'True Detective' Recap: Theories and Answers After Episode 7, 'After You've Gone'

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'True Detective' Recap: Theories and Answers After Episode 7, 'After You've Gone'

By Dustin Rowles | True Detective | March 3, 2014 | Comments ()

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After seven episodes of True Detective, the once hazy picture surrounding the mystery of Dora Lange’s murder has snapped into focus. Most of the pieces have been put together, and now it’s simply a matter of fitting those last center pieces into the puzzle and framing it.

Let’s take a look at where we are now:

The answers are right there on the wall when we were introduced into Cohle’s storage unit.

Yellow King ——— Scars ———- Carcosa

The Yellow King could be Reverend Tuttle, but it is looking more and more like it goes even higher, to Eddie Tuttle, the Reverend’s cousin and a Louisiana Senator (in 1995, when Dora Lange was killed. Eddie was the Governor). Senator Tuttle (and his co-conspirators) are most likely the men who had Reverend Tuttle killed after Cohle broke into the Reverend’s safe and pulled out pictures and a video implicating several men wearing animal masks in the rape and murder of Marie Fontenot, and the rape and murder or Reggie Ledoux’s girlfriend, Reanne Oliver, the woman in episode three from Pelican Bay who washed up on the shore in what was initially ruled a drowning.

The “Scars” refers to the Spaghetti Monster, or who we now know to be Errol the landscaper, who we also saw back in episode three. He also happens to be the bastard grandson of Sam Tuttle (the Reverend Tuttle’s father).

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 7.50.24 PM.png

Carcosa? That appears to be the “Light of the Way” school, one of the Wellspring schools organized and funded by the Tuttle organization, where both Marie Fontenot and Reanne Oliver attended school, and whose records were all lost in a “flood.”

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 7.49.24 PM.png

Toby Boulair, aka Johnny, the messed up kid that Cohle met at a bar, also attended Light of the Way, and his memories are foggy, mostly on account of the fact that — when the men in animal masks had their way with them — the kids were all drugged out. “Light of the Way,” by the by, was where the “black stars rise.”



Guess who else appears to have gone to Light of the Way? Per Reddit, the Munchausen by Proxy killer.


As to the 5 Horseman (or possibly more), I think we can safely assume that Reverend Tuttle, Eddie Tuttle, the Landscaper, and Steve Geraci — who helped to cover up Marie Fontenot’s death — were among them. Geraci, of course, directly implicates the police department, and the cover-up inside there may be bigger than simply Geraci.

If you’re wondering if you’d seen Geraci before, he was briefly in the pilot episode. He called Cohle a “rat f*ck,” and Cohle slapped him.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 8.26.44 PM.png

Maggie also mentioned him in episode 3, in a conversation with Cohle, as having called looking for Marty on the night that Marty went ballistic on Lisa Tragnetti.

Once all of those pieces are put together, the conspiracy now seems fairly straightforward. The Tuttles were basically operating a religious organization that supplied them with children — via the Light of the Way school — to rape and/or sacrifice. All of the members behind the sacrifices are not yet known, however, although it seems clear that Cohle and Hart are about to blow that wide open, once they connect the car battery to Gervaci’s nipples.

Besides the identity of the other killers, there is another question that remains.

Who was the victim in the recent Lake Charles murder?

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 8.31.56 PM.png

Is it someone from Light of the Way? Is it a random woman? Is it either of Marty Hart’s daughters? Maggie seemed to rule that out by attesting to Maise and Audrey’s whereabouts, although we don’t know exactly when the last time Maggie saw either of them. She said that Audrey had had an art show in New Orleans, but didn’t say when. Remember, the Lake Charles murder is being kept out of the papers, and it’s only been a few days between the murder and Maggie and Martin’s talk. Maggie also did note that Audrey is often off her meds, but has a boyfriend that looks after her.

Who is her boyfriend?

Also, is it not unreasonable to believe that Audrey may have been raped by the animal-mask men when she was younger? Would that explain her troubled sexual history, or why she’d staged the dolls in such a way? After all, Steve Gervasi and Martin Hart were close friends in ‘95, which would’ve given Gervasi proximity to Audrey. Plus, Audrey did have this artwork up in her house?


