12, 2013 | Comments ()


For “True Blood’s” Sixth Season, each week we’ll review and rank the various raisin-cake plot developments of this bloody, campy drama. This post could get a bit NSFW, so be warned. Comments also won’t be strictly policed because the series is so far off the source novels, spoilers are practically a moot point.

We’re down to only one episode left for this summer’s run of “True Blood,” and although it has had its share of crazy, Season Six has served as a sort of resurgence for the series. Things haven’t been the same since the first three seasons, to be sure, thanks to some high points — the campiness of Eric turning Willa, the goings on at Vamp Camp, everything about Sarah and Steve Newlin — things are mostly back on track. Terry was given his due with a moving funeral and sweet flashbacks, although they might have been more powerful if they’d been included in the episode in which he died. Episode Nine, “Life Matters,” was an outlet for Todd Lowe and Carrie Preston to shine, and they deserved it. Every week, I’m amazed at the actors’ abilities to not only maintain a straight face during scenes but to put legitimate effort into their roles. They all deserve praise, but ultimately, this has been Alexander Skarsgård’s season. The rundown below is dominated with Eric scenes for good reason. His character’s departure at the end of the episode has many speculating about his future on the show, and if this really is Eric’s last season as a main character, Skarsgård clearly had a damn good time on his way out.

So, in honor of Eric, let’s all make a grand entrance …


… grab some Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA and get on with the episode.

5. The return of these two broads wasn’t crazy; I just missed them and love them.


4.5. But not as much as I love Ginger. I don’t get tired of the screaming gag. Even Eric has a soft spot for it.



4. While I am not happy to see Steve Newlin go — he was always a delight — at least he got to leave with a flourish. It made sense his fellow vampires wouldn’t keep him around considering he had betrayed them one too many times, and it was a nice contrast to Jason letting Sarah Newlin live. The vamps didn’t think twice about killing their own kind, but it wasn’t so easy for the humans.






3.5. Did Sookie really just come out as a telepath at Terry’s funeral? And no one thought it was strange? All righty.


3. Bill got to have his moment in the sun as a savior to his kind, but the effects didn’t entirely make sense. The rescued vamps all got essentially high after drinking his Warlow-infused blood, so shouldn’t Bill have been high as well? Same with Eric, who used Warlow’s blood to walk in the sun. This season has played fast and loose with consistency, but I’ll let it all go if it means we can be done with the bloody naked Liliths.



2. Welp, Eric sure got revenge against the doctor who killed Nora. And all were disturbed.




1.5. Bill finished the doctor off in a move straight out of “The Walking Dead.” But this wasn’t a zombie getting its head stomped in like a pumpkin; it was a human. The vampires didn’t deserve to be held in captivity and tortured, but did their captors deserve the same treatment in return? The back and forth of Terry’s funeral and its attendees talk of life with the undead gleefully taking lives painted an interesting contrast.


1. I’m not sure what this means. I doubt this was goodbye — a character as important as Eric would get a much bigger swan song, and Sookie would be a part of it. But has Nora’s death broken Eric to the point of wanting to get away from his current life and start over?




Best Lines

Bill: “We made a deal, Sookie.” Sookie: “I know we did, Bill. But Eric took our deal and f**ked it in the ass.”



Therapist: “I f**ked your progeny.”


Jason: “What’s that, Big J? Oh, yeah, I’ll tell her. He says to tell you you’re an average f**kin’ lay.” Sarah: “What will become of your soul?” Jason: “I don’t know. But at least I got one.”


Best Look and Moves

Lafayette, obviously.



Final Thoughts

I would watch an Eric-Jason buddy comedy all day, every day.




Sarah Carlson is a TV Critic for Pajiba. She lives in San Antonio. You can find her on Twitter.

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  • pfeiffer87

    Big JOHN!!

  • 2dorky4u

    Does anybody think that Jason letting Sarah go means that she will be back next season, probably with child?

  • Dominic

    lol good prediction . The destruction of " Camp" plus the vamps going crazy for revenge , should make the anti-vamp sentiment stronger some place else . Anna C could land there
    The next logical step in the narrative is all-out war in more states .. Maybe that 18-wheeler with the TrueBlood wasn't in Louisiana ...

