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Crazy Ranking "True Blood": 'Mother, I Can Fly' Edition

By Sarah Carlson | TV Reviews | August 5, 2013 | Comments ()


For “True Blood’s” Sixth Season, each week we’ll review and rank the various raisin-cake plot developments of this bloody, campy drama. This post could get a bit NSFW, so be warned. Comments also won’t be strictly policed because the series is so far off the source novels, spoilers are practically a moot point.

Episode Eight, “Dead Meat,” was certainly an hour that called for shots.


With only two episodes left this season, it’s all about to hit the fan as all forces will convene on Vamp Camp. The season has seen a fair share of action, but it is interesting that in a world of supernatural drama, almost all of the crazy lately has revolved around relationships. Only a couple of days have passed in this season’s timeline, but that apparently is enough time for Alcide to have completed his practice run at being packmaster (verdict: No dice), Sam and Nicole to fall in love, Jessica and James to at least really like each other, Sookie to think that being a vampire fairy princess might not be a bad idea and for Sarah to practicaly take over governing Louisiana. The former Mrs. Steve Newlin takes the ultimate insanity award for the night, and with two episodes left, plenty more people are sure to meet their demise. My bets: Sarah dies, Sookie doesn’t get turned and BIll somehow loses his powers.

On to the episode:

5. I told you Eric would lose it now that Nora is gone. He hasn’t lost his mind, have you — although his taunting of Bill was pretty great — but his patience. He cleverly tracked Warlow to Fairyland, gaining access by drinking the blood of A.B.C.D. Now that both he and Bill can walk in the sunlight,




4.5. Does this mean we can get rid of Rikki? Please?


4. That’s one way to propose to a lady. But what about Sookie’s first encounter with Warlow, when he was a scary spirit popping up in her bathroom and threatening her? That hardly spelled true love.




3. Well, that escalated quickly. Nicole’s mom is right to be wary, not only because of the age difference but because relationships borne out of life-or-death situations aren’t exactly guaranteed to last. They talked about this in Speed. Pay attention. Anyways, Nicole doesn’t yet know she’s pregnant, so that didn’t factor into her declaration, but is she really ready to hitch her wagon to an older shifter who owns a bar and grill in Bon Temps? He is a silver fox, but …


(Image credit goes to Lily Sparks, of TV.com.)

2. SOOKIE STAHP. She hasn’t bugged Sam in a while — not to mention she haven’t shown up to work, either — and she chooses now to drop the “I always thought we’d end up together” bit? Just because you’re contemplating becoming immortal doesn’t mean you should reach out to the last semi-human (aside from Jason) who may want you to have a heartbeat, sweetie. Her cemetery monologue about her parents was moving (Paquin did a great job), and wanting to give in to her “specialness” and be with someone proclaiming to love her for it is understandable. But she shouldn’t drag anyone else down with her in her “destiny is a b*tch” journey.


1. Our lead has nothing on Sarah, however, in terms of desperation. She has resorted to human on human violence now to protect the secret of the Hep V-laced Tru Blood bottles making their way to shelves. Her epic fight with Ms. Suzuki (Tamlyn Naomi Tomita) ended quite disturbingly, sealing Sarah’s fate as being no better (and in many ways worse) than the so-called monsters she is helping imprison.





Best Lines:

Sarah: “It is scientifically impossible for you to be this f**king slow!”







Best Everything





Last image/line:


Sarah Carlson is a TV Critic for Pajiba. She lives in San Antonio. You can find her on Twitter.

