Um, Someone Spiked the Horror with Some Sci-Fi: Cabin in the Woods Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | March 7, 2012 |


So last time I checked in on Cabin in the Woods, I was rolling my eyes because the film was ready to release but the studio decided to delay it for a year to convert it to 3D after the fact. Because that's always such a fantastic artistic decision, completely undriven by the financial lure of arbitrarily charging an extra $5 for an arguably crappier version of the same product.

Well, said year has passed, and we are but a month from the April 13th release date of the film, which means that with Avengers dropping May 4th, we're getting two Whedon films in a 3 week span, which is the best news to my ears since chocolate and peanut butter first got frisky. Now technically, Whedon didn't direct Cabin in the Woods (that's Drew Goddard), but Whedon did produce and co-write it, and it's been known to be one his babies, so I'll count it.

We've got our first real trailer of the film below:

So there are now force fields, soldiers, and government involvement, in addition to Thor and that guy from "Grey's Anatomy" (not that I would know. Don't judge me. You don't know my life). I was mildly interested in this film before, almost entirely because it had Whedon's name on it. Now I am most excited.

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