  • Dominic

    The opening scenes certify the new power couple Sookie and Warlow , as caring of one another ...
    kinda an easy write for the crew here ; only two settings ...but they were both done well
    Nice landing by Bill after blasted out of the Cemefairy .... like he was surfboarding ....
    Those funeral scenes were so excellent WE started crying .
    " ... Ugly as sin but at least she ain't a red-headed bloodsuck-er ! " ..
    Anna P and Carrie played off each other brilliantly
    NOW we know why they introduced Big John ...
    This is the way to send off a core character whether people hate him or not.
    even more reason for actors to beg on this show - great death scenes ...
    revenge is sweet for the vaps hilarious that "shrinking the shrink " part ...
    " Help me remember .. have I healed you before ? "
    lotta oral fixation this show ....
    " ... had some myself last night . it's really fuckin' good ...."
    cut-off West Virginia sweatshirt hilarious ....
    All you haters got a LITTLE more sympathy for Terry now .. he WANTED to be dorky and in the background
    with Arlene , cause he needed her to save himself
    Spot-on facials . better than usual
    " How y'all doin' fellas ? "
    'Well , I's likes to put my whole body init ya know ...."
    " I love you ... Jason Stackhouuuuussse "
    So .. i bet Tara Buck( Ginger) has it on her resume that she screams well ...
    ' He was Mah ROCKK "
    How venal vamps are ... they get saved from the Sun , and just let their Savior LAY there ....
    If Bill didn't have a pull on Jess ..
    " Have we killed everyone that Needed to be Killed " ?
    Some respect for the Blach Church in this episode , but not for conservative Christianity overall ...
    Missed half of Big John's song cause of the Jason-Sarah scene DOH ! great having a big wide blue sky
    behind them while talking about God and Jesus ...
    So vamps are just big kids ? ...playing ring-around-the-rosie priceless ...
    Were they real Marines ? great pub for their Funeral ritual ...another dose of reality .
    Eric needs to heal ..

  • St

    Too many flashbacks of Terry. That funeral was going forever. And I FastForwarded most of it. But it just kept going. Why? Terry died. We felt sorry for 15 minutes because we knew about this death for a few days before. And were prepared for it. Why the hell did they throw that funeral for 2 episodes (if you count preparations)? Just to give other character something to do? And what will happen now with Arlene and sheriff and his girlfriend? Because Arlene story was always connected to Terry.

    And they throw that stupid Alcide in funeral too. Because why not.
    But the whole Saving Private Pam was good. Eric was fantastic. Still major plot hole. Eric came and saved everyone in one second. While Bill was just sitting home and waiting for something, when he could do the same. Also – how freaking much there was Warlow blood in Bill? That all those vampires could drink a little and then walk in sunlight for hours? I thought it would only last few minutes.

    And vampires in that room who are friends of Bill and that new one drank Bill’s blood. But then at the end I believe so many other new vampires just showed up in the sun. When did they drunk Bill? Plot hole.

    BEST PART of the episode? Hoyt’s mother telling Sookie that Hoys is doing well and even has girlfriend. I’m really happy that Hoyt escaped that crazy town where people die every day and lives happy somewhere out there.

  • Dominic

    :"Why the hell did they throw that funeral for 2 episodes (if you count
    preparations)? Just to give other character something to do? "

    Um YEAH !
    Also obv you've never been around funerals either , or you'd know how they take time .And family members have to agree on the Program , and what you say . Everything was spot on , frazzled nerves and all..
    Eric has been written in a stereotypically Masculine way - how he takes direct action , and risks to save his family . While Bill has acted stereotypically Feminine - asking for help talking instead of acting being indecisive .... Have you noticed how high-pitched Bill's voice has been during arguments ? and the slight difference in accent ? ( trying to channel some of Jessica Clark's tone )

    Remember I said STEREOTYPICALLY
    I think the 3 extra vamps at the end were the ones with the Shrink when Eric barged in , But yeah you're spot on the blood amounts maybe they'll all be stuck at Bill's until the sun goes down

  • e jerry powell

    Yes, but now we're going to get Eric/Jason slashfic dreams, which is about as good, speaking personally.

    But hey, I really liked the Bill/Sam slashfic dreams a few seasons back, too.

  • ironjohn

    Anna Paquin won me over again with her giddy-jumpy throw-back to the first seasons during her Terry-memory eulogy.