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  • Dominic

    Humans dominated this episode . the " Humans can kill too " theme
    "I am Your Packmaster ! " the endearingly laughable line from this season
    Riki loses see the writers ARE listening .....God Alcide slammaing her into a tree looked like it really hurt ...til u watch it on slo-mo
    She tried the same bull rush that got her on top in their "training" session last season , but Alcide remembered ...
    Will Sookie learn about Niall before or after she is turned ...Did Anna get skinny cause she's gotta look
    like K-Stew's " after-turn " image ?? - gold eyes I hope not red ...
    " How was it ?. Oozy , but productive ..."
    Just Sam's luck - when he has a chance to be Sookie's last chance for semi-normalcy ( with him ? ) , he got Nicole
    pregnant . Least he can bond with Alcide over sense of smell ....
    " ...it smelled like me to me ... '
    Amelie looks the hottest in these ugly " Debs Behind Bars " unis ....
    Jason has great scenes with all the women . Violet could be a stick -and-stay character , feuding with the Northman Clan ...
    " whah was thah all about ?! " Chris was great this episode ..
    " how about that ya MotherFucking Monster " Sookie's been cursing a lot lately .. Anna seeping in some of her.own
    supposedly prickly personality ?
    " It is scientifically impossible for you to be this FUCKIN' slow ! "
    " Take your ime Silverfox " LOL the mother likes him too ...
    Like how they used Sookie's clothes the to reinforce the mood . from a pig-tailed punky college freshman which she thought
    Sam and Bill saw her as ( also for the teenage? rebellion at the gravesite) Then to the spike heels , cocktail dress , and hair-in-a-severe-bun ,
    of her new adult role as Queen of the Fae AND the Vampires . potentially ....
    Loved the "knee to the flaps " while Sarah is talking about fighting male bonding .
    she tried to snap Suzuki's neck .. not as easy as it looks funny ....Behind the Episode said it was planned like that .
    Watch the repeat OnDemand , they often explain well why they wrote things certain ways
    They call Sookie's hideout " the CemeFairy "
    Those snakeskin heels had some meaning ? anyone know ?
    " Sah ket nahhh !! " :o) say that at a bar sometime ...
    Tamilyn Tomita bites the grate . Abd Valarie Pettiford !! It's like I've said veteran actors are begging their agents
    to get them on this show
    love this telling-the-story-by-voicemail they use ....
    " AHH-de-lain"
    " Hey I got a 1 on my left tit just like you ! "
    " Destiny is too much of a bitch to keep fighting "

  • St

    – I’m tired with Warlow situation. He had some good scenes but that’s about it. No one needs him. No one really cares about him. The whole: “I’ve been waiting for you for thousands of years…” just looks ridiculous and silly. And after this episode it’s obvious that he thinks that Sookie belongs to him and will want to take her no matter what. Just kill him already. No one will even remember he existed.

    – I adore selfish Bill. It’s just so fun every time when Sookie is all like: “I know you still love me Bill and will crawl back to me and do what I ask” and Bill is all like: “Please, don’t be ridiculous. I’m so over you”.

    – Just kill of that poor Sam. He has no reason to be on this show. Producers don’t know what to do with him every season. So they create some stupid plots for him, like his brother, wolfs, that kid and her mom… And he never connects to other main characters like Sookie, Bill, Eric or Jason. Sam just exists in his own universe. And for the last 3 years I just use FastForward button every time when Sam is on screen with his own little problems. It’s so boring and I don’t care about it. And it’s not like I will miss anything, Because Sam’s storylines are not connected with other characters. Just send him somewhere away like they did with Hoyt. Give him happy ending.

    – And if they won’t kill off that Alcide guy and will bring him in next season then I will stop watch. Why on earth that actor is still on this show? Why? why? why? Nobody cared about those wolves 2 years ago. And no one cares now. And yet that Joe Manganiello is still on this show.

    – Do something with Lafayette. Make him vampire or something. Because Lafayette is such awesome character and yet for 2 last seasons he just hangs in the background. Like producers don’t know what to do with him.
    – Also Anna Paquin is too thin. She worked too hard on her shape. Now she is just scary thin and looks kind of much older.

    – “My bets: Sarah dies, Sookie doesn’t get turned and Bill somehow looses his powers”… I hate when things are so predictable. They did turn Tara when no one expected it however. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they would turn Sookie? I really hate if it will end like you wrote. Also I really hope that they won’t kill off Bill for no reason. Just because they can.

    – Sarah Newlin was amazing. The “I’m getting there” line was the best. It’s fun when villain acknowledges that she is crazy.

    – And major plot hole that I just can’t with. So Bill is superstrong, invincible, no one can kill him…. And yet he just sits there and does nothing for DAYS instead of come to that camp, kill every human and save Jessica….

