10 Things We Learned From This Week's Manhuntin' Episode Of "Justified"

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10 Things We Learned From This Week's Manhuntin' Episode Of "Justified"

By Joanna Robinson | TV Reviews | March 15, 2013 | Comments ()

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Things We Learned:

  • Rachel is a bad ass. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we already knew that. Listen I know it's tough, the "Justified" universe is crammed to the brim with fantastic characters and character actors, but Erica Tazel is so damn good in this role and television isn't exactly overrun with badass, non-white ladies. It's not "Justified"'s job to fill some sort of quota, certainly, so all I'll say is that I'm always happy when we get more of Rachel. This episode was no exception.

  • I didn't manage to get a screencap of this exact moment, but the echoing shots of Ellen May driving a car off to a new life (as opposed to earlier in the season when she was being driven to certain death) just about broke my heart. Also her struggle to pronounce Huatulco was adorable. It's no Zihuatanejo, but it'll do.

  • I was less delighted by the return of Limehouse. Mykelti Williamson wasn't exactly my favorite last season and his performance this episode reminded me why. That being said, Limehouse showing up is completely organic to the way the plot turned in this episode. Of course that's where Ellen May would go. His involvement also allowed for Boyd to send Ava as his lieutenant and (apologies to Jimmy), she really is the prettiest, blondest ace he has up his sleeve.

  • Well this was fun to watch. The weaselly actor who played former pimp Nicky Cush always gives me residual "True Blood" heebie jeebies, so I was delighted to see him squirm.

  • But this about broke my heart. First Ellen May's puppyish hug, then Ava's effort to do the right thing and all the thanks she gets for it. Graham Yost absolutely promised he'd show us Ava's struggle with crossing the moral line last season and hell if he hasn't delivered.

  • I really loved the way Raylan cut Cousin Johnny down to size after all his speechifyn'. But I cannot believe Johnny switched sides. AGAIN. Damnit man, pick a side.

  • Ava and Boyd. Feel that lump in your throat? That deep sense of dread? Yost and company want you to soak in it until your toes get all prune-y. "There's no life for me without you?" F*ck almighty.

    None! No carnage! I thought for sure we'd get to see Deputy Tim take down Colt. You'll get him next time, Tim.

    Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks and Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson Line Count

  • Tim= 6
  • Rachel=14!!!

    Favorite Lines:
    Tie between when Boyd nailed Raylan...

    And this whole thing.

    The Gist: Matt Zoller Seitz drew my attention to this eye-popping shot that craned all the way down a massive tree to find Ava, Boyd and Drew/Shelby at its roots. Forgive my fuzzy screencap.
    Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 8.21.58 AM.png

    Once again here we are talking branches and roots. Family and community. This is where Drew reveals that his money and coke are what got Boyd's family started in their life of crime. That he never intended to stick in Harlan as long as he did. But the roots run so deep here and it's damn near impossible to pull away. This is where Ava and Boyd learn that Arlo is dead and gone. Boyd essentially tells Drew he's standing in his own grave but we all know that if Ava and Boyd don't pull this off, they're the ones who might not make it out alive. I mean...cue the music.

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    • yemayah

      After all that has transpired, in the end Drew/Shelby as a witness against Theo Tonin might just come to naught. I think there is a chance that, as far as an AUSA or DA is concerned, DT will end up a useless and an extremely chancy witness, even though there is no statute of limitations on murder, for both Theo Tonin and Drewby. And DT may yet have an exit strategy/trick up his sleeve. After all, didn't Art say he was "awesome"? We've witnessed that DT under all that so-called awesome is a scared jellyfish.

      Assuming DT survives, gives statements to the prosecutors, and a case is brought against TT: to a trial jury, DT is a pathological liar and worse, who was entangled in so much sh*t and webs of lies that he would have motive to lie about anything. Thirty years have passed! And everyone he associated with is dead or soon-to-be (ie, Hunter). Plus, under cross-examination, he would have to admit to his own acts, which would be in a plea deal. I don't think any sane prosecutor would want Drewby on the stand! Given how long it takes to bring a case, realistically I wonder how this will play out by the end of this season? I hope we get a 2-season renewal.

