Women Don't Hate You, Sam Rockwell

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I try to find good things for you, kind readers. I do. Maybe a thought provoking drama, or an absurd horror film (remember that one about the old tire that killed with its brain? Those were the days.)
But sometimes Hollywood just gives out boring family comedies. So now I present to you, with my tail between my legs, The Winning Season

Yes it's predictable and stale but it has Sam Rockwell, see? He might even DANCE. You guys remember he's a great dancer? Sure, it's not Moon. But it's not Grown Ups!

Wish there was more to this. Rob Corddry can't really operate within the confines of a PG-13 rating. He just wilts. And that adds to the big problem of this trailer. There are no jokes in it. But the music tells me it's a sports comedy.

Here's an idea. Do you guys want to talk about how great Galaxy Quest is? Sam Rockwell KILLS in it. When he realizes that he's just a redshirt and he doesn't even have a name? Genius.

(via The Playlist)

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