It may also be worth mentioning that, per IMDB, neither actress who plays Maise is in the final episode, nor is the older actress who plays Audrey Hart. The younger actress who plays Audrey, however, is in the episode, suggesting a flashback to perhaps explain a troubling event in Audrey’s past that would explain why she’s the Lake Charles murder (take that with a grain of salt, however, as IMDB credits are notoriously unreliable in making predictions).

If Audrey is the Lake Charles murder, and Hart finds out, he’s likely going to seek revenge, which may end in his death, which may have meant Maggie’s statement to Marty during their reunion was foreshadowing: “Did you come here to say goodbye?” she asked. My guess is that he didn’t intentionally come to say goodbye, but that it may be the last time he ever sees Maggie.

That fate for Audrey, narratively speaking, is also fitting: Marty, after all, is the reason why the Lake Charles murder happened. Had he not blown Reggie Ledoux’s brains out, as Marty suggested, the entire case would’ve been solved back then. How fitting, would it be for that to come back and bite him in the ass? Or the fact that Marty so casually dismissed all the signs of sexual abuse in Audrey’s childhood?

The Lake Charles murder may just be the “what’s in the box” moment of True Detective.

One final note: Fans of Boardwalk Empire may not realize this, but they’ve seen the actor who plays the Spaghetti Monster before. Check it out.

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  • L.O.V.E.

    My True Detective Prediction:

    There has been much talk about the mysogyny of True Detective, and Nic what's his name has played coy with his response.

    The reality is that we see no "Tuttle" women. In fact, there is nary a mention of them. All these Tuttle men had to be born of some women. Where did the women go?

    Well, they have been around for sure. In fact, the most recent victim, Stephanie Kordish, may very well been one of them. She died in 2012. Dead at 20, she may be the child of the Marie Fontenot and one of the Tuttles. Marie Fontenot was pregnant (per picture). Audrey drew a picture of a pregnant girl (among her other drawings). The eldest Tuttle only likes them "that one time". Girls are kidnapped, impregnated, then murdered. The baby boys - a select few -- live and prosper. The male and female castoffs are sent to the Tuttle religious schools to have an eye kept on them). The girls are are kept an eye on, and when they become of a fertile age its time for the ritual. Cycle repeats itself. Of course, there are plenty of non-related victims as well.

    Maggie, after having sex with Rust, tells Marty she hasn't been fucked like that since before the kids were born. I think that the Hart kids are not Marty's. It explains the disconnect he has had with the kids.

    I think Maggie's family is part of the the Tuttle tree. She was impregnated by a Tuttle or one of the 5 Horseman. It is a family filled with incest. This is old-timey incest shit where they insure the blood line continues so that death is not the end.

    In one of my drunken theory binges, I emailed Dustin a week ago about the Hosanna Church scandal in Louisiana (now its the theory du jour). Besides the Satanic molestation angle, there is an incest angle. Child swapping.

    There are two types of women in the Tuttle clan. Those that are to give birth to keep the blood line alive (then sacrificed), and those that are protected blood. Maggie is of the protected class. Her dad is one of the rich guys. So are her children. But they are still part of the ritual.

    Marty is going to put a bullet in the head of one of these fuckers, maybe even his father-in-law.

    (I reserve to edit this as I continue to drink, and yes, I did drunkenly email this to Dustin)

  • Evan

    I think this is going to be pretty close and its about where I am with it. My wrap up of the storylines is as follows.

    I think if Nic is going to play by his own set rules - where everything is repeating but not necessarily connected - then the answer is Maggie was molested right under her own fathers nose - which does not mean he has to be a part of the cult - just removed from the goings on of the family like Marty. Dad might have even cheated on mom but mom is old school and just gets past it...

    So Maggie marries a rodeo hero/cop - a protector - and Marty marries up in social class. Expects to be protected. Is not. Nor are her daughters. At no point does she cry or show emotion other than scorn and anger. Damaged. And now his daughter Audry is on the same path....but from being unprotected by her father - from his absenteeism. But now she has left Marty - has she broken the circle? She seems a lot better off without him as do the girls...is this hope the circle can be broken but it takes massive upheaval to do it which most are too weak to do?