  • Dominic

    It was cute how Anna P Carrie and Nelsan all had to do something to look younger . Like Carrie with the wig and too much makeup , and yeah Anna P with the young girl act , an the push-up bra she always wore under the Merlotte's T=shirt .. Notice how they shot her mostly at an angle , cause her face has changed some since the early seasons.

  • ironjohn

    "That was the shit." summed up this episode.

  • Jim

    Terry may not get Best Moves but he get "E" for Effort in trying to WERK that fry basket. I did NOT cry at his funeral ... the fan blew dust in my face.

  • Ozioma

    Congratulations on setting loose the crazy Bible-thumping genocidal blonde, Jason! Because it's not like she's gonna, oh say, go after your sister or anything!

  • There'll Be Pancakes

    Ryan Kwanten needs way more props, he has been CRUSHING all his scenes this season

  • Helo

    They could/should just rename the show to "The Adventures of Jason Stackhouse" and I'd watch just as religiously. Kwanten nails the inherent dumbassery with reckless abandon.

  • bcarter3

    Worst episode ever.

    Up until last night, this has been an incredibly good season, but
    that godawful endless funeral sank like a stone. Making it all much
    worse was that the other part of the episode--The Revenge of the
    Vampires--was the high point of the season, and it was flat-out

    By the end, I was shouting at my tv set every time it cut from the action to another pointless flashback or inane speech.

    This could have been great, but it was padded out with half an hour of useless and irritating filler.

  • Dominic

    hmmm do you not realize , that this was on PURPOSE ? The funeral scenes were suppose to sink you , so that the Revenge WOULD be that much more jarring , and brilliant,

    you prob don't like the humans anyway , so why see that , which WAS the conclusion to the humans' part this Season ....
    Also you must not have lost someone close to you and somehow survived their funeral . Or you'd have been crying along with Arlene ..
    Just as an educational bit for you : when telling a story you don't ONLY concentrate on the action . Don't make your readers jaded by page 20 . or 20 mins into the episode in this case .
    You wouldn't have loved the Revenge as much , without the contrast and tease of the scene shifts . A novel which tells several stories at once often leaves you hanging for 2-4 chapters before returning to the "action " , .

  • dizzylucy

    I really liked it. While I think they've overplayed Terry's importance as a character (and I say that as someone who liked him a lot), his funeral was a nice moment of reflection for all the other characters, and wrangled a very sprawling show into just 2, well contrasting stories. And all the flashbacks were worth it just to see Lafayette's french fry moves.

    I will miss Steve Newlin's hilariousness, but he got what he deserved. I just wished his ex-wife would have fallen into the pit o'vampires when she opened the roof - I loved Anna Camp's return to the show, and that would have been quite the way for her to go.
    Bill is vastly more interesting when he's evil and/or a crazy vamp god, but he still pales in comparison to Eric.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Another Sunday, another episode where Alcide stands around looking pretty and contributing f*ck-all to the story.

  • Dominic

    now now his story is over anyway . And they needed a shoulder for Sookie to cry on ( and remind us of a 4th suitor for her - Anna P is the ultimate soap opera female lead ! ) Otherwise he's not even in episode 9 . What , did you want him to come in with orange-rimmed eyes or something ? You don't come to funeral looking vicious . Or unkempt . You come looking "clean" ( and just a l-i-it-tle sexy )......

  • Bert_McGurt

    No, I'd prefer they just get rid of the whole boring werewolf storyline if they aren't going to have some relevance to the main plot.

  • Dominic

    "the main line " IS supes co-existing with humans . Or IF they can ? . weres are Supes too , as well as fae , Vamps are the "public" face that's all
    What you just wanna see vamps killing people ?

    I actually think the weres WILL go away ( the only story is the Pack looking for revenge on Alcide ). but Alcide as a core character stays


  • $27019454

    Not even that pretty, lately.

  • Lauren_Lauren

    Nope. His hair at the funeral was whack.

  • abell

    My constant complaint about this show is are we supposed to sympathize with the vampires or not? Because, last season was all about vampires being terrible, then, the humans are the evil nazi allegory, but, wait, the vampires break free and are committing terrible atrocities as well. Why do I care if monsters are treated like dangerous monsters?

