This Is 40: They're Calling It a Red Band Featurette Trailer. Two Out of Three Ain't Bad.
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This Is 40: They're Calling It a Red Band Featurette Trailer. Two Out of Three Ain't Bad.

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | November 20, 2012 | Comments ()


Every time I hear the name of this movie, I picture Leslie Mann dressed as a Spartan warrior and screaming the movie's title as she kicks Miley Cyrus into a bottomless pit. Congratulations Gerard Butler, no one for the next fifty years will be able to say "this is" anything without screaming it whilst pit-kicking. It's this generation's "who you gonna call."

So THIS. IS. 40. seems likes it has been in development for a lot longer than it has, but it keeps creeping towards an actual release date, and keeps kicking out entertaining videos for us to watch. Now they've decided to release a red band featurette trailer. Which I've taken to mean as a trailer interspersed with commentary from actors and directors and writers and such. You know, with tits.

Red band? That's not even pink band. Saying that is red band is like saying that Fruit Loops commercials should be rated hard R. I'm not saying it is not fully entertaining, but red band raises certain expectations, which were clearly not met in this instance.

Okay, mislabeling issues aside, this looks solid. Except for the fact that I've seen so many trailers for it at this point, and now I've gotten to get the behind the scenes commentary on what it's about and where it goes, that I feel like I've already seen the movie. Oh I can't tell you everything that's going to happen, I don't mean I saw it yesterday, but it feels like a nice entertaining movie that I saw ten years ago once and remember the basic outline of.

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  • Dragonchild

    Not sure what to think of a movie that appeals to people feeling sorry for themselves for having lived longer (and healthier) than the average human for most of history.

  • Johnnyseattle

    Is it just me, or is Leslie Mann getting exponentially hotter? Welcome to my 10, Miss.

  • kom

    I just turned 22, I'm finishing up my Bachelor in Communication Studies (one of the most worthless subjects ever but at least it's not Arts), I have no idea what I'm doing with my life, I'm borderline overweight and just generally freaking out.

    That looks awesome.

  • Belkwinith

    Forty is nothing. I still looked hot and had muscle tone. Fifty is for realz. At 51, my eyebrows are starting to fall out, but my mustache is coming in nicely. Well played menopause, well played.

  • Bert_McGurt

    It's a good thing for Judd Apatow that Paul Rudd is about the greatest person in Hollywood, otherwise he should be really worried about having his family usurped. They just look so goddamn natural.

  • At 40 my mom divorced my dad and went back to school to get her PhD in psychology. This bizarrely cheerful jumping on trampolines? No, I was helping her study flash cards for her neuropsych exam. Way better story of triumph, that's for damn sure.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Congratulations Gerard Butler, no one for the next fifty years will be able to say “this is” anything without screaming it whilst pit-kicking. It’s this generation’s “who you gonna call.”

    You've seen the Robot Chicken on this, right?

  • ,

    40? I remember 40 ... well, OK, not much. OK, I don't remember 40 at all. Numerically, I must have been 40 once, but what did I do? I have to figure out what year that was ... JESUS CHRIST! It was 199 fuckin' 7! A whole 1,000 years ago. No wonder I can't remember. Had we even started worrying about Y2K yet? Were we partying like it was 1999? Somebody help me here, who was even presi ... OH MY HOLY GOD, it was Bill Clinton, I think. That means the Muslims still LOVED us! (Except for a few minor embassy bombings and the Cole and the FIRST attempt to bomb down the Towers.)

    And I had a kid in ... um, HOLY SHIT elementary school, I guess it was. And I was driving a brand-new Accord and I might have been 10 pounds lighter and craft beer was just getting off the ground and only schizos talked to themselves while walking down the street with their hands to their ears and ...

    Yeah, I know, sounds GREAT, doesn't it?

    Still have that Accord ...

  • BWeaves

    I still have my Civic.

  • ,


    Guess what I drive.

    A 2003.

    You SURE I'm not married to you? You'd think I'd remember ...

    Ah, well, time to chug an Ensure and shoo the kids off the lawn, damn kids. I'm tired of the little goats getting under the fence.

  • ,

    I should clarify.

    Mrs. , drives the Accord now, and I drive the Civic, so apparently you are NOT Mrs. ,. Except, sometimes, maybe, in my erotic dreams, if I still had erotic dreams. Mostly I dream about walking or driving in circles, unable to get where I'm going, ending up back where I started.

    That pretty much sums up my life.

  • BWeaves

    I'm pretty sure my darling hubby is still alive and kicking, as I talked to him last night. Actually, he's the one who drives the Civic. I splurged on a Camry 10 years ago.

  • ,

    Oh, getting all 1 percenter upscaley on us, eh?

    I thought I knew you.

  • BWeaves

    That's NOT 40. I've been 40. 40 is nothing like that. Apparently, I did 40 RIGHT!

    Well, for starters, I didn't have kids. Goats or children.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    You must feel deeply unsatisfied, BWeaves. Having goats is amazing and so fulfilling.

  • BWeaves

    So is goatse, or so I'm told.

  • Groundloop

    From what I've seen, it takes a lot to fulfill goatse.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    I'll leave you to google that on your own.

  • ,

    Jeezum, Weaves, we're old. And we think too much alike.

    I'm OK with that if you are.

  • BWeaves

    Far Out!

  • zeke_the_pig

    Damn my fellow Pajibans be OLD AS SHIT!

    Just kidding; I of course have nothing but respect for your wisdom and especially well-founded bitterness.

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