    Rust. We have to accept the following. Early on Rust killed a guy for injecting a kid with meth. Rage at violence towards kids from the loss of his own kid and wife. This gets him into HIDTA which is a hazy portion of his backstory as it is redacted and still unknown to us. It is realistic that a Fed investigation would be redacted for locals without clearances. But something has to have happened in that redaction that where Rust is "touched by the case" in Texas. Rust gets offered a life time retirement but takes a job in LA as a state cop and it is the exact place where everything he worked on in Texas is - but bigger. It probably started with rumors missing kids via the IC investigation. Rust shows up in LA 100% a believer in the case from moment one. He is monastic. Owns nothing. Wants nothing. Just the case. Tries to divert with a woman but its no good. Never will be. Because Rust is a true detective. At his soul - an unsolved case like this is acid. And in 2012 -

    -- the case has worked him to the bone. Just like the bar owner who he works for that has a missing kid - and we don't really know who he is. And in noir - the passed out guy at the bar always is important. But any way --

    Marty. Has now become Rust. A true detective. His arc has happened. An obsessed do anything to solve this investigator. And I'm not feeling good about the end...can two cops take on an entire cult with a state senator in it's pocket? No. Its impossible. So the best Rust or Marty can hope for is an answer to their question - who is behind this. They have to get some truth - as if they don't - we don't and that's just bad TV.

    Which brings me full circle to the 2012 CID investigators . And if we are going with the circle everything repeats theme are destined to become Marty and Rust. So the final show down will involve the two of them having to cover something up - or kililng Marty and Rust and realizing after the fact they were wrong - Rusts storage shed - some piece of information about the Yellow King infects one or both.....whichever is a true detective at heart and soul.

    Tuttles. I agree a two class family tree. The Tuttle schools are for sure where the cast off kids are being groomed for molestation or brain washed to insure a life of loyalty to the family in one way or another. Lots of LSD for everyone (unrelated but including that maid - C-c-c-carosa!!). Tuttle party time at nap time.

    For the lower class - in an original Courir de mardi they all had to bring something back to the "gumbo pot" that they had spent the day stealing/begging from the people in the local area. Makes sense with the criminal enterprises we have seen flourish in the sheriff controlled parishes - dope and brothels. These are the cast offs.

    To who gets chosen for the Tuttle line - I have a theory that maybe they are Tuttle or chosen class by ritual and bloodline. I know that once per year a winter queen is selected usually on Jan 7th but some Courir are known to use other dates- Jan 3 for example. Maybe - a woman impregnated by a Tuttle on that date - her off spring is chosen for the Tuttle line making the child from "royalty" due to date and method of conception. They are part of this upper class. The rest that take place outside this once per year ritual are in the cast off group or tossed into the swamp. Carcosa is where the ritual happens. Since the Tuttle empire is on a old pirates hide out - pirates used the bayous to hide - lots of secrets islands and spots up in there - thus why we are on a boat now. Makes getting there a lot easier once Steve's nipples start turning into pepperoni from 'dem jumper cables....

  • L.O.V.E.

    Good stuff.

    I won't be disappointed if I'm way off base, but if nothing comes back to Audrey or the father-in-law, it will leave me thinking what the hell all those clues were supposed to about other than major red herrings.

  • Evan

    I am with you because I can too easily bring it exactly to where you are -- and you might totally be right. Super amounts of clues to support it. I just kinda got thrown by a few things -- first how light and airy her life is without Marty. That really pushed me back as I was asking myself is this a storyline about a dysfunctional marriage or a cult. And her line from another ep about girls knowing about stuff because they have to - shows how clueless Marty is about women. The Barby doll gang bang - I got nothing to explain that hahaa. I also asked myself at the end of the day how I would feel if all of a sudden his wife and father in law were in this and I felt like it was cheap - especially for Rust who is so in tune with the world he sees that he would have picked up on it...

