You had me at History: AMC's 'Turn' Trailer
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You had me at History: AMC's 'Turn' Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | December 3, 2013 | Comments ()


I don’t think it’s much of a secret around here, but I sort of like history. Every single fantastic thing that’s ever happened in a story? At some point it happened in history except probably in a stranger and more interesting way. Remember 1066? One of the three years you’re supposed to learn in history class? We remember it because that’s the year that the Normans invaded England and killed Sauron.

So, AMC might be teasing all of us with these rumors of what’s going down with Better Call Saul (prequel? comedy? snuff film? Better off Ted reboot?) but their new show that I’m more interested in is Turn, which tells the story of the Culper Ring, George Washington’s spies during the Revolutionary War. Here’s the too brief trailer:

Obligatory plot summary:

“Turn” is a spy thriller set during the American Revolutionary War. Based on remarkable new research featured in the book “Washington’s Spies,” by Alexander Rose, it tells the untold story of America’s first spies. “Turn” follows Abe Woodhull (Jamie Bell), a farmer living behind enemy lines in British-occupied Long Island, who bands together with a group of childhood friends to form The Culper Ring, an unlikely team of secret agents who would help turn the tide of the war in favor of the Rebels. Their daring efforts also revolutionized the art of espionage, giving birth to modern tradecraft as we know it today, along with all of the moral complexity that entails.

I’m still holding out hope that this will be a prequel to Jack of All Trades, if only for the Bruce Campbell cameo.

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  • Stephen Wong

    You had me at not replying to any of my questions about the Oldboy review yesterday.

  • SVR

    Burn Gorman is supposed to be in this, which I love. I think Gorman is a ridiculously talented character actor.

  • John G.

    Finally a new historical show that's not just an excuse to show naked people.

  • Miguel Angel Portela

    FINALLY. Something historical without a time travel plot.

  • PDamian

    I've always thought Abraham Woodhull should have the adulation and respect that Nathan Hale routinely gets. Woodhull was a successful spy who developed a cypher (code) that the British could not break and who acquired and delivered sensitive information that changed the course of the war. Hale was captured on his first spying mission and summarily hanged. So why does Hale get the statue on the CIA campus?

  • Captain_Tuttle

    My 6th grade school was named after Woodhull. I'm oddly proud now.

  • emmalita

    Better PR.

  • Bob Genghis Khan

    I feel like AMC is 1 show away from being the biggest dog on the block (outside of HBO who can probably never be topped). This could maybe be it?

  • FX, not AMC, is the basic-cable gold standard right now. With Breaking Bad gone and Mad Men on its last legs, AMC isn't just lagging behind FX and HBO, it's trailing Sundance and Showtime in terms of quality.

    Turn and Halt and Catch Fire may change AMC's fortunes. But they're struggling right now.

  • Walt Jr

    FX can show side boob and soft core porn in their dramas, that's why they're the gold standard imho. Netflix is pulling rank

  • BWeaves

    "Remember 1066? One of the three years you’re supposed to learn in history class? We remember it because that’s the year that the Normans invaded England and killed Sauron."

    This did actually make me laugh out loud.

  • seth

    I assume there is a Sleep Hollow tie in?

  • TK


  • NateMan

    Washington was a firm believer in espionage, and it's a fascinating part of history. I might have to check this out.

  • emmalita

    The Spy Museum in DC has a pretty great section on Washington's spy ring and the use of spys in the Civil War as well.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    If Nathan Hale shows up, don't get too attached...

    But seriously, this sounds fantastic. And, because it is also history-y and spy-y, here is another interesting tale from the annals of American spying:

    It's part of the amazing Disunion series of history posts the NY Times is doing on the Civil War.

    The more I learn of the details of the US past, the more I am fascinated by it.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Btw, if you are into spying and live near/travel by Baltimore, a trip to the Cryptologoic Museum is worth the detour. (and it's free!)

  • Saw the trailer and immediately went, "I am watching that!" Bell was the best thing of a crappy Jumper.

    Any news on when we might see a trailer for The Strain though?

  • Dennis Albert Ramirez

    they had a little cloverfield-style trailer during the walking dead mid-season finale.

    i actually thought it was going to be some weird UPS commercial after the truck goes by way in the background. i seriously tried to connect what possible thing rats could have to do with UPS

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