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January 14, 2008 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | January 14, 2008 |

As I think I’ve made clear in these here pages, Jon Stewart’s the tits in my book. He’d have to murder small children with the jawbones of Michael Vick’s dead dogs to lose even a small bit of my good will toward him. So regardless of the raging debate ‘round town about whether or not he’s a scab (answer: depends on which document you’re looking at) I was thrilled to have him on my TV again. But after his first night back I couldn’t help feeling … Uhm, what shall I call it? Disappointed? God, that’s so harsh. But yeah, that about sums it up. Color me underwhelmed.

First off, even I, who am deeply affected by the strike, was all kinds of bored with his endless string of not-that-funny AMPTP vs. WGA jokes (OK, equating the AMPTP to NAMBLA did make me chuckle) so I can’t imagine how non-Hollywood folks felt. (Maybe like you’re feeling now, since I won’t shut up about it. Whoopsy.) Then there was that super fucking awkward comment at the end of his first segment, delivered with his piercing “This may sound like a joke but I’m no longer joking” glare, about having only been off the air for a week after 9/11 and how that must mean that this strike is nine times more important than 9/11. Uh … Let’s see. Where to start with that flawed ironic logic? Going off the air after September 11th was a choice, and a good one I might add. Going off the air because of a writers’ strike is, well … the nature and purpose of a writers’ strike. I mean really? The bit wasn’t funny. And it wasn’t true. What was the point?

So listen, Jon. Can we talk for a second? … No, don’t worry about the commenters. They’re not even listening. Promise. This is between you and me. Jon. You know I love you. Won’t put no one above you. But seriously dude: You know why the WGA didn’t give you a waiver. You are way too smart for that shit. You don’t own your show. Viacom does. Dave, however, does own his show. Ergo, he gets a waiver. Viacom doesn’t. Why you gots to cry about it on your TV show like you were somehow slighted? It’s totally unbecoming of someone of your stature. Hey, wait … calm down. That wasn’t a crack about your height. I was speaking metaphorically. Really… Jon, please don’t walk away when I’m talking to you … Jon … Jon! Come back! I’m sorry. Oh god, please don’t leave … I can’t live without you! JON!!!

Sorry, where were we? Right. The first episode back was a whiny, strike-centered bummer. But all was not lost. He shifted focus back to his bread and butter, making fun of politicians and the media.

Funnier. Worthy of “A Daily Show” just not “The Daily Show.” I do appreciate his making the distinction. And at this point, with the primaries raging, I’ll take what I can get. But I can’t help but think there’s a more creative and irreverent way to approach the problem. In fact, when I turned on my TiVo January 7th, I had hoped to be surprised. Instead, we got a mediocre version of the same ole’ shtick. I guess I need to temper my expectations of The Stewart.

‘Beckylooo Who’ is an aspiring television writer, aka an assistant. She has a deep understanding of the importance of a pleasant phone manner and a well-stocked fridge. Further rantings and ravings can be found at If A TV Falls in the Woods.

I Am Downgrading the Story from "Incredibly Hilarious" to "Still Funny But a Little Sad"

"A Daily Show" / Beckylooo Who

TV | January 14, 2008 |

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