  • codyfunk

    if you look closer in that barbie gang-bang scene, and keep in mind that the episode is called "seeing things", it appears marty simply saw that as a hallucination (or whatever you want to call it). as he is walking down the hall to call them to dinner, you can hear the daughters speaking "[(we?) don't have a mommy and a daddy anymore" "why?" "they just died in an accident" "how come?" "a car accident, someone ran them over (?)]". the younger one is holding the doll with the shaved head (who in marty's subsequent vision is the 'raper'), and immediately gets up to go to dinner. that doll was pretty large, and there's no way she could have re-positioned the doll in the way that marty sees a moment later that quickly....also, the dolls marty sees are much, much smaller. poster "epiales" from another board mentions it, the scene is here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

    not completely sure what that means, other than possible misdirection. while pizzolato keeps saying that the finale will not lie to readers, and will stay on course from evidence presented, keep in mind one of the main tenets of the show is the circularity, the difference between truth and the story of what happened (eg, the ladoux execution went down WAY different than the story). so, misdirection may, ironically, actually be in the spirit of evidence already presented.

    also, due to that theme of circularity, and the fact that scene #1 of episode #1 looks like the end of the show (the silhouetted figure carrying dora lange's body), I'm sort of prepared for the show to end that way as well. in other words, no real ending (in terms of a clean tie-off to all questions), we just loop back to scene #1, episode #1. remember the initial reference is to the yellow king story itself, which is described as something that all readers/watchers will go crazy just by watching. the whole "time is a flat circle" thing.

    and the interweb will go ballistic as a result. :)

  • Evan

    I think this is right on. Marty mentions at one point in defending his drinking and having affairs that you can't bring this stuff home referring to the horrors of police work - but obviously it follows you there anyway so this fits into that.

  • irini

    What was great about ep07 was the fact that Potts and Kittles came across Errol same way Hart and Cohle did 12 years ago and brushed him off too. Its history repeating. ''Time is a flat circle'' confirmed.

  • Philip Burn

    errol childress (the lawnmower guy) looks like the guy second from the left on the backrow in the grade 10 photo

  • janeite1900

    I thought so, too.

  • janeite1900

    1. Dustin, can Pajiba just be all True Detective for the next two weeks? I care about nothing else.
    2. What was on Medea's head? I kept looking at that mark and trying to figure it out.

  • Edward SmackAdams

    So Audrey DEFINITELY had a run in w the horsemen...clue I picked up (yes I am also a true detective lol) on in episode three. In one of the pictures she drew there's a man with a mask groping a female with her hands tied behind her back

  • L.O.V.E.


  • janeite1900

    Also, in Maggie's fancy new home, Hart looks at photos of the girls on the mantle, including this one,with the daughter's artwork. It has a face of black stars.

  • RilesSD


  • L.O.V.E.

    And when she was a kid, look at the horse imagery.

    The hart house shares the mural/painting as at the psyche hospital. The psyche mural could have been painted by a patient/victim. We know the Hart girl is a painter. We know the kids from the Light of the Way school did art projects.

    Audrey also dated a guy like her dad. blond hair. rock star t-shirt. Dad likes a certain type of girl. His prior mistress (formerly of the whorehouse) "branded" with the antler panties.

  • janeite1900

    Was Beth a Tuttle school girl? Those little angel/devil figures in her bedroom seem a lot like the charcoal drawings on the wall in the church and school.

  • RilesSD

    No, I think that would have come up, because surely Marty knows where his girls went to school. But maybe he was that absent of a father?

    Is it Sunday yet? I need to see the conclusion!

  • Monica

    Beth isn't his daughter, she's Marty's... mistress (former whore at the bunny ranch place). Can't recall them ever out-right naming his daughters' school(s) although the younger one was in a cheerleader uniform that probably ID'd it

  • L.O.V.E.

    exactly. and a YELLOW head dress.

    Is that supposed to be a nun? Didn't Dora talk to her friends in the whorehouse about becoming a nun?

  • L.O.V.E.

    The 5 Horseman:

    Maybe the heads of 5 families, including Tuttle, Ledoux, Childress, Hebert...

    I think Ledoux and Childress are families related to the Tuttles. I think the old woman they went to see who was the Tuttle housekeeper said Errol was a Childress or a Ledoux.

    Potentially implicated: Childress the Sheriff, Childress the prison guard, Senator Tuttle, Reggie Ledoux's Dad, Hart Father in Law, the Sheriff who has a piece of the whorehouse...

    Another thought goes back to Cohle's daughter dying as a child. We never got a clear picture of what happened, but we know Cohle says something to Marty about being lucky not having to see his kid grow up in this world.

    All things are pointing to Audrey having a bad ending.

  • John W

    I am going to miss this version of True Detective.

  • Camaria1

    Someone help me out here..... Did Rust not recognize Errol's facial scarring in episode 3?