      Taking down TT is one thing. Taking down the Detroit, or any other mafia, ain't gonna happen (except maybe in Justified-land, LOL!). There will likely just be individual takedowns by Raylan and Boyd. maybe even the demise of TT. But the end result-more likely than not-will be a new boss replacing TT and business as usual.

    • Salieri2

      I'm worried about Art. They've spent an awful lot of time making us really, really love him this season, and I fear a Whedoning. Art, he's gonna get shot, and if it's Boyd who does it, I won't forgive him.

      Has anyone else noticed how serious they are about styling Ava Crowder's hair to match her tension level? That tightly-pulled back high barrette look she sports when she's all business just gives her face a lot of angularity, very apt for the whole Limehouse scene.

      Teri wins for best line:

      "If she had somebody she could count on, I guess she wouldn't be sucking hillbilly dicks for money."
    • L.O.V.E.

      Nice job, Joanna, but disagree 100% with your feelings on Mykelti Williamson.

      He plays Limehouse perfectly.

    • Slash

      Yeah, Ellen May driving and talking about how no one was so nice to her before - heartbreaking. And realistic. Thinking about how many people that actually describes is even more depressing. I think I will call my mom tonight and thank her for being a decent mother.

    • yemayah

      There are three more episodes which I am sure will all be great and scary. I am both anxious for all to come and the finale, but can't bear the thought it will all be over soon! I am still trying to fit my brain around the DT/Detroit story, but I suppose it is related to the writers having had a hard time deciding the direction and then retrofitting the DT story. There will be huge gaps, things which cannot be explained, and I have resigned myself. All said and done, they did a bang-up job and the dialogue has been superb. But I still love discussing and analyzing it all, and I will certainly miss that over the long dry spell till 2014.

      After a certain point, DT could not making anyone rich; he had no connections. What was so special about DT to after that? That oath thing-y Mosley was talking about just doesn't add up. Betrayal and greed are a Crowder & Givens stock in trade. They could have turned DT in to Tonin, or whoever was in charge then before him, made a ton of $$ and run more drugs. The real danger would be pitting Theo/Detroit against Gio/Miami. The joke is that, while DT-as-Shelby squirreled away some money for himself, as Shelby he could not live the life he wanted without drawing attention, and could not betray his protectors given the threat of exposure. DT could have left Harlan when he recovered.

      DT's drugs made a few folks rich (i.e., Clover Hill types?). The fortunes of the
      Crowders and Givens and Moselys and their ilk, their fortunes dried-up quickly
      or were pissed away because they were small-time assholes. Boyd had to work for a living. Raylan joined him in the mines and despaired of his deliverance. The masses remained destitute, victims of violence and addiction. Bo, Arlo,
      Hunter (who hated Bo & Arlo), Frances (maybe, but we need to know how she died), et al,, protected DT's identity to the point of murder, attempted suicide? Doesn't add up.

      Opening new markets remains the business of cartels/kingpins and their associates stateside, who themselves jockey for control. Tonin is but gum on the bottom of the shoe of those cartels that import drugs into the US. He continues at their pleasure as long as the $$ continues to flow back to his suppliers. Detroit people, if they threatened to come to Harlan, don't know the Hollers and would never gain an advantage. I dare say, they more likely would have been in fear of Mags Bennett. There were deals to be made with
      TN, FL/Miami and off-shore cartels to deal with Tonin.

      Realistically, Justified does not have the budget or writing muscle to open the threat (even by implication), but that is ok in keeping this world small and neat. I can live with the limitations. I have issues with the DT plot. But I am still excited to see their genius in pulling this together. The finale will be superb, I'm sure.

    • Here for your comments.

    • Exactly. Good will doesn't last long in this crowd. This is why I don't believe Arlo was protecting Drew because he brought in money and coke umpteen years ago.

