Trailer Round-Up: Woah! When Did Abigail Breslin Become a Bland CW Star?

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Trailer Round-Up: Woah! When Did Abigail Breslin Become a Bland CW Star?

By Jodi Clager | Trailers | January 14, 2013 | Comments ()


The photo released of Halle Berry in The Call was super boring. The trailer is not boring. In fact, the trailer gives you every thing that happens in the movie, save the actual resolution. I'm sure we can guess as to the ending though. Jordan (Berry) is a 911 operator who receives a call from a young girl who has an intruder in her home. The girl ends up murdered and is posited to be another victim of a serial killer in the area. When another girl (Abigail Breslin) calls 911 and seems to be a captive of the same man, Jordan is determined to save her. The Call is directed by Brad Anderson (The Machinist) and will be released March 15th.

The Power of Few is either going to be really awful or...probably awful. The premise seems to be that the Shroud of Turin has been stolen and there are five interconnected stories related to the theft in some way. Christian Slater seems to be playing an investigator of some kind. Christopher Walken might be a homeless guy and is definitely interested in Jesus' return via cloning. Jesse Bradford love? It should be noted that director Leone Marucci also wrote, produced, and allowed online voters to shape the film. This includes the voters deciding what decisions characters would make. Here's the trailer so you can decide for yourself if it is going to blow our minds or just blow.

I remember turning 21. I drank far too much, puked on my cousin's shoe, and then proceeded to float in and out of consciousness in the bathroom. I mistook a white washcloth thoughtfully left for me by my aunt for toilet paper, flushed it, and flooded the bathroom. MEMORIES! This brings me to the trailer for 21 And Over starring the annoying dude from Twilight. No, the other one. Justin Chon plays Jeff Chang, a college student that decides to quietly celebrate his 21st birthday. His buddies, Skylar Astin (Pitch Perfect) and Miles Teller (Project X), decide that this is unacceptable and proceed to take him out for a night of crazy. Of course, Jeff has a very important interview in the morning. Will he make it? Will he change his mind about getting straight As and take control of his life at such a young age? Will they eat White Castle? Maybe we will find out when it opens March 1st. For now, here is the trailer.

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  • I can't get past Christopher Walken saying "I was the anchorman for the local news."

    Best. local. news. EVAR

    I pray for the day when personality replication technology can become feasible enough for all the news anchors to assume Christopher Walken's face, voice and delivery so that Christopher Walken can be the anchorman for EVERY LOCAL NEWS

    Ratings would definitely skyrocket. Fuck this movie, how about two hours of Christopher Walken reading the local news? Or the classified section? Or anything at all?

  • soapyme

    Christopher Walken's limp hair and sad eyes in the picture looked hauntingly familiar. Then I realized that he is posed exactly like the girl in the Les Mis posters.

  • Viking

    I'm just glad to see Walken with a different hairstyle.

  • phase10

    I thought they were going to WeekendAtBernie that kid for the night, which would have been funnier if only for nostalgia's sake.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Am I the only one who thinks they turned the Asian kids name into a running racist joke?

    Also, his hair screams important job interview.

  • Protoguy

    Erm, if you clone the "Shroud of Turin" you're likely to end up with some cochineal bugs or a plant since they proved more than once that it's a fake probably painted in the 15th century.
    Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot. Fuck truth when you have compelling bullshit to extrude further.
    Also, "I'm going to wait until I'm legally 21 to binge-drink into oblivion" said no teenager ever.

  • Buck Forty

    Yup, but that aside... I did like the idea that the second coming of Christ could be via cloning. How would the fundies cope with *that*?

  • bleujayone

    The Power of Few trailer looks like a Grindhouse movie if Federico Fellini did one as written by Tom Robbins. And that isn't a stretch considering it looks like Christopher Walken has a dwarf sidekick and the courier was bombing around on a Vespa. All that trailer needs now is a voice-over by Tom Waits after he gargles with his morning battery acid mouthwash and an added soundtrack featuring "Fire" by Arthur Brown.

  • Natallica

    When I started reading the title, paired with that picture, I thought it was going to read "When did Abigail Breslin become Christopher Walken?" That would make understandable the fact Steve Carell tried to commit suicide on "Little miss sunshine"

  • zeke_the_pig

    It's strange that Christian Slater is in a movie about the Shroud of Turin, as I'm pretty sure Slater was relevant a lot longer ago than the Shroud. If anything the Shroud should be playing Christian Slater.

  • Kballs


  • Kballs

    21 & Over: The Hangover for lax bros.

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