  • codyfunk

    maybe i have the timing wrong, but i thought you couldn't grow facial hair out of a scar....so there might be two/twins.

  • John G.

    He had a beard in 1995

  • Vivianne ValdeMar

    Yeah, well I saw the scars under the beard, and I've been screaming internally since *pouts*

  • Hunter

    Could maggie's father be in on it (Marty's father-in-law)??? We never do see the "cause" that makes Marty's daughter the way she is. She suffers from images/actions which means something had to have happened to her.

  • John G.

    You know how in this episode Cohle says that double the number of missing girl reports and runaways has occurred around the bayou, and then the episode ends with a shot of a river boat? that River boat = The Yellow King.

    Because that makes sense for a boat title more than a collective of child murderers, or a single villain. They use the Yellow King to transport the girls to their sacrifice spots in the bayou. The place they take them is called 'Carcosa'. The black stars are literal black stars in a painted room where they take the girls after they're trippin on drugs and to await sacrifice. The drugs are what make the whole thing feel like another world and make people think they dreamed it. The animals masks, the painted room of black stars, and trippin on LSD and crystal is how you get the tie in to a spiritual world that also drives everyone insane.

  • LadyBuggy

    I assumed the river boat was the boat that was carrying Marty and Rust.

  • John G.

    Each episode has ended on a provocative final shot.

    From "Ask the right fucking questions", to the discovery of the painting in the burned out church, to the shot of reggie ladoux wearing his creepy gas mask, to the helicopter shot of the ghetto on fire after the stash bust, to Cohle holding up a devil trap inside the abandoned Tuttle school, to the still broken headlight on Cohle's truck, each final shot leads into the beginning of the next episode in a provocative way.

    and then a totally unimportant boat shot just because it contains Rust and Marty? I don't think so.

  • janeite1900

    I agree, that's not the boat Rust and Marty are on. SO, what is the significance of that tug? You are right that the final shot is critical each time.

  • manting

    No - they are on a fishing boat - that was more like a tug.

  • Evan

    Tug moving bodies or dope up and down the coast explaining scope??

  • John G.

    Remus says that of course people recognized Remus from Remus' incredible work on Boardwalk Empire. Remus is much beloved by the people.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I loved this episode, I love the show, I love the story, I love every damn thing about it. I even love that it's turning out to be a straightforward story without the rug being pulled out from under us.

    I know it sounds cliche, but True Detective is art. In much the same way you can enjoy a painting or a sculpture over and over again, I can see myself revisiting this show for the sheer art of it all. It's just so beautiful.

  • Nisi

    It could be a red herring, but at some point Cohle or the other detectives are looking at the file you can read the name of the Lake Charles victim - Stephanie something...?

  • L.O.V.E.

    The victim is 20-year-old Stephanie Kordish from Lake Charles.

    This means she was born in 1992. That is the year that the Light of the Way school was shut down. Maybe an illegitimate kid produced by a Tuttle or other cultist raping a Light of the Way student?

    The Tuttle maid said one of the Tuttles only had an interest in virgin girls. I think he impregnated one of them.

  • lizzilla

    I thought she was talking about Sam Tuttle, Rev. Tuttle's father and that the idea that "he didn't like them after" suggested that he was a pedophile who only sleeps with grown women to get children out of them.

  • Nisi


  • Three_nineteen

    For some reason I thought Rust's and Marty's interviews were weeks apart, not days apart. They showed the dates of the interviews, right? Does anyone remember what the dates were?

  • RilesSD

    They were four or five days apart. Rust first, then Marty after.

  • gts109

    I thought they were like 10 days apart.

  • manting

    Carcosa is clearly not the Light of the Way school for several reasons the most obvious of which is the old domestic employee of Tuttle knows of Carcosa and she worked for the Tuttles in the 50's. So unless the Light of the Way school travels in time that wont work since it wasn't founded until the 80's and was only open for a few short years. Also Carcosa is not a physical place. I perceive it as the murder/rape/molester cults version of a state of grace. Being, "in Carcosa," is being close to the King in Yellow in a spiritual way.

  • Do you think the show will actually take a turn into the supernatural during the last episode?

  • manting

    I would like to add that no one has ever won best miniseries while going "full Cthulhu."