    • dizzylucy

      This was yet another incredibly good episode, but throughout I had such a feeling of dread. Someone we like is not going to survive this, and I'm especially worried that it's one of the marshals. Tim and Rachel are both a little out of sorts with their personal stuff, I keep waiting for one of them to make a costly mistake. I really hope not, but I just have that feeling.

      I agree with the consensus that Ava is doomed too. As much as I don't want that to happen, a little part of me looks forward to watching Goggins take Boyd over the edge in grief and rage, because you just know it would be amazing.

      Loved Rachel getting to be a smart ass and bad ass in this one, as much as I loved Ellen May's wistful talk of freedom.

      I have thoroughly enjoyed the Drew Thompson mystery. This season has been excellent, and they've done so much it's hard to believe we still have a few episodes to go.

    • PaddyDog

      Totally agree with this. When If Ava gets killed, Goggins is going to bring his A-game with such force and I am salivating at Boyd Crowder channeling Hamlet.

    • yemayah

      Great speech by Art, but this gnawed at the back of my mind and left me feeling unsettled. While I understand the huge significance of the case in general and specifically (the capture of Drewby) for Art, Raylan and the Marshals, I had an uncomfortable feeling: Did Art himself have such a jones for DT that he was risking his Deputies' lives in his approach to capturing DT? That speech about DT awesomeness sounded a bit obsessed to me. Formidable, not to be underestimated, ruthless, cunning- that would be my choice. But awesome? Not. I hope there will be no blood on Art's hands because of his choice to go this with just his deputies. I hope the writers are not stupid enough to kill Tim (**block** NoNoNo! Not in my house!), Rachel or Art. Is it gonna be DUSM Dunlop? I will wait and see how they get out of this and then re-revaluate my thoughts on this.

      I totally get the agency 'ownership' and pride that goes with breaking and making the case, and not wanting to let another agency get the jump and the credit. But safety trumps all that. Not giving a tip to the Staties that might let them get to DT first, OK. But once they got a tip from Johnny, but no other intel, and knowing that the threat would be "look-up", it was Art's duty to get backup and set up roadblocks. After all, isn't this Fearsome Big Tonin, the Great and Powerful, and his ruthless hitmen?

      Raylan had the right instinct. And here it is his boss who was pulling a Cowboy!Raylan +Team Act, pumping them all up! Us four and no more, lets get 'em. Even a new green deputy (definitely an experienced Tim) would suspect there might be an aerial approach, likely a helicopter, given the open field set for the exchange. All it would take is a high-powered rifle and/or rocket-launcher to wipe out Art's team before they can even exit their vehicles. Could they not know that there might be high-powered snipers hiding in the bushes? (I think Colton figured that out and hightailed it away, because TT/Nick was not leaving any witnesses let alone their $$ for Boyd or Boyd's).

      I may have missed something (please tell me so), and maybe Art already had his backup in place (it did not seem so, once they were in that field, and Art sent Tim and Rachel to go after Colton, in effect separating the team further. They were sitting ducks for that helicopter even as it took off). The truth is, no matter how many Staties they brought in, the Marshals would still have ownership and the credit. Marshals capture fugitives, provide witness protection, but they do not bring the case.

      The writers can do as they please and stretch reality, and I am ok with that, but in the real world, a Chief cannot appoint a Chief (but of course, there is a lot of politics involved)

      Jim Beaver is a great actor and plays his character Shelby to perfection and likeability. But I do not like Drew Thompson, and his concern for Ellen Mae does not mitigate that. Art extolled his awesomeness, but I found that
      a strange choice of words.

      DT operates out of absolute self-interest, greed and it is implied he brought
      heroin and/or cocaine into Harlan (we are asked to suspend belief for that) and that is truly evil legacy. DT shot his business partner, left him on the tarmac to die, then push Waldo Truth out of a plane, the very person he plucked from his home to accompany him (why?). In the end oath taking, sacrifices, murders, for him, he is reduced to a sniveling, terrified coward about to wet his pants or
      provoke Colt to kill him. And when found: "Just get me out of here and I will tell you everything". No one wants to be taken to be tortured/killed, but remember your ABCs, Drew. Then, again, DT may have another endgame up his sleeve.

