Total Recall Trailer: Get Your Ass To Mars

By TK | Trailers | April 2, 2012 | Comments ()

By TK | Trailers | April 2, 2012 |


Somewhere between The Fifth Element, Minority Report, The Bourne Identity and... well... 1990's Total Recall lies the remake for Total Recall. The trailer, finally out (after another ridiculous teaser for a trailer that dropped earlier this week that we didn't run because I'm tired of that shit), is a dizzying amalgam of a half-dozen sci-fi flicks. It touches upon several of the iconic images from the original -- the chair, the weird facial disguise technology -- and it's got some spiffy action and effects.

In short, it looks pretty cool, but then, most of director Len Wiseman's movies look pretty cool, but few of them are actually good.

(checks Wiseman's IMDB page)

OK, what I meant was none of them are any good. I'd love for Total Recall to break the mold, because ever since Daredevil (where he was the lone bright spot) and In Bruges, I've rekindled my love of Colin Farrell. Plus, John Cho! And Bryan Cranston! And... Bokeem Woodbine? Jessica Biel? Kate Beckinsalle (aka Wiseman's wife)? What kind of fucked up cast is this, anyway?

Wait, is this all a dream?

Oh, just watch the damn trailer.

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