Kristen Bell: Welcome to Rom-Com Hell

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | August 17, 2009 | Comments ()


The average movie trailer is about two minutes and 20 seconds long. Not coincidentally, the average movie has only two minutes and 20 seconds worth seeing. The trailer editors for Kristen Bell's new flick, When in Rome, however, have done the unusual: Lacking even 20 seconds of A-material, they nevertheless extended the trailer to a full three minutes and 30 seconds, giving away not only the entire movie, but demonstrating the the movie's highlights do not even rise to the level of execrable.

When in Rome actually looks like a Katherine Heigl cast-off. It comes from Mark Steven Johnson, the single-celled organism responsible for Daredevil and Ghost Rider (yeah: Who knew so much suck could exist in a single cell?). Bell plays a "love-starved New York curator who steals magical coins from a famous Roman fountain but soon finds herself in a bizarre situation when she is pursued back to New York by a band of aggressive suitors -- the very people whose coins she took."

You'd think that there'd be at least one joke that worked, and that they'd include it in the trailer, but if there's anything worth seeing in When in Rome, they've deftly hidden it from us. Poor Kristen: She's gone from Jason Dohring to Josh Duhamel, and now she's on the fast track to romantic-comedy oblivion.

At least she'll always have her looks. Those are eternal, right?

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