  • Sara

    The vampires aren't committing atrocities? In this episode they only killed the people who had been performing messed up experiments on them.

  • abell

    Torturing torturers is atrocity.

  • sara

    Well we'll have to disagree with that. Aside from a few examples, generally the vampires don't just randomly kill humans unless they have a reason to.

  • abell

    They don't kill unless they have a slight inkling to. Guy delivering true blood in hawaii last night. What did he do to deserve being killed? And that's just last night. Let's rephrase my point. The fact that vampires treat killing humans who anger them (justifiably or not) as acceptable in the first place proves that they have no interest in living within human society and suddenly, the camp seems a lot less terrible. If only it hadn't been a ham handed nazi allegory, it might have even been interesting.

  • sara

    Yeah, human society man, where no one gets killed out of anger....

  • abell

    What percent? How many humans are murderers? 1%? Less? Because, it looks like that's pretty damn close to 100% for vampires.

  • Dominic

    Right and if you were THINKING instead of emotionally reacting , you'd remember that WE eat cooked food . Vamps DRINK BLOOD , hot and raw .. Guess what happens if you drink too much of a human's blood ....They DIE .
    We kill every chicken and cow that we FEEL like killing , for our food .. So humans like you are murderers too correct ? ( unless you plead vegan . And you're still killing plants then) .... We don't respect our FOOD enough to not kill the animal for it . Just like vamps . Only a select few , special like Sookie say , make them respect the life inside that feedbag . Again why are you complaining NOW , when this brutality has been a hallmark since Season 1 ??

  • abell

    Because, the show spent this season expecting us to swallow this allegory where vampires are suddenly the oppressed minority again. They're being treated terribly, Jessica's new boyfriend says that they're people. But, the moment they're freed, they act exactly the way their supposedly racist, bigoted captors would have expected them to. I don't mind watching brutality, and I certainly enjoy a good bit of revenge, but, I can't stand the sanctimonious plot line of "look at these terrible humans, always fearing the things that are different, look how terrible we are," followed by them gleefully murdering everything." The story isn't downtrodden minority being abused, but, monsters being monsters to each other. I'll happily watch the latter, but, I don't appreciate trying to be told it's the former.

    Also, I tend to believe that eating a chicken and eating a human, or say, a dolphin, is not quite the same thing from a moral standpoint.

  • Dominic

    from YOUR morals not the morals of the show's vamps ." The story isn't downtrodden minority being abused, but, monsters being monsters to each other.; ah so you ARE paying attention ! yes one of the points of Camp was to show that the humans can be JUST as monstrous as our friendly neighborhood vamp ( lol )
    I really think ur interpretation is off , so thus ur conclusions ... WHO feels sorry for vamps ?? If anything watching this show makes you JEALOUS of them( how you'd like to run 200 miles faster than a CAR can go that distance ? ) And if we feel sorry at ALL , it's not for the vamp themselves , but for how CLUELESS they are about themselves About how they are more human than they'd like to admit , and nowhere NEAR the top of the food chain . Vamps are delusional , which partly explains their childlike behavior . But I haven't felt SORRY for any of them . .

  • AngelenoEwok

    Yep. Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, The Wire, Deadwood... no human on human homicide there, nope nope nope...

  • abell

    And all of those characters are criminals, and we don't feel morally outraged if they're put in prison. We may not want them to get caught, because that would ruin our fun, but, we agree that they should be.

  • AngelenoEwok

    Also, I happen to buy into the whole hippie dippie "all prisoners are political prisoners" line, so it didn't seem to be a huge leap for me, but are you saying that you see no distinction between 1) a human murderer getting a trial w/ a jury and a defense, and then going to prison and 2)a group of people being systematically rounded up and sent to a prison camp where super shady stuff goes down?

  • abell

    No, I do see a distinction, but, the latter still doesn't justify gruesome massacre.

  • Dominic

    LOL u glibly walked into Hypocricy Central ....
    Really , Why are you watching this show ? Cause if u were repulsed at that scene , this show is not for you .ANd u missed the point . If your sister was murdered , you'd WANT revenge . I guess most wouldn't go thru with it yourself , but you WOULD want .it . Well as we saw painted so clearly this episode . vamps are child-like , in many ways , with no inhibitions . And what if some kid had super-human strength , and was pissed with you , THAT much . ? " oh u think ur a big man ? well i'll change that ..." ... so any less of a response would not have been true to Eric's character . You also forget Eric lived a thousand years ago , when people WERE barbaric enough to do that . Did you complain about the scene in Spartacus with the guy hung up and bleeding , and half his penis on the ground in front of him ? That's what you do with people who havetheBALLS to hurt ur family .

