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Trailer Tuesday Is Indie-tastic! Paul Rudd Shows His Serious Side With Crap Glasses and Nasty 'Stache.

By Jodi Clager | Trailers | June 25, 2013 | Comments ()


Willow Creek is the latest movie from director and all-around cool guy Bobcat Goldthwaite. The movie follows Jim and his skeptical girlfriend as they travel to the site of the famous 1967 Bigfoot sighting. Jim has a fascination with the legendary creature and hopes to satiate his thirst for confirmation while also capturing his own Bigfoot encounter. As this is a found footage movie, we know that where there are woods there are creepy noises, insane mountain folk, and Sasquatch turds. Also suspense!

Check out the trailer! It's NSFW: Language and man ass.

Prince Avalanche stars Paul Rudd as Alvin and Emile Hirsch as Lance. The pair work together painting lines on roads located in the country, giving them plenty of time to reflect (Alvin) and be horny (Lance). The pair soon realize that they both enjoy being in movies with twee soundtracks, goofy haircuts, and weird facial hair, bonding them into a solid friendship.

The Naomi Watts and Robin Wright vehicle Two Mothers has changed its name to Adore. I suppose the first title's connotations, given the subject matter, made it just too risky to keep. At any rate, Watts and Wright still play single moms that decide to bone each other's teenage sons. The women, long-time friends, and their sons must then overcome the changes in their respective relationships. Then the moms get to forget about that one time they had to change their lover's nappy or caught him picking his nose and eating it, since they watched them grow up.


Ooops! I guess that wasn't the trailer. My mistake. Here you go!

Today in Science: Americans, Especially Ugly Ones, Hate Their Jobs, and Women Don't Masturbate Enough | TSA Ep. 24: "8 Streaming Shows To Catch Up On During The Summer" Edition. Special Guest: Daniel Carlson.

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  • Where's Rowles & Joanna? Perfect opportunity for some nudity equality, one might expect that these lovely women won't be the only ones having to show the naughty bits, as they say.

  • ***watches "Adore" trailer***

    ooooooooooooooo, GIRL!!!!

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