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Best Moments From 'You're The Worst': 'Spooky Sunday Funday'

By Emily Chambers | TV | October 29, 2015 |

By Emily Chambers | TV | October 29, 2015 |

Guys, I made a huge mistake. In yesterday’s post about how much I’m loving female led TV right now, I neglected to include You’re the Worst.
You're the worst upset.gif
I know.

But in a small attempt to make it up to you, let’s talk all about last night’s glorious episode. Spoilers, clearly.

1.) Heathstead from Buckle Your Shoes
You're the worst Heathstead.png
While I have it on good authority that the British don’t actually care about Halloween, I’m also unfamiliar enough with British TV that I had to double check that Buckle Your Shoes, about an assistant deacon who sleeps with the constable’s daughter and is forced to hideout as a ladies’ shoe salesman, isn’t a real show. Also I might have had to look up several of those words. The Brits are weird.

2.) Sex Goddess Lindsay 69
Sex Goddess Lindsay 69.png
Why do I always forget I don’t have to give Siri my real name?

3.) The Situation from the Jersey Shore.
Edgar as The Situation.png
Only because I was sure he was A.J McClean circa 1998.
AJ McClean.jpg

4.) Literally everything from the haunted house.
Screenshot 2015-10-29 07.02.26.png
The whole thing was amazing. But specifically: AJ McClean The Situation boning Steven Spielberg,
Screenshot 2015-10-29 07.03.22.png
Buffalo Bill helping Lindsay finally overcome her helplessness,
Screenshot 2015-10-29 07.02.47.png
and Veron’s joy at the “real live Babadook.”
Screenshot 2015-10-29 07.11.10.png

5.) This.
Screenshot 2015-10-29 07.12.34.png
You can do it, Lindsay. Really. You can become a better, less quitty person. Just don’t become too much of a better person. We like you the way you are.

Emily Chambers is a Staff Contributor for Pajiba. You can follow her retweeting other people on Twitter.

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