  • Guest

    Eh, or both do.

  • sara

    It must be fun living in black and white like you do.

  • abell

    I am rather legalistic in my views, though, I'm not sure I would say that makes my life fun. Frequently my views are that I completely understand and empathize with why a character made a decision, and couldn't say I wouldn't make the same, but, it was still illegal and should be treated as such. It can be a bit harsh. But, I'm rather surprised that there's a moral grey as pertains to ripping off a man's dick and letting him bleed out. Or, in the case of Walter White, poisoning a child. Etc.

  • GDI

    This show doesn't warrant this serious of a discussion.
    Some of the vamps and supes are more vicious and brutal than others, same could said about people.

    There was no moral gray about poisoning a child in BB. If you didn't realize what a terrible person Walter was at that point, you where never going to realize it.

    Mountain out of a mole hill. Seriously.

  • sara

    Ripping off the dick of the man who poisoned and basically murdered your hundreds-years-old sister seems pretty morally justifiable to me.

  • abell

    I just want to clarify, are you also in favor of capital punishment?

  • AngelenoEwok

    Speak for yourself.

  • $27019454

    Yes, Eric has had some seriously high points, but I feel like Bill has been the shit this season. Ripping the head off the governor? Casually daywalking?? Saving everyone he loves (vampire)? Telling Sookie he could give a rat's ass about her? He's the shit.

    For his last trick, I want him to get RID of Warlow, because that guy has douchbag frat boy written all over him. Me no trusty.

    Bonus for this episode was Lettie Mae!

  • There'll Be Pancakes

    I'm digging Warlow, but we totally need to see this dark side he keeps banging on about - Angel didn't set the vampire-struggling-with-two-sides-of-himself mould for nothing, goddamn it. When is HE going to nail a puppy to the wall?

  • Meg

    I actually kind of agree with you about Bill. I still think Eric ranks higher on the scale of one to awesome, but Bill gets bonus points for most improved. Seriously I feel like even his accent and hair/makeup are getting a bit better. And his new DGAF attitude was a breath of fucking fresh air.

    And yes, Warlow needs to GTFO already. I too seriously can't with his whole BUT I WUUUVVVED UUUU FOR MILLENIAAAAA (so please let me kill you so I can keep you with me FOREVER.) Talk about some Nice Guy™ bullshittery.

  • Dominic

    DGAF ?
    You can say that Seasons 3 and 5 pushed Bill harder , and 4 and now 6 push Eric .. Nobody dominates Season after Season . Even Anna P was in a minor story , in Season 5 ...
    Warlo does go : I think this episode coming Sookie finds out about Niall , and nixes the whole deal . Then the cliffhanger is in some kinda fight between Bill and Warlo

  • Meg

    Don't Give A Fuck

    He's dropped the last of his brooding faux-Angel angst ( actually he was probably more of a poor man's Salvatore brother but who's keeping track), has embraced being a vampire and couldn't give a fuck about Sookie. PRAISE BE TO LILLITH.

  • hickoryduck

    Bill has been lame. He was dawdling around for like 5 episodes until Eric was just like "fuck this I'm gonna get shit done" then Bill following him around exclaiming alternating ERIC!s or NORTHMAN!s

    I agree about Warlow though.

  • $27019454

    I just can't with the "I've loved you for 6,000 years" thing. Guh. Just...hit the bricks, man. I think we'll have to agree to disagree about Bill, but SO glad there's another anti-Warlow fan out there.

  • Bert_McGurt

    I'm with you. It's probably partially the writing, but I'm finding Stephen Moyer increasingly wooden and hammy (and not in a good way).

  • $27019454

    Yeah -- kinda wooden and hammy. But nowhere near Alcide-level wooden. That guy is a like a cigar-store Indian.

  • John W

    I keep wanting Eric to say: "Up, up and away!" before he flies off.

