Whedon Talks SHIELD

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Whedon Talks SHIELD

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | September 23, 2013 | Comments ()

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So Joss Whedon sat down to chat for a few minutes about SHIELD. I thought I’d share it with you, I’m that kind of guy.

But since there have been enough clips of ye ol’ Joss prattling on at this point, and enough random “Agents of SHIELD” promos to last through its fourth season (have they had one dedicated to the team’s cat yet? Lil’ Fury will be the first to tell you he’s the meowst important component of the team), that I think I’ll just go ahead an save the trouble of watching and commenting on the clip for everyone, and just preempt all the conversations:

“Still no mention of another season of Firefly”

“It’s been off the air a decade, it wasn’t that good in the first place, it got a movie, just shut up about it already.”

“Yeah, and Dollhouse was better than everyone gives it credit for. There was this one episode that had none of the regular actors in it, fantastic.”

“Yeah, at least SHIELD doesn’t have Dushku in it.”

“I don’t know, just looks like Torchwood to me, except with superheroes instead of aliens, and no gorgeous immortal omnisexual in charge.”

“I dunno, that seems to describe Agent Coulson to me.”

“There’s probably already slashfic of Agent Coulson and Captain Jack, but if there’s not I’ll have it uploaded in 20 minutes. This is way more important than Janeway’s seduction of Scully.”

“I just wanted to drop in to a thread about Joss Whedon to point out that Buffy was vastly overrated and I could never get into it, and have never liked anything else he’s done, but I’m just giving my honest opinion, not being a douchebag troll in the least.”

“Fucking douchebag trolls.”

Oh, and “Agents of SHIELD” premiers this week, with all its title periods intact.

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  • Dragonchild

    "I just wanted to drop in to a thread about Joss Whedon to point out that
    Buffy was vastly overrated and I could never get into it"

    Incidentally my wife and I are watching Buffy for the first time and while I'd say it's certainly entertaining enough to keep at it, it's far from the impression I got from my peers when they followed it religiously. Buffy isn't really a "strong" character to me so much as an immature high-schooler (in albeit realistic if annoying ways) given special snowflake powers, and most of the other characters are tried-and-true archetypes. Angel, in particular, has pretty much filled an entire checklist of "why Edward from Twilight is creepy", right down to falling for a 16-year-old girl despite being well over a century older and sneaking into Buffy's room to watch her sleep. (Wait, did I just type that? Yes, that actually happened in the show.) At least I now know where SMeyer got her ideas for her stupid fanfic but I don't think Whedon should get a pass here.

    What keeps me going (through two seasons so far anyway) are the non-Angel, non-Buffy character interactions. The villains are actually fun to watch; when they're vicious they're as likely to betray their own as team up (refreshingly plausible compared to Christopher Nolan's world where competence and unity are synonymous with evil WTF) and when they're silly they usually avoid going too far. Giles is an unoriginal creation but very likeable and well-acted; like your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant, it never gets old. Xander (when he's not being annoying) and Cordelia (when she IS being annoying) are zinger machines, both in terms of offhand quips and fodder for the other characters to feed off of. I don't see a lot of substance even when the show tries to be "dark & edgy", but as a silly episodic occult comedy-adventure it's a good show.

  • emmalita

    I think the fundamental difference between Angel/Buffy and Edward/Bella is that Angel knows it's creepy and Buffy is capable of functioning without him. But, yes, the seeds of the future Twilight monstrosity are there. *shudder*. I was never a Buffy/Angel shipper, but Edward is so controlling, and Bella is such a useless rag that I had to defend them. Carry on.

  • stella

    To be fair when Angel did that he was evil and it was supposed to be creepy.

  • Billybob

    To add to the above, it's worth noting that Buffy and Angel's relationship is not painted as perfect, or even positive (and ultimately it's Angel who has the maturity to say: "This is not healthy").

    But the reason I got into it was because it was the first American show I had ever watched to have a regular British character who was neither stupid nor evil.

    Nowadays, when I catch repeats on TV, I often find myself a little embarrassed by just how much I loved it -- and then it reminds me just how good it often was.

  • Naye

    It does get better. To be fair I really enjoyed teenage Buffy. But she does get darker, a lot darker. Willow and Zander evolve past their tropes, as does Cordelia. I won't spoil Angel for you, but this too shall pass. And you haven't met Anya yet. Honestly, the show becomes less about who's butt she's gonna kick that night, and more about the main set of characters growing into real people through all the demonic mania. And there are some villains you'll freakin love too.

  • Dragonchild

    P.S. I DON'T want Cordelia to change. One of the show's high points is how she warms up to the Scooby Doo crew but is embarrassed to be seen with them in public (resulting in some hilarious internal conflicts), and her hyperbolic dialogue is genuinely entertaining. Well, she can grow up but right now I think she's changing far too quickly.

  • tracey8051

    Oh, boy, are you in for a ride....

  • Dragonchild

    Erm. Well I'm optimistic but for the record I am NOT the sort who thinks dark = improvement. Frankly the humor is carrying the show right now so this isn't encouraging. If it goes all GRRM on me it'd be losing one of the key reasons to watch.

  • Naye

    That's why I like young Buffy. She's gonna get effed up later on, and then I can't stand her moping, but I mean it's a show about demons, it has to go there eventually

  • Lbeees

    Keep going. The first season is not great--except for The Puppet Show (still a fav)--but the second season picks up steam and barrels into the finale. Though, you may have to watch the S2 finale with an eye for how a fifteen year old girl would have watched it (i.e. BAWLING my eyes out).

    Season 3 is really where the show hits its stride. Season 6 remains my favorite season of them all... some fantastic episodes. Season 7 was forgettable, unfortunately.

    One thing that sets BtVS apart, at least in my opinion, is the writing and the sets. The sets are intricate, exquisite, detailed. Joss has such an eye for detail. The writing is sharp, funny, quippy.

    And this show may suffer from 'high expectations syndrome', which can be a killer. "Oh, everyone loves this show? Eh, it wasn't that great."

    Anyway, keep enjoying it. Ultimately it's just a TV show.

  • tracey8051


    The first two season of Buffy were not it's best. Stick with it and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. The show almost HAS to be taken as a whole to be fully appreciated.

  • Lbeees

    One thing that always amazes me is how each season is so different from one another. Each season has a different 'flavor' to me, so to speak. Only S2 &3 have a unified thematic arc, to me anyway.

    But yeah, there's so much of the show. Watching only the first season (and first half of the second) is not enough to fully appreciate the show's great aspects.

    Then again, I'm biased... I remember sneaking into the living room to watch Buffy so my parents wouldn't see what was on the TV. I had some serious emotional investment :)

  • God Of Bal-Sagoth

    This. The show doesn't really hit its stride until the second and third seasons.

  • Daniel Lewis

    Season 3 has the best villain in the show's history, IMO.

  • Dragonchild

    Wait does this make me a troll? Ohmygod. . . a mirror! Does someone have a mirror?!

  • B84

    Hmm. Quick research reveals only one Harkness/Coulson piece of fanfiction. http://archiveofourown.org/tag... Distressing.

  • Sardonical

    Good chuckles for a Monday morning. Thanks!

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