10 Things We Learned From This Week's Graceless Episode Of "American Horror Story"
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10 Things We Learned From This Week's Graceless Episode Of "American Horror Story"

By Joanna Robinson | TV Reviews | November 30, 2012 | Comments ()


There were some whispers in the comments section last week about who is responsible for torturing the arm off of Adam Levine in the modern day book end scenes this season. First of all, I'm so impressed with all of you for keeping it spoiler free. Secondly, your whispers were officially confirmed. I'll just let this link speak for itself and protect the spoilerphobes.

Sister Mary E. Can Move Sh*t With Her Mind
This should be fun. We also learned in her scene with The Angel Of Death that the original, quivering Sister Mary Eunice is still alive and buried under all those demonic layers and cheap red lingerie. Frankly, I prefer the demonic version.

Kit Is Really Good At Looking Innocent
Yup. Nothing To See here.

Actually One Of The Most Graphically Disturbing Images In The History Of
"American Horror Story"

And that's saying a lot.

One Is The Loneliest Number Ancient Aramaic For "Shachath"
According to some light Googling I did, Shachath means "to destroy, corrupt, go to ruin, decay."

According to Ryan Murphy "Shachath" Means Frances Conroy As The Grim Reaper By Way Of Coco Chanel
I loved Conroy. More than I have in most other things. Her mincing delivery (which can sometimes grate) was perfect here. And the wings were gorgeous.

Drunk Jessica Lange Is The Best Jessica Lange
I loved seeing her play opposite Conroy again. I can't wait to see her sink her drunken Lange-y teeth into Dr. Thredson. Please say that's coming.

Even Closeted Serial Killer/Rapist Nipple Lamp Makers Have Their Standards

Lana Is Really Really Bad At Escaping
A) She forgot one of the most important rules. No double tap, Lana? No beating him until he passes out? No choking him out with your dead lover's frozen thigh bone? Boo.

B) She hopped into a car with Ethan from "Lost." EVERYONE KNOWS ETHAN FROM "LOST" IS A LOOSE CANNON.

I'm Embarrassed To Admit That Ryan Murphy Got Me
Usually I can see this kind of sh*t coming. Dream sequences, fantasies, etc. But I genuinely thought Murphy had the balls to kill off his most popular/famous actor before the season was through. Like I said, I'm not proud I fell for it and I would have missed Lange if she were gone, but you have to admit that would have been a shockingly great move.

Instead We Had To Bid Grace Adieu
We knew Murphy wouldn't let Kit and Grace run off into the sunset together and, personally, I'm grateful. It was getting confusing watching Lizzie Brochere on "The Hour" and "American Horror Story." So goodbye, Grace. You had the loveliest bum of them all.

P.S. Gentle readers. We're still no closer to knowing about the damn Aliens. We're exactly in the middle of the season. Six more episodes to go. Let's see what other kinds of crazy we have in store.

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  • Laura

    This show really needs to be two hours long every week.

    Love that Ian McShane is going to play psycho Santa!

  • rumcove

    There is a pretty good theory that McDermott is just another copy cat Bloody Face. The real BF is Sister Mary Eunice. Take a look at this picture, especially the shoulder:


    This BF is definitely female.

  • Every single person that dies or is about to die in every horror, thriller, zombie movie I question why they did not double tap. Killers and murderers and zombies don't 'knock out' as easily as innocent people do.

  • lillie

    I can't decide which show had a more difficult scene to watch this week--this one or the one in Walking Dead.

  • RilesSD

    This season is so fucking good. Every single actor is killing it, but I think above all Jessica Lange should get all the Emmys. Right now.

  • Slash

    I don't love rape scenes, but I think this one was well-done. Rape is not supposed to be pleasant to look at. It's not supposed to turn you on or be sexy. It's supposed to be disturbing and awful and make you feel for the victim and be repulsed by the rapist.

    And yeah, Lange, Conroy, Rabe are awesome. I do obviously think Demon Nun is more fun that sniveling nun, but I do also feel bad for sniveling nun. It's not her fault she's become an instrument of the devil. She was just an innocent bystander.

  • I doubt Quinto's character derives his dislike of guns from Batman. But I love Batman so much that I think about him when I hear that line. And that kind of creeped me out given that horrible scene that came before it.

  • lillie

    The link you provided to THAT Twitter account got me all kinds of excited.

  • JD

    Does anyone else think that Frances Conroy looked a lot like Madonna from her "take A Bow" video?? Except Brunette and you know, awesome!

  • F'mal DeHyde

    I think she looked like an older version of Dita Von Teese

  • Jerce


  • Jezzer

    Except Bloody Face denied killing Adam Levine. In his phone call to the police, when they asked about Levine, he said only the "three impostors" were his handiwork. Assuming he has no reason to lie (and if someone killed Adam Levine, they'd totally own that shit), there's still something else in the asylum.

  • Jerce

    It was the "impostors" who killed the guy. Something behind the barred door ripped his arm off; but he didn't die until one of the masked teenagers shot him.

  • Jezzer

    I didn't say the impostors didn't kill him, I said that Bloody Face denied killing him, but took credit for killing the impostors.

  • lowercase_ryan

    ripping someone's arm off takes a bit of strength, gotta be Arden's monsters.

  • KatSings

    I thought Jude killed herself, too. So you were not alone there. And Frances Fucking Conroy was amazing. This ep was a festival of "Poor Lana" who seems to just keep sinking lower. And those last, what 2 minutes? Where everything went TOTAL APESHIT were fantastic. I will miss Grace's fantastic bum.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Usually you have a split second to look away (if you want) before something F'D up like that happens. But in that scene we had no chance, and ugh, god that got to me.

  • lowercase_ryan

    This episode was SO GOOD! And next week's sounds like it will be even better.

    Ian McShane....

  • The Replicant Brooke

    I missed this weeks episode so...IAN McSHANE next week?! Yeesssssss.

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