A Screengrab of Literally the Only Moment on Last Night's "Chuck" Worth Watching

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | January 18, 2011 | Comments ()


Last night's "Chuck" was one of the most tedious, frustrating, pointless episodes of the series' run. It was an exhausting 58-minute set up for yet another plot turn that will likely be completely ironed out by the middle of the next episode. Worst still, all the teasers leading up to this "Chuck," which featured Sarah with a new hairstyle and new attire, weren't even in this episode. They're apparently in the next episode. It's sad enough that the only thing one has to look forward to in an episode is a character's new hairstyle. It's sadder still when they can't even deliver on that.

And so, I give you: The only moment in last night's episode of "Chuck" worth revisiting. And even that's a stretch.


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