    P.S. Sorry for bad english. Not my first language.

  • dominic

    what u want a 5-episode season ??
    drama has to be fleshed out .
    It's only a day since the Governor was decapitated . Even tho he can ignore their bullets , it's not smart for Bill to crash the Camp alone .
    Remember he can't be God if he can't walk in daylight . So the focus was on recreating trueblood 1st then Warlo's blood 2nd NOW he realizes Jessica's missing . Smartly tho he's still wary , knows he needs help . More REAListic( again this season's theme ) than playing Superman . .Besides that , why would you cut out all those great scenes with Pam and fatboy therapist ? Willa's ? or Jessica's ?? scenes ?
    Won't the irony be that fairy-blooded Eric is the Superman hero( antihero ) instead of " God " ?

  • Dominic

    The impact of precious Anna Camp is lessened if Bill crushes the Camp 4 episodes ago ...

  • GDI

    The possibility for the LAVTF to kill Jessica and everyone else is pretty high if he just storms in. The one constant about Bill is his tact (or manipulative nature, given that's where it stems from).

    Yeah, Alcide and Sam have passed their expiration date. Their purpose seems to be to pad the show for time. The other plots would be through in 3/4s the time if they got rid of them.

  • Dominic

    thanks gdi in REALITY , which is the theme of this season no one would Storm a prison like that . Or did you not realize the reason Eric let himself be captured ? ( Scouting) yes Bill the character does not jump until he know where he's going to land .
    You're both to harsh with Joe and Sam . Blame the writers if you don't like their story ; blame Casting if you don't like THEM . Sam stays because he IS a major character . Yes he only gets one good scene with THE STAR a season ; he's SUPPOSED to be the One That Never Gets Any . But his stories are compelling and entertaining . And he runs Merlotte's so he stays

    Joe tho just might be at the crossroads now , He needs a better story than " The Pack seeks revenge " or the writers will respond to the angry posts by dumping him It'll be their fault cause they didn't give him meaty enough stuff to stay in fan's good graces . Happens in every other soap opera or pro Wrestling fed .....

  • GDI

    I think the inclusion of both characters happen to be more of an afterthought in the writing room. They just can't be added to the main story organically. I just don't see what angle that this problem can be approached at. Season 2 really fleshed out his character, but then he just kinda, floundered out. Alcide was better in the background of season 3.
    Maybe they'd be better off as recurring characters rather than main cast.

  • Dominic

    :o) yeah they're actually not in the main story . their own arcs converging here and there ..
    If u mean Sam's character got fleshed out in Season 2 you forget that no one really knew why Sam is even in Bon Temps until you see the flashback of Sam's grifter days , and how he had to run after killing his partner-in-crime GF .( season 4) Also the horrid parents . They introduce something new about him every season . And give him the ONE good scene with Anna P ..

    Well , re-occurring is easy for Sam cause of Merlotte's , not Joe . They can have at least two stories that only tangentially touch the vamps

  • dizzylucy

    I'm trying to decide what I liked more - Sookie and Eric both ripping Bill a new one, or Sarah Newlin going truly batshit. I LOVE that they brought her back like this.

    Good Lord, Sam. You fall in love rather quickly, huh? I hope ghost Luna shows up and via Lafayette smacks him upside the head.
    But at least it seems like the wolf pack might finally be gone, even if it means we're still stuck with stupid Alcide.

    Loved all the lady vamps hanging together in prison. I could have done with more of that, and less funeral planning.

  • foolsage

    Ergh. Alcide's face/heel turn was awkward enough. Now his heel/face turn happened far too suddenly to be plausible. I am sincerely disappointed in what's happened to that character this season.

  • The kidnapping of Emma by the pack felt like a story cul-de-sac. They get her back and boom it's like that whole story arc never (needed to) happened. Same thing with Alcide's trip to pack-land. He never wanted to be in the pack, gets drug in, does V, eats the pack leader, realizes that yes indeed the pack totally sucks, and he's back out. To what point?