    • Nadine

      You may not be wrong here. It may well end up tha Art's enthusiasm causes issues. Next week will be very, very interesting.

    • yemayah

      Yes, VERY! I am so looking forward to 4.11. They had better not hurt Tim. Ever! They made a point to feature the Birthday!Deputy recently, but I hope he doesn't get hit either. I don't want any blood on Art's conscience for getting to Drew in the way they did. I hope he will have called for backup, as we left them in a precarious spot.

    • Steph

      Me to my husband after this week's episode:

      "Something bad is going to happen next week but I'm ok as long as they don't kill Boyd. But I really don't want to watch his heart break so they better not kill Ava either. And Tim hasn't achieved full awesomeness yet so they better not kill him. And Ellen May is like a sad bunny so they better not kill her..."

      This went on for another 10 minutes. Basically, I'm only ok with them killing Colt and that guy who was giving Raylan attitude at the airport control tower.

    • yemayah

      Ellen Mae may yet end up getting away alive. EM is almost symbolic at this point of hope, transcendence and salvation. Frances is in death almost a symbol or beacon. Ava most likely will get arrested. Killing Ava now would dangerous to their 5th season. Boyd said there is no life for him without Ava. Boyd's love for Ava can lead to his downfall, but also to his salvation: what is he willing to do for her and to free her? Ava incarcerated (which poses a great threat to her safety and besides, she and Boyd have not married and that makes her a threat to Boyd).

      Boyd and Ava running could fill a whole season. If they cross state lines, they will definitely have Marshals after them, and not only Marshals from KY. With state and federal charges at stake here (I'm not sure that Ava has any federal charges??),, both will have state & federal law after them. , but Boyd is not likely to leave Ava if she is caught and/or voluntarily gives herself up, particularly if Raylan persuades her. And Raylan is likely to want to offer her witness protection.

      Then there is everybody else who wants a piece of them. Cassie is still out there and she promised a Reign of Retribution will befall some people in Harlan. She may actually cause harm to Ava (if not killing) that would put a dent in their escape plan. The emotional pressure on all parties could be tremendous.

      Tim may have fallen into the rut of identifying with the kill-target. It might delay him taking the shot and putting him in harms way. But I think the writers would be stoooopid to kill of Tim. Jacob Pitts' fanbase is growing by leaps and bounds and- if the writers will integrate him into the story lines, let him play off Raylan- he could bring in more numbers. Tim's character is a blessing and a goldmine for writers. Do they not see that? Ditto for Rachel, and boy did she look/act super-professional and in control and she was GORGEOUS doing it!

    • PaddyDog

      I do love that they have kept true to the very first episode of the series where Boyd was obsessed with Ava (after she shot his brother) and he was outside her door like a puppy. It's obvious that Ava is the prize he has been after all his life and he can't really believe he has her. I think he would do absolutely anything for her: if this show ends with her betraying him, I may have to stab something.

    • Nadine

      Screw that guy!

    • Steph

      Right? He's totally got it coming.

    • Nadine

      This was just an amazing episode. Ellen May is going to die, I am certain(and crushed, I so hope I'm wrong) and so is Ava and it hurts me.

      Tim will do it, too. I think he'll kill Ava. Not murder, but in the line of duty, shoot her dead. We keep predicting she'll end up dead or in jail and my money is on dead and I think it will be Tim that pulls the trigger.

      I still want to know why Arlo protected Drew. Supposedly he wasn't protecting Drew so much as hoping to make some sort of deal by eventually turning him over to someone. Personally that just doesn't seem a good enough reason to take the information to his actual grave. And as poison and toxic as he was, I just don't think he was spiting Raylan. I don't think he even considered Raylan, he didn't give a shit. He was protecting something.

