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"You Build Little Worlds, Little Stories, Little Shells Around Your Minds, and That Keeps Infinity at Bay": Showrunners: A Documentary Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | December 4, 2012 | Comments ()


We spend a slight amount of time on this site talking about showrunners. That's a reflection of the television that we enjoy in these parts. Shows that are worth talking about have somebody running them, in the same sense that a movie has a director and a book has an author. A lot of television (namely the top twenty shows on network, I'm sure) do not function this way. Oh sure, I'm sure "5/2 Men" has a showrunner (is it that Chuck Lorre guy that Charlie Sheen spewed tiger blood all over?) but is he really a major component of any conversation about the show? Probably not, since a conversation about such television is invariably conducted in a series of grunts and acrobatic releases of precise quantities of urine. But if such a conversation did exist, it would undoubtedly lack much coverage of the showrunner. The brains of the operation are not so important when the operation in question is a lobotomy on a corpse.

A documentary is in the works exploring exactly that phenomenon of showrunners, and is astonishingly titled: Showrunners: A Documentary. The working title was Fox is Dead to Me according to nonexistent sources in my head.

The trailer is below, which features exactly what you would want. Lots of conversations with people who are the rock stars in their own little niche world:

I think Joss Whedon should just carry Captain America's shield with him everywhere he goes from now on. The film is short of budget to finish things up, so they've started a Kickstarter page to raise the last funds. They should have just called up Pom.

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