    Really I'm just bitter because Alcide is so hot that I get annoyed when they write him so stupid that I can no longer enjoy his hotness. Damnit.

  • Dominic

    I see you giuys' points on the character . However , sometimes in order to advance in your journey correctly , you have to "come" back to your beginning . You can look at his "pack " life as a downward turn , so he's coming back up .

    That's more realistic and more ENTERTAINING than him always staying the same . People forget that he was at a crossroads of sorts , which made him seek out dear old Dad in the 1st place . I guess this arc is a gang metaphor , with the lesson being what RPat told him : " you don't have to go back "

  • foolsage

    I absolutely agree. Alcide's arc has brought him full circle back to where he started, without making the journey at all convincing, much less in any sense necessary. We didn't see Alcide wrestling with his conscience. We didn't see him try to reconcile his personal ethics with the needs of the pack. We didn't see anything to explain why Alcide betrayed the pack, for that matter; certainly Alcide wasn't good buddies with Sam as of a few episodes ago, nor did Alcide much care about the murder of innocent humans by his pack.

    This felt like the writers had a through-line for the character but neither time nor original ideas for how to manifest the character arc. Instead of believable change, we got a face/heel turn, then a heel/face turn, with all the subtlety of pro wrestling.

  • GDI

    Hey, you take that back. The WWF had its moments.

  • foolsage

    It did! But fans of pro wrestling don't watch for the subtle and completely plausible narratives; they want campy drama. That's not what I seek here.

    Look at Eric for a great example of how to have a character that wavers between antihero and villain, but remains interesting and plausible. Well, as plausible as a milennium-old Swedish vampire can be, anyhow. That's the basic template for how Alcide could (and probably should) have been handled. Eric's changes of personality have made sense within the context of his fictional history. Alcide doesn't seem to have any personality of his own anymore, and merely wears temporary personalities the way other characters wear clothes.

  • Dominic

    um no the STUPID wrestling fan only wants the camp . There are plenty of us that DON'T watch the WWF precisely for what u say . And we are still Pro Wrestling fans . Cause WHEN it's done right it's just as good as any other "fake - I mean Scripted " entertainment . Including TB; The Rock is as entertaining as ANYTHING on TV , for example

    And it's all a form of soap opera ...

  • $27019454

    All the awesome from last episode is kinda wiped away for me by this one. I am not a big Bill versus Eric person, but it bugs me how Bill always gets the short end of the stick. Eric's fine, but it just seems like no matter what pricky things he does, he's teflon. I have a sister like that. So, yeah. In any case. Speaking of Teflon: My big sticking point is Ben/Warlow. I do not buy it at all. He's done a load of shit and still everyone is fawning over him. Sookie cannot be this stupid. No way. OK. Maybe she can. But I bet Bill or Sam somehow, maybe not even intentionally, prevent the whole "turning' thing from going down. I really like Andy for some reason.

    But the other Bellefleur women are OUT. I have a mother like that.

    Steve Newlin deserves mercy-killing.

  • IngridToday

    I hope they have the flashback to Warlow being told about Sookie "one day after meeting hundreds of human/fairy hybrids, you will meet one that who is ordinary in every possible way... like unbelievably unremarkable... she will consistently prove to have the decision making/relationship skills of a child and if she were on any other TV she would the dumb blonde who gets killed within the first five minutes of the pilot... you will 'marry' her, turn her, and drag her through the centuries in the vain hope she will finally learn something about her mistakes... you will fail."
    I don't trust Warlow, but, considering it took Bill physically attacking Sookie and putting her in the hospital for her to end the relationship, Warlow threatening her in the bathroom is fairly mild. Jesus, all it takes is an attractive, controlling asshole telling Sookie she's a special precious little snow flake, her pants are off and she's willing to follow them anywhere. It's really sad/pathetic.

    *Steve has a creepy cry face
    *Why is there no mention of the armadillo figure? Does Felix not matter?

  • There'll Be Pancakes

    I dunno guys, whatever True Blood is smoking this season, it's working for me - I haven't been this invested since Season 2.