      I personally maintain; we are yet to see Arlo's reason and I think it has to do with Francis.

      Limehouse just freaks me right out. RIGHT out. It's the teeth, in part, and what Mykelti does with his whole mouth but he's just...he's creepy. He really intimidates me. Every single scene with Limehouse, Boyd, Ava, both apart and seperate was just golden. Ava and Ellen May nearly killed me. In a way I loved how awkward her flinch was when Ellen May hugged her. It was such a graceless moment, it seemed like a visual reminder that Ava really does come off badly in this whole encounter, regardless of what you feel about her future on the show or how sweet she and Boyd are together, morally she is just a mess now, beyond saving and that awkward jerky flinch that did NOTHING to protect her telegraphed that. Ellen May was a child returning to her mother, open and trusting and Ava just looked sort of pathetic.

      It's funny because she told Ellen May they're beyond redeeming because they took a life, despite the fact they killed a man that had already murdered two or three more women, had come to the bar with the express intent of killing both of them. At that point, Ava probably could have been saved. She lost her chance at redemption when she turned on possibly the only other person than Boyd that she could trust. Ellen May would never have turned on Ava. She might have accidentally implicated her but I believe Ellen May would have just automatically taken the fall once she realised what she's done.

      Would have. Now, though, Ava is in trouble.

      Rachel was amazing. The line about the underwear was incredible and her whole speech at him was fantastic. I'm of the opinion that Gutterson and Raylan/Olyphant and Pitts have the best chemistry of everyone but Rachel/Erica is a close second, perhaps just going hand in hand with Tim. Even in season 1 they had a few fantastic scenes together .

      They have a sexual tension I find fascinating. They may never act on it and that would be fine and make sense in plenty of ways. Or they might sleep together and it may be the only sexual relationship Raylan ever has that doesn't come with emotional baggage. They would just rock each others world every now and then and and it would never get awkward or weird because Rachel wouldn't let it. I need for that to be happening, actually. In fact I have decided that it is. Yes.

      I expected something bad to happen to Tim and Rachel when they ran off into the woods after Colt. There was enough of the episode left and I really expected bad things to happen. It would have been incredible for a gun shot or two to have rung out, the audience expects Tim has gotten Colt but then it be Tim or Rachel who has been shot. That would have been amazing.

      As it was, as much as I was frustrated by the lack of Tim(Although I assume he was paired off with Art and so help me god if there isn't an extra few scenes of those two together then I will eat my own face) I'm mostly just psyched his confrontation is being drawn out rather than dealt with all in a hurry. The longer it plays out the more screen time he gets and the better the pay off will surely be.


    • They can't kill everyone, Nadine. I don't see both Ava and Ellen May getting the axe.

    • Nadine

      I'm into full panic mode now. I think Tim may be in real danger also, I CAN'T HANDLE ALL THESE FEELS

    • Breathe. There have to be people left to be on next season.

    • Nadine

      What if Ava goes to jail Ellen May escapes and ART bites it!?

    • We'll still see Ava and Ellen May! But Art isn't going to bite it.

    • lowercase_ryan


    • PaddyDog

      I'd like to ship Raylan and Rachel, but, to my eternal regret as a brunette, it seems pretty obvious over several seasons now that Raylan is into leggy blondes.

    • Nadine

      That's why I think they would be able to be fuck buddies. Leggy blondes cause him emotional trauma.

    • lowercase_ryan

      Oh and I think you're wrong about the Arlo thing. While it may not be satisfying, I have a feeling it's considered settled. You know why I think this though and I'm not dumb enough to try to change your mind. Or Cindy's.

      And again, it's FRANCES lol

    • IT SUCKS.

    • lowercase_ryan

      Ava lives.

    • Nadine

      Ava is doomed. Doooooomed.

      And yep, I know...I just...I can't accept that. I can't. It is a shitty reason, IMO. I need it to be something better than that.

