9 Truths and a Lie: Which Of These 10 New Series is Completely Made Up?

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9 Truths and a Lie: Which Of These 10 New Series is Completely Made Up?

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | January 24, 2014 | Comments ()


I haven’t done this is a very long while, but after a long hiatus due to a complicated sex scandal that threatened to destroy the game, we have returned the fastest growing quiz sensation on the webernets: Nine Truths and a Lie. Below, I have summarized 10 new pilots, series orders, and development deals from the last week. One of them is a lie. Can you identify it? Please vote in teh poll below the options.

1. Set in a tennis and golf club, Rob Lowe will star in The Pro, for NBC, a sitcom about a tennis player and his former tennis partner who reunite after a huge public feud.

2. Rashida Jones, who — like Rob Lowe — is departing Parks and Recreation next week, will star in Tribeca, a satirical police procedural written by Steve Carell and his wife, Nancy Walls. The comedy will air on TBS.

3. ABC has commissioned a pilot for a laugh-track, multicamera sitcom based on the post-divorce life of comedian Kevin Hart, who would have a recurring role in the series.

4. ABC picked up a pilot for The Visitors, an alien drama from producer Steven Spielberg based upon a Ray Bradbury short story called Zero Hour, about a race against the clock to defeat an unseen alien enemy out to destroy the world using our most precious resource against us.

5. Fox ordered a pilot for an untitled comedy centered on a stunted, set-in-his-ways thirtysomething man living with his mom who finds his perfectly organized world upended when she gets married. The mom will be played by Jane Kaczmarek, and the show was co-created by Johnny Galecki.

6. Fox orders a new reality series, Utopia, which will follow a group of 15 people who are forced together to create their own civilization.

7. Fox has ordered Hot Dogger, a pilot starring Elisha Cuthbert as a wealthy socialite who inadvertently falls in love with a Manhattan street vendor, who has to assimilate into her wealthy family’s lifestyle.

8. TNT will begin airing Transporter: The TV Series, based on the Jason Statham movie franchise, beginning this fall.

9. HBO is developing an electronic music comedy based on an Irvine Welsh story, which will be produced by DJ Calvis Harris, Jay-Z, and Will Smith.

10. Hot Bench is a new syndicated show from Judge Judy, which will focus on a panel that includes a judge and two attorneys, who settle a case.

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