    Maybe it's because in a world where there are fairies, fairy vampires, maenards, shifters, werewolves, FUCKING WEREPANTHERS, and fire demons, this storyline holds an element of truth, as something that could really happen - people really *would* be imprisoned and studied and there *are* nutcases out there who commit despicable acts thinking they are doing the Lord's work.

    It certainly doesn't hurt that Bill is finally embracing his prick side and Ben struts around with those dimples and that body (thank you, writers, for completely abandoning the original Warlow interpretation - I'll gratefully and eagerly whitewash his original introductions)

  • Judge_Snyder

    The show has embraced the tongue in cheek crazy this season, and is all the better for it.

  • Dominic

    you have it exactly right . 'Cakes . Introducing a heavy dose of reality into our favorite unreal show is the overall theme of the whole season . This is what happens when a segment of your population revolts ,and the state leaders have to respond. Also tho the writers have always said that each season has a theme currently applicable to the world we live in

  • Christian

    I just want Billith to go Darth Vader on everyone ...end of season

  • So, if the grates aren't silver coated, why haven't the vampires punched them out with their great vampire strength and made a run for it through the facility?

    That niggle aside, I have enjoyed this season more than the past several, even with the obvious plot holes. Angry Eric is going to be so much fun to watch next episode.

  • foolsage

    Eric demonstrated that he can smash right through the security glass, for that matter. That same security glass is used EVERYWHERE IN THE COMPOUND.


  • John W

    Add that THANK YOU JESUS scene to the all caps list.

  • sean

    I just felt like the last few episodes were dragging. Badly. The last three shows could have been 1 show. The whole vampire prison makes no sense. SuperBill could just walk in and kill every human, and free the vampires. In less than a minute. Bring fairy blooded Eric along, and that drops to seconds. Why drag this shit on all season?

  • Dominic

    1st Fairy-blooded Eric can't happen if he doesn't smell Adelaine or have a reason to look for a fairy besides Sookie . Like Nora dying ...
    Why Camp ? jeez let's go down the list :
    Primarily , to tell the HUMAN story of what depraved efforts they will go to in order to counter this menace .
    To advance Willa as a vamp
    To bring SARAH back everybody say YEAH !

    To show the Governor's ruthlessness
    To send Jessica further down this path of religious confusion , and maybe to clarity

    To give Pam back her 'Sass"
    As a place to CONCLUDE this 3-season( 4 ? ) story arc
    A place and excuse/method to kill off the Nora character
    As a plot device to show how corruption ruins ideals ( Camp's outta control ...)
    To introduce Violet into the mix ...
    So they can have this campy Debs Behind Bars schtick
    As a place some Governor MUST have if he's declaring war on vampires in his state

    and YES they are dragging it out because OTHERWISE they'd have no story . Actually the pacing has been one of the good things about this season( see our comments on sam the wolves and the humans , how sparse their scenes have been .) Bill can't go until he can walk in daylight ; Nora had to die to give Eric MORE reason to shut it down , And Sookie's story had to mature and converge at JUST the right time . I can see why YOU think it's slow , but ur wrong

  • GDI

    The risk of suffering mass casualties attempting a stunt like that may not be worth it. Plus, Sam, Alcide, and the wolf pack need screen time to bloat the whole season and justify having 10 episodes.

  • Dominic

    Actually , if u remember the preview of next week , Super Eric is going to kill all the guards Overlark , and maybe Sarah ( must be the cliffhanger ending ) But it should be a calculated effort ; had they gone in without the VALUABLE info Eric got ., things might have ended badly . think of this time in camp , as a reconnaissance mission , technically

  • hickoryduck

    Super Bill can maybe handle a few guards in the garden, but who knows if he can deal with an entire prison of them.

  • Kate at June

    I have not watched this show since early Season 3.

    Clicking on this thread may have been the most entertaining thing I've done all week. Thank you.

  • That would mean a lot more if it were Friday instead of Monday.

  • While I've enjoyed this season more over all than I have in a long time, there have been some definite weak links. The one-liners thrown out by Lafayette, Pam and occasionally Eric and Sarah Newlin have more than made up for them, though. And, that pretty much sums up how I felt about this ep. Definite weak spots, with moments of awesome sauce.

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