Are We Getting That 'Watchmen' Show From HBO? Why?

By Seth Freilich | TV | November 20, 2017 | Comments ()

By Seth Freilich | TV | November 20, 2017 |


During this weekend’s Vulture Festival LA, Damon Lindelof talked about his current project, a TV version of Watchmen for HBO. Why is he doing this? In part because he loves comics. His dad was “a huge comic book junkie” who used to take Damon and his mom to tons of conventions and “so I have this huge love for comics.”

And in the mid-80s, he gave me the first issue of Watchmen and said “this is too mature for you, probably inappropriate for you, but I think you can handle it.” And it just crackled with electricity and dealt with the phycological realism of the superhero genre that I had fallen in love with….

Watchmen was this … It was dangerous. …This is dangerous times and we need dangerous shows. What we think about superheroes is wrong. I love the Marvel movies and we saw Justice League this morning and I’m all for Wonder Woman and Batman. I grew up with these characters and I love these characters but we should not trust people who put on masks and say that they are looking out for us. if you hide your face you are up to no good.

As for what they’re trying to do with the show, Lindelof noted: “Alan Moore is the greatest writer in the history of comics, maybe one of the greatest writers of all time, and while he certainly doesn’t want us to be doing it, we’re trying to find a way of doing this that honors him.”

And from Lindelof’s perspective, it sounds like the show is not a given yet, as he noted that “it’s more timely now in 2018, 2019, whenever the show actually airs, if it airs.”

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