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Where's the SciFi in This Pile of Hippies? The East Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | January 22, 2013 | Comments ()

So I was very excited to see Batmanglij and Marling back together for a film, and the fact that they're taking it to Sundance was the icing on the cake. Not because I'm anywhere near Sundance (Seth plays so fast and loose with getting restraining orders), but because that's where the first two films debuted. Then I saw the trailer and got confused again:

So we've got Ellen Page voicing some threats, that one guy from "Leverage", and Alexander Skarsgård apparently continuing the trend he began in Battleship of taking roles that involve wearing shirts.

Early reviews for The East have been positive, and in particular have highlighted Batmanglij's direction, but I remain suspicious. Unless there's a twist and Skarsgård is a cyborg from the future, I could get on board with that. Otherwise, it just feels like Hippies with Guns, and I'd rather just wait for the musical.

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