  • Yeah it would be really silly if they did that, but how goddamn amazing would the internet reaction be if Cthulhu actually showed up in the last episode?

  • manting

    Or Hastur? He is the one tied to the King in Yellow and Carcosa. I would like some explanation to cult. How do they benefit from their sacrifices? To whom exactly are they offered?

  • manting

    No more than it already has. I think they have done an excellent job at hinting at Cthulhu mythos related goings on and will continue to do so, but not out in the open. I do wish they would go "Full Cthulhu," but I don't think they will.

  • manting

    The King in Yellow is not a human. These people are engaged in worship, they worship "him who eats time," who is also the Yellow King. This has been going on a long time since the former domestic knows all about Carcosa and she worked for Tuttle back in the 50's. The further evidence that this has been going on a long time, like generations, is that Errol's last line to the two black officers who ask for directions. He says, after they cut him off, "My family's been here a long, long time." This is a religious cult that incorporates child molestation, rape, human sacrifice, and the other trappings of vile behavior in their worship. This worship is of one of the "great old ones" from the Cthulhu mythos, based on the references to the black star, Carcosa, and the King in Yellow I would say its either Hastur the Unspeakable or Yog-Sothoth. There are a fair amount of worshipers involved, there are certainly more than 5 in the black and white VHS tape.

  • foca9

    I seldom listen to end credit songs, but this one made me sit through the whole thing (even as I watched it online).

    Isn't this show almost too perfect?

  • Ofir Fishkin

    I just need Mark Lanegan and Calexsico on the soundtrack and i could die happy. They really fit the show.



  • Ofir Fishkin

    i'm a bit confused, is Childress both the sherrif and the scar guy?

    great choice of music btw:


  • Rodney Blazely

    Good article .. I think you missed an important point of the episode however - that Rust is planning on taking his own life (which fits with his philosophy). He tells Marty that he has the Yellow King case to 'see to before getting on with something else. My life has been a circle of degradtion and violence. I'm ready to tie it off.'
    Taht is why Rsut says he hopes the woman is wrong about 'all this continuing after death.' Don't read too much Jesus BS into the iconography Mr Ballard!
    Else every bearded man could be the mythic messiah.
    Interesting to note the upside down cross behind the Munchausen by Proxy killer, in the pic above. Little things like that you pick out in the stills but miss in the viewing.
    The closing scene I was looking for the spiral pattern int he mowed lawn .. but just the circle. All circles are flat btw.
    OMG article writer - did you look for Maggie's Dad in the IMBD actor's list - YOU CHEAT! lol. Lamest way to make predictions ever! But as I say, good article. I can't stand the wait already for ep 8.

  • Kip Hackman

    That isn't an upside-down cross, it's a four. The picture comes from a reddit user who was tracing the students from the light of the way picture through the show, and the Munchausen by Proxy killer was the fourth student to appear in the show. Otherwise, I believe that Rust is going to either kill himself or sacrifice himself next episode. He's been talking about how the true responsibility for humanity is mass extinction, so it only makes sense that once he closes this case for good he'll take that step.

  • manting

    I concur that Rust intents to take his own life. I believe in an earlier episode he says that its the only thing that makes sense but he was too cowardly to do it. I would like to posit a theory that I put forth last week that Rust finds out that he is related to the Tuttles somehow, as his own origin is unclear, perhaps he is also a bastard son of one of the Tuttles. In the Cthulhu mythos it is often the case that those that investigate/fight against the worshipers of the old ones inevitably discover to their horror that they are of the same bloodline through some twisted branch of the family tree.

  • cruzzercruz

    This episode was the one where all the people tickled by the show's novelty turned on it for becoming totally linear, and the ones who honestly enjoyed the characters were rewarded with the quiet before the storm. The finale is going to be fantastic.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    I liked the last shot of the episode of the scarred man mowing a flat circle.

    And I finally got see the second season premiere of Hannibal, I'm glad we're still going to have an antler themed serial killer in town after TD is gone.

  • abell

    So, I'm a wee bit annoyed about this. I know that twists and surprises for their own sake are a sin, but, isn't there something to be said for being surprised every now and then. I recognize the actors are amazing, and there's a lot to commend the season, but, I will be a touch annoyed if this was all predicted online. Am I alone in this?