      Besides, the guy said he held into the bag and ID so he would have the option of a deal, and I accept that that was PART of it. Arlo is a snake, he's a total bastard. He would protect someone for personal reasons but be entirely ready to flip on them if it got him out of a tight spot. He shoved shit down a mans throat for Frances, but didn't he also beat on her?

      The first deal was sunk when the lawyer turned out to be evil, right? Arlo didn't reject it, he gave her the wrong name. She was the one who stopped taking calls to go and hack off Josiah's foot. We never really heard Arlo's opinion on the matter.

      After, Raylan goes back with the reduced deal. Arlo is all 'kiss my ass'

      Even on his death bed he wont give it up. He knows he's dying, why not screw over the guy he has been waiting thirty years to flip on?

      I know I can't change your mind though also.

      But legit, Ava is dooooooooooooooooooooooooooomed.

    • kushiro -

      That shot also shows how Drew is at the root of those two massive branches (Crowder, Givens families), and how Boyd and Raylan have grown in opposite directions (or alternatively, how they appear to be opposite, but at root they are the same).

    • yemayah

      Boyd is The Shadow archetype. He is Raylan's shadow self. They are almost the same. At heart, Justified is another version of The Hero's Journey. Most of the characters are of darkness and light, some more of one than the other. But especially Raylan, who is trying to walk that path between light and dark, find the balance- that path through the middle- and to restore the 'female' to the balance (symbolic/hidden in the mother, Frances) and -symbolically-temper The Wound of the patriarchy (Arlo is one representative) that is passed from father to son.

      Boyd is an anti-hero, on the same path. But while still propelled by greed, 'worldly things', and selfishness, he has been tempered by his love for Ava (and he is faithful!!). However, Ava turning increasingly dark upsets that balance and does portend nothing good for either of them. But 'nothing good' does not necessarily mean death. There are many forms of being dead-alive.

    • Salieri2

      Confess: you're Jacob Clifton, aren't you?

    • dizzylucy

      Nicely put.
      The Boyd/Raylan same start, different but not so different paths is one of the best aspects of the show, IMO.

    • Mrcreosote

      Tim is a sniper. I want Colt to be put down from long distance as he's about to do something bad. With clear eyes. *cough cough*

    • I know Drew's story arc will end, one way or the other, but I've enjoyed the heck out of watching Jim Beaver this whole season. In my secret fantasy world, both he and Ellen May get out alive and make it to Mexico. I'm pretty sure that neither of them makes it out alive, though. This is Justified, after all, and the seasonal body count quota has not yet been met.

    • Slash

      I wanted them to get away, too.

    • Guest

      "We just gotta figure out how to get out of Harlan alive"

      This seems like it's going to be a bit of stretch for next weeks episode. Raylan and company are US Marshals which I assume would at least rate a helicopter or armored vehicle of some type.

      Going the The Gauntlet root would be kinda cool though.

      I also like how Rachael told Raylan he is "easy on the eyes" when he refuses to wait in the car with her.

    • Pajiba_Pragmatist

      Yeah, this is the part that bothers me as well. One reality is that law enforcement always wins when they have time to assemble. The sheer resources the US Marshals bring dwarfs any effort by the Crowders or anyone else.

      This is why you just don't see news about prisoners pulling off escapes involving multiple cars and gunfights. You read about escapes that happen when no one is paying attention or there aren't a large number of police around.

    • lowercase_ryan

      Oh and Art's line was far and away the highlight. Nick Searcy could not be more perfect for the role.

    • lowercase_ryan

      Something bad is going to happen and it better not be to Tim...I just...no, do not do that.

    • Ryan

      Are we sure Tim didn't kill Colt and Rachel is covering for him???

    • lowercase_ryan

      No way in hell does action like that go down off screen. That's not who this show is.

    • Laura

      I think so, because otherwise Colt couldn't have called Boyd to let him know that the Marshals had Drew.

    • Nah. They're going to give us the satisfaction of watching Tim shoot Colt when he's sober and they're eye to eye. I believe Tim's promises.

    • Phibbsy

      All of these animated gifs are giving me epilepsy.

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