Morbid Curiosity Strikes Again

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | September 14, 2009 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Trailers | September 14, 2009 |


Here's the trailer for the Michael Jackson movie due out on October 28th, which we've just learned will be released for two weeks only (that way they can advertise it as a "special engagement.") Honestly: It looks like what it is -- footage from his rehearsals. I don't know if there will be any attempt to apply a narrative -- it doesn't seem so. Although, Kenny Ortega (High School Musical) does seem to want to explore the character a little more. Michael Jackson, apparently, was a man of great depth. But let's be honest: He was a bit of a junkie. Dude was more hopped up than a bunny on a pogo stick. Motherfucker needed anesthesia to come down off his high -- that is hard core, y'all.

Check out the trailer -- you're going to have a hard time not looking.

Michael Jackson's This Is It

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