  • I'm really hoping there is some larger twist or "what's in the box?" style moment in the last episode. After episode two, I guessed that Reverend Tuttle was involved in some type of secret society that was responsible for all the murders. So far, the show seems to be going in that direction. Hopefully, something truly unnerving or out there happens next week.

  • cruzzercruz


  • Rust appears to represent Jesus. A reluctant Jesus. "I hope she's wrong about this continuing after death" [paraphrased]. Resurrection?

    He also looks like Jesus in his reflection when Maggie comes into the bar. Conversely, the Jesus on the sign at the Light of the Way school looks like 2012 Rust.

    Previously seen was the crucifix in his apartment (as opposed to Tuttle"s flashy/hollow cross).

  • Doesn't Rust say something to the effect of "I need to finish this up before moving on to something else" in this episode? Given Rust's beyond world-weary demeanor and nihilistic outlook on life, I'm guessing the "something else" is him committing suicide. That would also explain his "wrong about this continuing after death" quote.

  • Evan

    I think Rust came here to solve this crime and he knows it will end him literally. He said he lacked the constitution for suicide - probably after the death of his daughter which might have been his fault. I think he got on this case during his HIDTA years and knows that solving it and making it go big in the news will also mean his death - something he cant do but it will give his death meaning - saving these girls - where he couldn't save his own. If he did kill the two tableaus - Dora Lang in the 1990's and the 2012 lake one to fleshed out the guilty, he has committed a capital offense that has multiple qualifiers for the LA death penalty. He will get the chair and sacrifice himself to bring down this cabal. He moved there with nothing and 17 years later still has nothing...

  • Don't forget his confessional methods.

  • Nisi

    Also his explanation for having the cross - meditating upon the moment in the garden where Jesus is contemplating his own crucifixion... could there be a sacrifice coming up?

  • L.O.V.E.

    One question that needs to be addressed is that all the killings have been kept secret -- missing persons or "filed in error" or "accidents". That is until we get to Dora Lange who was posed out in a field to be found and then to the most recent killing in 2012.

    Errol was almost trying to go public to the detectives about his family. When he was chasing the girl who labeled him the Spahghetti Monster, his chasing her was not in keeping with how the cult operated.

    Besides numerous Tuttles, cult members include Ladoux, Childress the Sheriff, Garcetti, Austin Farrar, and Errol the Lawnmower. These guys aren't the super powerful. It's almost like they were the (law) enforcement wing of the cult. They did the wrangling, drugging, and discarding. There was the Sheriff who had a piece of the whorehouse.

    Rust showed Hart that map with all the killings throughout the State. We may be looking at multiple Sheriffs or CID members who were part of the group and helped keep things secret.

    The killings were done by rich, powerful men in a place with stones. Could be a Tuttle compound.

  • Evan

    I think you are spot on with multiple sheriffs - who's badge is a star. Sheriff's are elected not appointed like police chiefs - everyone's related in these parts - easy to win local elections and the only way to remove a Sheriff from office - is by the Governor. This very large family line we are seeing is based on a very old Courir de Mardi Gras - (a Cajun Mardi Gras Krew) that participates in the ritual of human sacrifice to be to ensure their prosperity. The head of a Courir de Mardi Gras is called Le Capitane and can appoint Co-Capitane's who's job is to enforce the rules of the Courir with it's ordinary members. The job of Le Capitane is his until he does not want it anymore or dies. Keeping their identities secret is very important - sometimes even from each other for years and years - thus the masks. Marty's line "only a Governor can arrest a sheriff" tells a lot in terms of explanation of their literal power structure. And there is a chance none of the Co-Captanes know who the actual Le Captitane is.

    So it's probably safe to assume Governor, Rev Tuttle and each sheriff is each a Co- Capitane and responsible for keeping all its family/Courir members who live in his parish in line and and it's secrets buried. An example might be the scars on Errol the mower man as punishment for breaking the rules - probably engaging in ritual outside of the appropriate circumstances. He is mentally slow and when we last saw him he was in the middle of no where patrolling a graveyard on his mower - (hidden missing persons bodies?).

    Carcosa I don't think it will be mind blowing - just straight forward creepy place where they do their rituals. We're on a boat so maybe a some where accessable by water....

    Here is where I think the bottom falls out from the show and we go holy crap and it answers your Dora Lang question.