  • Meg

    I've been seeing a lot of places around the internet that people just did not give a shit about the Terry side of this episode, which makes me kind of sad because while his character wasn't given the best storylines (don't even talk to me about last season) he was consistently one of the most loving wonderful characters this show had.

    Like even in the hokey flashbacks, him letting the catfish go, and befriending Lafayette, THAT'S SO TERRY, that's the Terry who nurtured a baby armadillo back to health and made the perfect awkward match for Arlene. Him dying, even if part of me was glad because this show needs to seriously cut down it's cast, still gave me the sads, and I thought the funeral was surprisingly well done. And while the constant cuts between that and Vamp Camp were often jarring and kind of weird, somehow it still kind of worked.

    But seriously, VAMP CAMP. OMG. Flawless. I still have no idea what they're trying to do with all the religious imagery. Bill "dying" to save vampire kind, sacrificing himself so they can be saved, then being "resurrected", he even had a goddamn Pieta moment after all the vamps had drank his blood and frolicked out of the sunroom. But then again empty allegory is pretty par for the course with True Blood so why am I even complaining.

  • hickoryduck

    I agree, it made me sad that some people weren't into the funeral. Cause even if you didn't give a shit about Terry, it was still all the nice crazy racist people of little Bon Temps coming together and reminiscing.

  • Bert_McGurt

    The Terry flashbacks were PRICELESS. Popping up randomly out of the bush in a weird camo outfit with that goofy look on his face, crying over spilled beer - he was pretty great this episode. And then of course you've got his racist grandma (who, it should be noted, also played the racist lady that chokes and dies at the Bluth's dinner party in season three of Arrested Development).

  • rio

    Alan Ball is the anti-George Martin. And I know that he's not the show runner this year but he freaking set the tone. For the love of god it's a show about vampires, we are going to be fine if you kill some people!!! RELEVANT PEOPLE!
    Damn you Ball, grow some balls!

  • hickoryduck

    It's a double edged sword. The source books contain all those weird creatures (and be fucking happy they've never introduced Quinn the were-TIGER). But then people complain when it DOESN'T follow the books.

  • buell

    I hated freakin' Quinn and his "babe" spouting crap.

  • michaelceratops

    I haven't watched the last 5 or 6 episodes and it has gone more crazy town that I would have ever imagined. Like, for real real.

  • kushiro -

    I think he called her an "average f**kin lay", which is a different thing altogether.

  • Sarah Carlson

    You are correct! Post amended, thanks.

  • emmalita

    That's the thing about Jason, he would be great as half of almost any buddy duo.

  • Bert_McGurt

    You are EXACTLY right. Jason and Andy, Jason and Niall, Jason and Eric, hell, Jason and Lafayette...wait, THERE'S the spinoff they've been looking for!

  • LadyBuggy

    I think the vampires got high drinking from Bill because he also has Lilith's blood. Remember how everyone acted in Season 5 after they drank a few drops of her blood?

  • Aaron

    The ones that were acting super high were also the young vampires, the older ones seemed a bit more sedate.

  • foolsage

    Right. Young vampires get silly when they drink blood, and the older ones are better able to hold their buzz back. The same seems to be true with faery blood; Jess got so high that she literally murdered three young girls, while Eric and Bill didn't seem to change at all.

  • There'll Be Pancakes

    Eric got high as a kite after draining Claudine - I'm going to go with the Bill-as-a-god angle

  • foolsage

    Hmm, I forgot that. Why wasn't Eric high after draining Warlow then? I didn't see any signs of intoxication there.

  • There'll Be Pancakes

    Not sure - maybe this is one of those things that we're supposed to graciously overlook?

    Like how we're all supposed to pretend the earliest incarnation we saw of Warlow wasn't him entering the car as if he had no idea who the inhabitants were since he was so enthralled to be surprised by blood on a bandaid - he would have been able to smell her in the trunk. And why did he go to the trouble of selecting a lovely leather raincoat and fisherman's hat and waiting for them in the middle of a random bridge if he was in such a hurry to protect her? But I will overlook this because of Rob Kazinsky's dimples, and I think I have a lot of support for that.

    This is why I'm going for the Bill as a god caused the high - maybe Warlow's blood has no actual effect being as it is part-vampire.

    Jesus Christ, I don't know. Good old True Blood. Thanks for being amazing again and making me actually care and debate what's happening.

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