The Awesome Movie You'll Probably Never See

By TK | Trailers | April 20, 2010 | Comments ()

By TK | Trailers | April 20, 2010 |

Most of the English-speaking world is probably more familiar with the adaptation Battle of the Planets, also known as G-Force, which used the video of Gatchaman, but the Americanized version cut a good bit of it out, changing the overall story arcs and removing some of the more confusing or adult-themed aspects. It also suffered from some baffling English dubbing.

It was a great series, though, and a CG film adaptation has been rumored to be in development for years. Imagi studios was working on the film, except that, unfortunately, Imagi closed its doors last year, despite having a Gatchaman feature film still being worked on. As a result, we may never see the film. Which makes this post something of a heartbreaker, a classic example of what could have been. An early production trailer has leaked online, and it actually looks pretty cool. The animation is a little wonky, but the spirit of the original series is there.

So watch the trailer below, and wish for what could have been.

For those whose memories are a bit hazy, here's the intro to the Americanized Battle of the Planets:

(Source: Slashfilm)

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