We Need To Talk About Kevin Trailer: I'd Like To Thank You For Preying On My Darkest Fear

By TK | Trailers | November 7, 2011 | Comments ()

By TK | Trailers | November 7, 2011 |


I promise that I'm not gonna spend the next six months blabbing about the fact that we're spawning a new, likely eviler TK next year. But that said, films like We Need To Talk About Kevin touch on some of the major fears that parents and parents-to-be have -- that you'll be completely unable to relate to your child, and worse, that your child will develop into something totally alien, and quite possibly something awful. I don't mean that it'll grow horns and wings and devour human flesh, but that it'll become something totally unlikable and unknowable, and even something terrible.

We've shown a few clips from the film in the past few months, and an international trailer that debuted in August. This is the domestic one, and it's a decidedly more impressive trailer. The film has been getting rave reviews on the festival circuit, with folks saying that John C. Reilly is excellent in it, that newcomer Ezra Miller is fantastic, and that Tilda Swinton is absolutely phenomenal, possibly Oscar-worthy. But the film is anything but comfortable, and the juxtaposition of Buddy Holly's "Every Day" makes it even more jarring.

Take a look:


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