    Dora Lang's body was found just outside Erath - the Sheriff's jurisdiction. This is purposeful. All other killings have been hidden in Sheriff controlled Parishes. The Sheriff can't control this one as easily. And a fire was lit to make sure someone found it quickly - a farmer. Being just outside Parish - it assures that state police gets the handle - not just the sheriff. Courir has spies in CID but not control. We know Geraci is one. At the Lang crime scene - first thing out of Sheriff Childress is "satanic symbols etc and mentions a case from years ago". He is already starting to spin the narrative in the wrong direction. Then they play the Rev Tuttle card - and drape it in satanic anti-christism to strengthen throwing the case into the wrong direction. The other killings that we hear about - all take place in sheriff jurisdiction - and are written off as stupid - "green eared spaghetti monsters" (now we know the mower man - patrolling schools with kids and then patrolling a graveyard - probably where the bodies are hidden) and they end up as missing person - not murders. Missing persons get little police service. Murders get a lot. But most important - in the end, all good stories have an unseen twist.

    And I think in this one, someone outside the Courir is the twist and staged the Dora Lange and the 2012 tableau's to shake the bushes and see
    what pops out.....

  • manting

    not in a place with stones, the reference is that they worship at old stones in the woods, ancient places of power. There are numerous locations where the worship occurs. Its also not just killings, its worship. Also it is clear that there have been, many, many victims and its been going on a long, long time. Where are all the bodies?

  • gogobooty


  • e jerry powell

    Dustin, you're devoting almost as much energy as I did to the first three seasons of "Damages."

  • Much of this episode is about the pieces fitting into place for the mystery: the Tuttles, the landscaper, how long it goes back, the faith-based schools supplying victims. But it's also a good bit about how all the carnage and death and horror Cohle and Hart have experienced have worn them down. They're shells of their former selves, sustaining themselves on booze (Cohle) or internet chatrooms (Hart). They've been burned by the fires they've stared at and fought.

    One question: what is up with Maggie? I love the foyer where she meets with her ex-husband. But how the hell does she know where to find Rust? I'm of the mind that her daddy (a big muckety-muck) is a member of whatever the Tuttles are into. Could she be?

  • Art3mis

    I assumed she asked Marty where to find Rust. Marty had been to Rust's bar before he saw Maggie, and Maggie didn't go out there until she talked to Marty.

  • L.O.V.E.

    There has been so much evidence and foreshadowing pointing to one of the Hart girls as a victim that it would be a massive and intentional red herring for neither of them to be involved in the last episode.

  • L.O.V.E.

    Audrey and her horns.

  • Evan

    When she was found in the car with the boys it was by a sheriff.....

  • Marty's clearly out of the loop of his daughters' lives. And from all accounts, Maggie is too. That's not a good thing in this show. "Detective's curse" and all.

  • Finance_Nerd

    May be headed for a "What's in the box?" moment, but I hope not for Marty's sake.

  • BetterCallSaul

    Audrey isn't the Lake Charles murder. The two 2012 detectives show Rust the case file on the Lake Charles victim, and the name was something different. There's a screencap of it out there somewhere.

    Can't wait to see how it finishes.

  • manting

    Its not uncommon for artists to use a different name. Im not sold its her but there is a lot of evidence that she was a victim of the cult sometime in her childhood.

  • My first inclination was to think it was.

    It seems as if the Yellow King and his posse used the schools to select certain targets, drugged them, abused them, and kept going for years until the chosen sacrifice came of age to be offered up.

    That's what scares me about Audrey.

  • aroorda

    Loved that the present day detectives brushed off the landscaper when his facial scarring and proximity to everything fit what Rust was telling them in his interview. Great illustration of their ineptitude (especially the younger guy.) I think no way is either of the girls the Lake Charles murder.


  • URnotright

    "If you aren't at the scene you're looking for, ain't nobody a suspect." Easy trap to fall into. Both actors for the younger detectives played that very well. Remember Rust and Cole did the same as their younger selves.
    It will be an anxious wait to see how the boys catch this repugnant son of a b*tch.
    What will the cost be? It has been so much already.

  • janeite1900

    Yes, my thought, too. The younger detectives drive on past, just like Hart and Cohle, because everything happens over and over again.

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