You Had Me at Ed Harris, But the Rest Is Pretty Damn Interesting Too

By TK | Trailers | March 17, 2010 | Comments ()

By TK | Trailers | March 17, 2010 |



Fucking sold. Here's a movie that was designed for people like me and Dustin. Shall I list the ingredients? Baseball. Coming of age. Ed Harris. Robert Forster. Brad Dourif. No superfluous love story. Oh, and baseball.

Now here's the really interesting part. It's based on the lives of twin brothers Noah and Logan Miller and their father, as they struggled growing up and pursued a life in professional baseball. The Miller brothers are also starring in it as themselves. They also wrote the screenplay. And?

They're directing it. And no one's ever heard of them.

All I can say is, they must have written one motherfucker of a script to manage all of this, and to draw in the talent they pulled in. Honestly, that level of dedication to telling the tale of their lives and their father, who died in prison (and is played by Harris). They've written a book about the making of the film, which seems odd until you read this part of the jacket:

Either You're In Or You're In the Way is the amazing story of how--without a dime to their names nor a single meaningful contact in Hollywood--they managed to write, produce, act, and direct a feature film in under a year starring four-time Academy Award®-nominated actor Ed Harris.

I find this completely fascinating.

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