Was Kevin Sorbo Busy? BBC's "Atlantis" Trailer

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Was Kevin Sorbo Busy? BBC's "Atlantis" Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | September 10, 2013 | Comments ()


We’re going with a bowling metaphor. Because I’m going to set up some pins here. No, no, don’t worry about what I’m going to do with the pins. Trust me.

First, Howard Overman, creator of “Misfits”. Boom. You’re there, right?

Second, BBC, gold standard network. Salivating, right?

Third, Mark Addy, big King Robert Baratheon himself. Definitely value added.

Fourth, a new series based on the fall of Atlantis. Yeah, you’re feeling it too.

Fifth, it’s got a 13 episode first season and it will air on BBC America beginning November 23. Alright, almost there, wait for the big finish, here we go…

And sixth, here’s the trailer:

How those pins doing? They all got knocked over, right? A couple of them probably shattered in several pieces with a sob like an orphan waking up on Christmas morning. This looks bad. I mean, early nineties syndication bad. Like Kevin Sorbo would turn down the money for this even if he was at the tail end of a cocaine bender and homeless. Student films have been burned for better production values than this.

Eh, probably still better than most of the new network shows.

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  • MrMinion

    Yeah yeah, it's crappy and the CGI is bad and completely cheesy and fuck off 'cause the excellent Alexander Siddig is in this and I don't nearly get enough Siddig per diem, okay?

  • stardust

    Tumblr is going to love this show.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    "I don't understand my place in this world"... oh yeah, cheesy... but hey, I like cheese. Cotswold is my favorite. Thank you BBC America, you know us so well.

  • chatnoir

    Don't knock 90's Hercules; it kept me fed with the best ham and cheese while I was growing up.

  • Jim

    "You have a great destiny."

    In my day we just called it a "rack" but there ya go. Kid really knows how to play to the cheap seats.

  • Andrew

    Soooo, is this about Atlantis or Jason and the Argonauts? I don't get how one connects to the other.

    Oh, and Kevin Sorbo is busy 'acting' in a Christian straight-to-video 'movie' written, apparently by Jack Chick.

    Witness and despair:


  • Kevin Sorbo?

  • BWeaves

    Where's Ray Harryhausen when you need him? Stop motion would be preferable to bad CGI.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    From the people who brought you Merlin, something even worse.

  • Classic

    That entire article was just awesomeness.

  • NateMan

    Can't be bothered with sleeves, but wears bracers. Of course he does.

    I can't wait to get high and watch this.

  • Maguita NYC

    You and Kevin Sorbo.

    It looks very nineties cheesy, and not in a good fun way. Are we positive this was done no later than the past decade?

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