Trailer Round-Up: Woah! When Did Abigail Breslin Become a Bland CW Star?

By Jodi Smith | Trailers | January 14, 2013 | Comments ()

By Jodi Smith | Trailers | January 14, 2013 |

The Power of Few is either going to be really awful or...probably awful. The premise seems to be that the Shroud of Turin has been stolen and there are five interconnected stories related to the theft in some way. Christian Slater seems to be playing an investigator of some kind. Christopher Walken might be a homeless guy and is definitely interested in Jesus' return via cloning. Jesse Bradford love? It should be noted that director Leone Marucci also wrote, produced, and allowed online voters to shape the film. This includes the voters deciding what decisions characters would make. Here's the trailer so you can decide for yourself if it is going to blow our minds or just blow.

I remember turning 21. I drank far too much, puked on my cousin's shoe, and then proceeded to float in and out of consciousness in the bathroom. I mistook a white washcloth thoughtfully left for me by my aunt for toilet paper, flushed it, and flooded the bathroom. MEMORIES! This brings me to the trailer for 21 And Over starring the annoying dude from Twilight. No, the other one. Justin Chon plays Jeff Chang, a college student that decides to quietly celebrate his 21st birthday. His buddies, Skylar Astin (Pitch Perfect) and Miles Teller (Project X), decide that this is unacceptable and proceed to take him out for a night of crazy. Of course, Jeff has a very important interview in the morning. Will he make it? Will he change his mind about getting straight As and take control of his life at such a young age? Will they eat White Castle? Maybe we will find out when it opens March 1st. For now, here is the trailer.

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