"Bravermans Like to Hug": The Heart Squishiest Moment From Last Night's Parenthood

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'Bravermans Like to Hug': The Heart-Squishiest Moment From Last Night's 'Parenthood'

By Joanna Robinson | TV Reviews | October 4, 2013 | Comments ()

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First of all, truer words were never spoken, Max, m’boy. You might be the most annoying Braverman, but no one denies the truth of this statement.

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Heart-squishing runner-up this week was the oft-time champ, the Niki Lauda of tear-jerking: Adam Braverman. All hail the complex play of emotions on Peter Krause’s face as Adam looked on with pride and reluctance and fear at his wife as she announced her candidacy for mayor.

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Of course, he didn’t act alone. Krause got a major assist in the soundtrack department from The National. That’s the second time “I Need My Girl” was used in a network show this week.

But the heart-squishing heavyweight this week was, undeniably, Lauren Graham. When Sarah tearfully told Amber about how her wedding was not what she wanted and how she wanted to give her daughter something better…well…you look me in the eye and tell me you didn’t cry into your appletini.

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  • Jaxx

    Has the show jumped the shark? Is there simply TOO MUCH going on right now? Or is it just that I have been away and forgot how much goes on in this show. I still like it, because it's not ridiculous all the time like most shows, but I fear it is jumping the shark, or more appropriately "Melrosing", a term I made up about when every character on the show sleeps with everyone else, or at the very least has an affair. Especially when it is not in character.
    We can all see Crosby messing up his relationship like he did (or almost did) in the past, and Adam's mistake was played fairly well I guess. Sarah is complete idiot with men, so we could accept her cheating mistakes. But to me Julia is a rock, and should not go down that road. (I don't watch the "coming up next week" segments, but it appears as if she is developing a "bond" with the recycling unemployed dad).

    Sorry for the ramble, that's the most I ever typed about a show.

  • Chiggy

    I really need to go buy "The National's" album. Thanks for reminding me.

  • Guest

    The one-two punch of Sarah and Adam had me crying for sure. Happens every damn time.

    I'm sooooo glad they're giving the grandparents something to do on the show. I think they could be really interesting to watch, but so far they've haven't participated that much. Apart from Camille needing to find herself and Zeek at the VA place, which were both kind of lame.

  • Amy Love

    Good God, this show is just, UGH! *sobs*

  • PerpetualIntern

    I accidently downvoted you for a nanosecond and freaked out because you pretty much described exactly how I feel about this show.

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