A Conversation with Neil Patrick Harris' New Show, 'Best Time Ever'

By Dustin Rowles | TV | September 16, 2015 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | TV | September 16, 2015 |

Best Time Ever: Will you watch my show?

Pajiba: No.

Best Time Ever: Please, will you watch my show?

Pajiba: No.

Best Time Ever: Pretty, pretty, pretty please?

Pajiba: Ugh. What’s it about?

Best Time Ever: It’s a variety show …

Pajiba: No thanks.

Best Time Ever: …wait! Just hear me out. It’s a variety show where we have celebrities on, and we do pranks, and …

Pajiba: So, it’s like Fallon.

Best Time Ever: Sort of. Crossed with Ellen. And a gameshow.

Pajiba: No thanks.

Best Time Ever: But we give away prizes!

Pajiba: You’re not helping your case, man.

Best Time Ever: Oh come on! Just watch, please?! Just one clip, OK?

Pajiba: Oh God. If I watch your clip will you leave me alone?

Best Time Ever: Yes. I promise. You like Reese Witherspoon, right?

Pajiba: She’s fine.

Best Time Ever: Cool. Just watch this. You’re going to LOVE it!

Best Time Ever: What’d you think? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Pajiba: I can’t believe I just wasted five minutes watching Neil Patrick Harris and Reese Witherspoon climb a structure and zip-line down so that NBC could promote American Ninja Warrior.

Best Time Ever: (Deflated). Oh. you noticed that?

Pajiba: Only because I’m a human person with a brain.

Best Time Ever: Fine. Just watch one more clip, OK? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?

Pajiba: I don’t want to.

Best Week Ever: It will only take a minute!

Pajiba: Oh GOD! Fine. What is it?

Best Time Ever: I play this prank on the judges on The Voice.

Pajiba: Absolutely not. No!

Best Time Ever: But I wear a disguise and put on a funny voice …

Pajiba: No, no, no.

Best Time Ever: You don’t know what you’re missing.

Pajiba: I think I’ll survive.

Best Time Ever: Well, OK. If you insist. Will you watch this clip instead, OK.

Pajiba: What’s going on in it?

Best Time Ever: Just watch. I PROMISE you’re going to love it.

Pajiba: (*sigh*)

Pajiba: What the hell did I just watch?

Best Time Ever: Did you like it?!

Pajiba: NO. Why would I like that?

Best Time Ever: Did you see me do that backflip off the pogo stick?

Pajiba: Uh, yeah.

Best Time Ever: It was like a party on stage! You like parties, don’t you?!

Pajiba: Yeah, I like to go to parties sometimes, but I don’t like watching other people party on my television.

Best Time Ever: Why not?

Pajiba: Why would I?

Best Time Ever: Because we’re having the Best! Time! Ever!

Pajiba: I hate you.

Best Time Ever: OK fine! Just watch one more clip. I photobomb this couple’s wedding

Pajiba: I’m leaving now.

Best Time Ever: No, come back!

Pajiba: Listen. I appreciate your enthusiasm. You’re a really a nice guy, and it looks like you’re having a great time, but please, get the fuck out of my face.

Best Time Ever: But I just …

Pajiba: No. Stop trying to make me like you. It’s not gonna happen, OK? I’m serious! Step back. We’re done here.

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