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By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | August 26, 2009 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | August 26, 2009 |


I had to dig a little deep today to come up with our No Whining Wednesday post. The trade news is glum to nil, but buried beneath the layers of excrement was this little gem, the new International trailer for Zombieland. And if there's one thing we can never Whine about here on Pajiba, it's Zombies. Add a Woody Harrelson character named Tallahassee, a lot of guns, a little David Lee Roth, the rich man's Michael Cera (Jesse Eisenberg), and the sultry voice of Emma Stone, and honestly, what do you have to complain about?

Nothing, except perhaps that the trailer is only two-minutes long, and it's another month until Zombieland hits theaters.

But you need more than just Zombies for a proper No Whining Wednesday post, which is why I also present the new movie poster for Whip It, the Drew Barrymore directed movie that stars Ellen Page (it opens the same day as Zombieland, on October 2nd. I was a little uneasy about the film until I saw the trailer in the theater, and -- well -- the sight of a group of bad-ass cuties throwing elbows ultimately won me over.

Here's the poster:


And, in case you missed it the first time around, here's the Whip It trailer again.

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