The Wolverine Featurette: A Little Bit of Stupid, A Lot of Awesome

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The Wolverine Featurette: A Little Bit of Stupid, A Lot of Awesome

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | July 2, 2013 | Comments ()


They've released a new featurette for The Wolverine, kind of halfway between a trailer and a conversation with the filmmakers. So they get to drop in with descriptions of what they were trying to do while what amounts to a staggered trailer plays between the dudes talking. I'm not quite sure if it's nice to just let the filmmakers say what they were aiming for, or if it's just a novel way of being too lazy to cut up a proper trailer. Probably a mixture of both.

Here's the video:

Let's get the stupid out of the way because it's monumental. You can't outrun a nuclear explosion, and I don't mean to argue with comic book physics but this is sort of very simple. A nuke blows and a wave of catastrophic radiation blasts out from its center at the speed of light. To put it in perspective, that's so fast that it could get halfway to the moon in a single second. Then at the speeds of normal matter, the shockwave follows. Because the blast of air and debris cannot travel faster than the speed of light. Radiation wave, followed shortly by blast wave. This trailer has the blast wave hit, and the Wolverine gets McGuffin dude to shelter and blocks him from the radiation that fries Logan's back like so much delicious bacon.

I can appreciate movie physics as much as anyone, but apparently in the Marvel universe, the speed of sound is greater than the speed of light.

Oh, the rest of the trailer is quite good. If you can get over the fact that it vomits in science's mouth for the first thirty seconds.

The Wolverine opens July 25th.

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