Why I Drink, Zombie Edition: World War Z Clip

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Why I Drink, Zombie Edition: World War Z Clip

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | May 30, 2013 | Comments ()


Hey, are you excited about World War Z, having loved one of the most distinct and tense horror novels of the last few decades? Well the bad news is that you're going to be disappointed. But the good news is that you have a sudden $10 with which to buy alcohol in order to forget your disappointment.*

Remember how the book worked because it did not have a central set of characters, and instead shifted perspectives repeatedly from chapter to chapter in order to show case entirely different experiences? Remember how that had the effect of stringing together several hundred pages of continuous taut and imaginative horror scenes where most such novels would have five or six scenes of such impact spread throughout the length? Well you can't expect Brad Pitt to just buy the rights to a movie and not play the protagonist. That's insane troll logic. I mean, this is a man who is almost as good looking as me, he needs to be in at least 2/3 of the scenes.

This newly released clip emphasizes just how important Pitt's invented character is:

Yeah, no. Maybe Pitt should stick to being a "self-employed dad."

Here's what author Max Brooks had to say, starting with a question about when he was offered a chance to read the script at the beginning of shooting:

"I said: Why would I read this? This is not the movie you're going to make. You're going to do rewrites and reshoots. That's what happens when you make a giant movie. My attitude is if you haven't invited me in to contribute, then fine. Go make the movie you want to make and I'll see it when it comes out ... There are a lot of college kids who have been waiting years to see the Battle of Yonkers and I don't know if it will be in there. I cannot guarantee that the movie will be the book that they love. And I'm in no position to tell people to see this movie or not see it. If I'm asked I say: See the movie as a movie and judge it as a movie."

Brooks followed up by noting that the only thing that the movie shares in common with the book is the title. Why hello Mr. Whiskey, have you been introduced to Mr. Mouth?

*At the advice of the attorneys in my head, we should stress that Pajiba does not encourage you to drink. We only encourage you to drink more after you inevitably begin drinking following reading most movie news.

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