Why Frodo? Why? Trailer for Maniac

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Why Frodo? Why? Trailer for Maniac

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | November 7, 2012 | Comments ()


Apparently Elijah Wood, of the creepy eyes, hairy feet, and constant flirting with Sean Astin (only two of those three can be attributed to Peter Jackson's CGI, so I choose to believe that all three are real), has decided that the turn he took as a psychotic murderer in Sin City suits him quite well. He's now starring in a remake of the exceedingly low budget 1980 film Maniac. It was so low budget that they filmed many scenes as quickly as they could on the fly since they didn't actually have filming permits.

The film had this poster which just screams for needing a remake:


Wow, modern art right there.

Here are some of the reviewer quotes about the original movie:

"Good sense, if not heaven, should protect anyone who thinks he likes horror films from wasting a price of admission on "Maniac," a movie that shows how an aging, pot-bellied maniac slices up young women of no great intelligence." -Vincent Canby

"Maniac (1980) is alternately repellent and boring, despite the obvious intelligence that went into its making." -Stuart Galbraith IV

Gene Siskel walked out of the film after 30 minutes, insisting that no matter what happened in the rest of the movie, it "could not redeem itself."

If this is getting remade, they might officially be running out of movies to remake. But hey, this time they're telling the story from the point of view of the killer! That's like so totally different. I mean come on Frodo, don't you have any royalties coming in from New Zealand? Here's the trailer, that other than the nudity and amount of violence, just made me keep expecting that it would cut to the opening credits of "Criminal Minds".

I'd pay real money if the film ends with Elijah Wood dancing with a chair and pouring a bucket of water on himself.

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